Best Induction Cooktops in India

7 Best Induction Cooktops in India – Buying Guide & Review

The increasing progress in science and technology has changed the manner in how a person cooks his food. Now you don’t need to buy a gas cylinder or a gas stove anymore. Induction cooking is the new-age cooking trend that intends to make your cooking experience better. An electronic induction stove is an easy solution to serve all your cooking needs. You can cook better and quicker using the electric technology so introduced and added to this appliance.

Today, induction cooktop has introduced itself into the mainstream platform and the same is garnering a lot of attention. The popularity of this appliance is not enjoyed by housewives alone. In fact, many teenagers and young adults have started using this device to cook dishes quickly and efficiently.

Induction cooktops work on the principle of induction technology. This technology uses magnetic currents to ensure that your cooking vessels heat up uniformly. Apart from cooking your food, you can use this appliance to heat your food as well. Cooking is no more a chore when you are doing it on an induction cooktop.

This easy-to-use and safe appliance are worth all the hype, and you must add it into your kitchen space. Listed below are the best induction cooktops that you must bring home to enjoy hassle-free cooking.

Top 7 Induction Stove for Indian Kitchen

Best Induction Cooktops in India

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01

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  • No installation required
  • 2100 watts, 220-240 volts
  • Touch-start for quick and easy use
  • 0-3 hour time setting
  • Auto-off program

Philips is one of the most popular and reliable brand names in terms of buying a household, electric, and kitchen appliance. This Philips induction cooktop does not require any installation. You can use it directly by plugging the device into the electrical socket. Once done, it is ready to operate.

This cooktop makes use of electromagnetic induction technology. Such technology encourages a high degree of heating. Thus, you can cook faster and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Many users have already claimed that this appliance cooks faster than a traditional LPG stove. The cooking procedure traps the nutrition into the food. Thus, the food you eat is not only tasty but healthy as well.

You can enjoy many advanced features while using this device. You can set the time between 0 to 3 hours and cook your meal effortlessly. There is a touch panel to help you straightforwardly operate this appliance. The product is eco-friendly, hence, a must-have option for all Indian homes.

  • Cool to touch

  • Eco-friendly

  • Quick and effortless cooking

  • High electricity consumption

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2. Havells Insta Cook PT Induction Cooktop

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  • Variable power control
  • 1600 watt, 220-240 volts
  • Digital LED display
  • Six modes of cooking

Havells is yet another renowned brand that you can rely upon blindly while choosing electronic and household appliances. This induction cooktop fulfills all your cooking needs and is a must-have in your kitchen. It consumes minimum space, hence a good option for all compact countertops.

This appliance includes many sought-after features, the 6 pre-set cooking menu controls being one of them. The soft-touch panel control is easy to use and cooperate with. The advanced LED display directs you towards the status of your setting. This induction cooktop also includes an auto-pan detection and auto power-off feature.

The sleek design of this appliance is another reason to buy it. The manufacturers have released it in beautiful assorted colors to choose from. You can buy the best color suiting your kitchen décor and use it to lessen all your cooking chores.

  • Pre-set menus

  • Attractive soft-touch panel

  • Color choices

  • Auto power-off feature

  • Not any

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3. Prestige PIV 15.0+ Induction Cooktop

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  • Concealed and feature-touch buttons
  • 1900-watts, 230 volts
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Push-button controls
  • Protection against kitchen insects

This brand doesn’t need an introduction. It has been creating some incredible kitchen appliances, thereby serving all needs and requirements of maintaining and upgrading your kitchen space. This induction cooktop is a blend of powerful performance and good looks. It includes a variety of sought-after features, all of which together make the cooking experience easier for you.

When it comes to performance, this Prestige induction cooktop promises excellence. It has feather-touch buttons that help you operate the appliance like the back of your hand. The automatic voltage regulator helps to protect your cooktop from constant electrical surges, thereby improving its longevity. What adds more to this remarkable creation is that it includes in-built protection against cockroaches and other kitchen insects. This particular feature is the highlight of this induction cooktop.

Look-wise, this appliance boasts a sleek and stylish look that complements your newly constructed modular kitchen. This product also comes with a pre-set Indian menu setting that helps you cook all your dishes better, faster, and tastier. This appliance is value for money and a must-buy option on the list.

  • Remarkable performance

  • Sleek and stylish design

  • Eco-friendly appliance

  • Easy to maintain

  • 1-year warranty

  • Restricted use to particular types of utensils

  • High power consumption

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4. Usha Cook Joy 3616 Induction Cooktop

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  • Voltage resistant fluctuation
  • 1600-watt, