Best Gas Hob in India Review

7 Best Gas Hob In India – Buying Guide & Review

Modular kitchens have taken over the traditional kitchens, and so have the kitchen appliances. Gone are the days where you would use a mortar and pestle to grind the food – a mixer grinder has come to your escape, and how! Likewise, many other old and traditional ways of cooking have been replaced by some new-age appliances.

But have you ever imagined that your kitchen stove, too, will witness an evolution?

Say goodbye to the traditional gas stove for your newly constructed modular kitchen and spend your money in the best gas hob instead. A kitchen hob adds elegance and an affluent ambiance to your kitchen. If you are a connoisseur of aesthetics, this appliance is worth investing in.

A kitchen hob is the stylish cousin of the traditional gas stove. It sits on the level of your kitchen’s countertop and does not protrude. The in-built design of a kitchen hob makes your cooking experience easy. You can load and unload the cooking vessels without worrying about toppling them at all.

Apart from adding aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space, this appliance also delivers a powerful performance. Thus, buying it for your kitchen is a great idea. We have listed some of the best kitchen hobs available in the Indian market. Take a look before you set out for shop for one:

Top 7 Kitchen Hobs for Modular Kitchen

Gas hobs come in different shapes and sizes. They include many advanced features that together make the cooking experience cakewalk for you. Let’s examine all those in detail with these product reviews.

Best Gas Hobs in India

1. Bosch Built-In Gas Hob POH6B6B10I


  • Hard glass
  • Flame failure safety
  • 100cm connecting cable
  • Sword control knobs

Bosch happens to be one of the most reputed brands in terms of manufacturing high-grade kitchen appliances. This kitchen hob by the brand defines perfection in all the senses. The beautiful design of this appliance will put you in awe. The stylish and sleek appearance of this kitchen hob fits all kitchen types.

This device is a blend of a gas stove and above-the-range microwave ovens. It features four top-quality burners that make the cooking experience easy for you. The burners engage steel support for proper handling. It also features joint controls to ensure a more comfortable cooking session.

The manufacturers have added various safety features to this creation, flame failure safety being one of them. This gas hob works best with LPG, and the brand has also ensured that no gas leakage occurs while using the same.

  • High-quality stainless-steel material
  • Space-saving frame
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Expensive

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2. Glen 1074 SQ Built-In Glass Hob

51SzCiH4FAL. SL250


  • 8mm thick toughened glass top
  • Forged brass burner
  • Steel drip tray
  • Integrated multi-spark auto ignition

Another leading brand that has been impressing all its users by creating top-quality kitchen appliances is Glen. This gas hob by Glen is worth all the accolades. It includes all the advanced features that will convince you to buy it at once.

This appliance features a 0.8mm wide toughened glass protection coating. Such a coating makes it sturdy, scratchproof, and resistant to rust. You can utilize four burners for cooking simultaneously. The brand calls them ‘forged’ brass burners and claim that they last longer than regular brass burners. The dual-ring flame of the appliance delivers strong flame support for fast cooking.

All the burners of the appliance include a cookware support structure. There is a drip tray that contains the spills, if any. The matte finish of this appliance completes this arrangement. The whole setting looks eye-catching.

  • Toughened glass coating
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Slightly heavy

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3. Glen 1063 SQ Glass Auto Built-In Hob


  • 8mm thick toughened glass top
  • Integrated auto ignition
  • Matt steel drip tray
  • Extra strong MS pan support

It is yet another creation by Glen that is catching a lot of eyeballs. This gas hob is slightly smaller, hence a decent option to buy if you have a compact kitchen countertop. This appliance also features forged brass burners with a double ring of flame. This quality of the burner makes it perfect for Indian cooking. Two of its burners are bigger in size, and the remaining one is smaller.

There is an 8mm thick toughened glass that adds aesthetic appeal and sturdiness to this arrangement. This glass is easy to clean and maintain. It withstands all the scratches. The makers have also added an MS pan support and drip tray to this appliance to make your cooking easy.

The integrated auto ignition, Italian gas valves, smart and elegant Bakelite knobs together make this appliance a superior buying option on the list. Find it at the nearest store or any leading online platform.

  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Enough space between the burners
  • Double ring forged brass burner
  • Not any

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4. Faber Hob/Hobtop 4 Brass Burner


  • In-built auto electric burner
  • Two triple-ring and Two double-ring burners
  • Glass edge protector

This gas hob promises to keep your kitchen safe from all sorts of leaks and other dangers. It includes anti-leak technology and high-performance burners. The four burners make your cooking experience fast and hassle-free. You can enjoy cooking light and heavy dishes, all at the same time.

This appliance also features a toughened glass that provides durability and is safe from scratches. Apart from being sturdy, this glass also makes the gas hob look sleek and pretty. The makers have further added high-quality knobs to the setting.

The in-built auto electric ignition is battery-operated and rust-proof. This appliance also comes with a glass edge protector. Lastly, the brand has ensured a 5-year warranty on the valves and burners.

  • Ultra-slim design
  • Front control metal knobs
  • Heavy-duty pan support
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • A little expensive

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5. Kaff CRH 603 Built-In Hob

51DUHpZJ4sL. SL250


  • One triple ring burner, Two dual ring burners
  • 8mm thick black toughened glass
  • Stainless-steel drip tray

Kaff is a leading manufacturer of top-notch kitchen appliances. All the products manufactured by the brand stand out in terms of quality, performance, and advanced features. Likewise, this gas, too, promises everything best to all its users.

The Tornado style burners of this gas hob deliver outstanding performance, hence making cooking a quick game for you. The auto-ignition feature operates with a battery and works with a single click. There is a stainless-steel drip tray that helps you control all the spills.

This gas hob features an 8mm thick black toughened glass. The glass is scratch-resistant and has a durable built. This gas hob is a superb buy that you can score at the best prices from your nearby store or any e-commerce website.

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Expensive

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6. iBELL AERO 3BGH Glass Top/Gas Hob

61ODt6tcqML. SL250


  • 7mm thick toughened glass
  • Anti-skid rubber feet
  • Unique pan support

It is one of the best kitchen hobs on the list if you are looking forward to buying a pocket-friendly model. This appliance is easy to maintain and boasts an elegant design. It comprises three burners that are power-packed and encourage an even distribution of heat. The makers have added some advanced tweaks to this appliance that makes it a worthy buy for one and all.

This model contains a 7mm thick toughened glass that not only adds appeal to the appliance but also ensures tough use. The toughened glass body is scratch-resistant and easy to use. You can also clean and maintain it easily. Even if you place heavy utensils on all three hobs, it will withstand all the weight.

Other essential features that you can enjoy in this gas hob include unique pan support for better balance, strong anti-skid rubber feet, and a high-quality metal hose connector. The user-friendly design of this appliance also consumes low gas. The makers provide a one-year standard warranty for a better user experience.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Well-spaced burner
  • Low gas consumption
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not any

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7. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner

51sbFKHMdGL. SL250


  • Multi flame Sabaf Italian burners
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Three lotus burners

This gas hob features three burners – 1 big lotus and 2 medium lotuses. It means you can use all sizes of vessels to carry out all sorts of cooking. This appliance features a toughened temper glass that doesn’t break, nor is it prone to scratching. The burners of this appliance are proven to be more effective heating agents.

What makes these burners different from the others is that they cover and heat the surface very quickly. Thus, you can cook your food in no time without stirring it for hours. These burners are installed on a well-built cookware support structure made using iron and finished with an enamel coating.

The enamel coating extends stability so offered by its support structure. This hob has a standard measurement. You can easily adjust it on your countertop and still enjoy the remaining space for other appliances.

  • Extraordinary heating
  • Multi-flame function
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not enough space between burners

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Buying Guide – Best Gas Hob

If you lay down a comparison between hob vs. stove, the former shows its superiority over the latter. A gas hob is sleek and stylish. At the same time, this appliance is power-packed with excellent features. There are safety elements, sleek looks, and advanced characteristics that make this product a must-have in your kitchen.

This modernistic appliance caters to all your cooking needs. Here is how you can choose the best one for lasting use.

Types of Hobs

The Indian market sells different types of hobs on both offline and online platforms.

Gas Hob

A gas hob offers perfect control and delivers instant heat when you set out to cook on the same. It features different sizes and numbers of burners that you can buy according to your requirement. A gas hob runs using LPG, and its burners ensure an even distribution of heat. Some models of a gas hob include an auto-ignition feature as well.

Lately, many manufacturers are selling gas on glass hobs to users. These hobs are sleek, stylish, and comfortable to use. The burners are fitted on the top of the glass. This factor makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the hob.

Electric Hob

As the name suggests, an electric hob operates using electricity. In this variant, the heating system rests under a strong ceramic glass. The design of an electric hob is stylish, and it has three different types – solid plate hob, ceramic hob, and induction hob.

A solid plate hob is a good buying option if you are looking for a pocket-friendly appliance. A ceramic hob is a more advanced version that comes with some standard safety features. An induction hob is the most efficient of all, and it delivers an outstanding performance. Out of all the three, an induction electric hob is the most expensive one.

Electric hob or gas hob – which is better?

Both an electric hob and a gas hob serve you a common purpose of effortless cooking. Gas hobs are similar to regular stovetops. They are, however, full of extra features as well as a more sophisticated functioning. Electric hobs are known to be an elaborate version of an induction stove. These hobs operate using electricity (batteries) and make cooking easy for you.

Gas hobs use LPG to combust and produce flames. But in some cases, it also operates using electricity. Electric hobs use electricity that warms the heating plate and cooks the food. An electric hob is slightly expensive than a gas hob. Choosing between the two is subjective. Look for your requirements and then decide on the best buying option.

In general, gas hobs are more sought-after than electric hobs.

Buy according to the kitchen space

Do not bring a gas hob that consumes the entire space in your kitchen countertop and makes it look so compact. It is integral to measure the kitchen space and dimensions before you purchase any model. Any standard gas hob measures around 70 x70cm. Such an appliance can easily accommodate three burners.

Some gas hobs also come with a free-standing body. When you buy these models, the size and dimensions of the kitchen countertop do not pose an issue.

Check the number of burners

Many gas hobs come with at least 3 or 4 burners. Such burners suffice all your needs. You can also consider the number of burners after checking the space available in your kitchen. An elaborate model of 4 or more burners is a big no-no in a small kitchen space.

When you buy a gas hob according to the number of burners, pay attention to the other essential factors such as the size of each burner and space between the two burners.

Material of the burner

Once you have chosen the number of the burners, the next step involving inspecting its material. A gas hob’s burners are made either in aluminum or brass.

Both these materials are said to be exceptional in delivering a good performance. They ensure an even distribution of heat to enable fast cooking. But a detailed comparison between the two suggests that brass burners make a better choice than aluminum.

Burners made in aluminum are prone to rusting, whereas brass doesn’t rust and ensures durability. Thus, choosing brass can work in your favor. Alongside this, we also suggest you consider the number of rings of flame that the burner offers. Look for a burner offering more numbers of rings to produce a stronger flame.

Check for the safety features

Do not overlook the safety features while buying a gas hob from any brand. An appliance equipped with safety features ensures safe use and saves you from unwanted mishaps and kitchen accidents.

Two of the essential safety features to consider while buying a gas hob are the safety valves and child lock. Safety valves help to regulate the flow of gas, thereby avoiding any leak. You can turn on the child lock feature in the gas hob and ensure your child’s safety even when they come near or use the appliance.

Strong pan support is a must

Pan support offered by the gas hob is an essential consideration. Sturdy pan support in the appliance doesn’t allow the dishes or vessels to topple even when you are putting pressure on it while cooking. Pan support provides much-needed balance to the arrangement so that you can use it freely without worrying about the wobbling of the vessels.

Brand name to ensure quality

Nobody keeps on changing their gas hobs now and then. Buying this appliance is like a one-time investment, and every user expects the much-needed quality to utilize it in the long run. You can enjoy the quality of the product only when you buy the gas hob from a good brand.

All the reputed brands and manufacturers ensure that their gas hobs are well-built and equipped with all the standard features. A more advanced model from an established brand offers extended features to make your cooking session more enjoyable. The leading brands and manufacturers also offer warranty and after-sales service on all their models.

You can buy the best gas hob from all the leading brands at varied prices, depending upon the advanced features that a model contains and how much money you look forward to spending on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my kitchen hob?

Cleaning a kitchen hob with a soapy solution and a wet cloth does the job. Always switch off the gas and wait for the appliance to cool down before you clean the surface. Cleaning your kitchen hob every week is the best way to maintain it in the long run. Do not use the kitchen hob before drying it properly.

Name some good brands to buy a gas hob?

Some of the most sought-after brands from which you can buy your kitchen hob at the best prices include Bosch, Glen, Faber, iBell, Kaff, and others. Buying your appliance from these brands will never let you face problems related to quality. All the models manufactured under these names have top-notch features.

What is the average lifespan of a kitchen hob?

When you buy a good-quality kitchen hob and maintain it duly, you can enjoy undisturbed use for up to 10 years. Some manufacturers extend an after-sales service. You can always seek professional help in case your appliance meets any damage.

Do all the kitchen hobs run on electricity?

No, not all hobs run on electricity. A standard gas hob may require electricity to ignite the flame. Once ignited, it resumes the standard fuel consumption for combustion. On the other hand, induction kitchen hobs purely run using electricity.

Can I install a gas hob on my own?

Every gas hob comes with an instruction manual that helps you with the process of installation. Having said that, we do not recommend you install it yourself. Always seek professional help (from the manufacturer) to install this appliance. It is because installing it includes making allowances for the gas inlet, fixing screws, and other technical tasks. A professional service installs everything to perfection.

What is the average price of a kitchen hob?

The price of a kitchen hob depends upon many factors such as the brand name, number of features, technical specifications, etc. Any basic model of this appliance may cost you between Rs. 10,000 -15,000 respectively.

Is it safe to buy a gas hob online?

You can buy a gas hob online from a reliable e-commerce platform. Always read the specifications of the product thoroughly. Do check the feedback and ratings of the customers before adding the product to your cart.

Bottom Line

A gas hob is a perfect addition to your modular kitchen. Once installed, you can use it effortlessly for all your cooking experiments. While buying this appliance is not rocket science anymore, what’s important is to make the right choice. We hope our above-listed buying guide helps you bring the best gas hob home. Read it thoroughly and hunt for the best kitchen hob. Happy shopping.

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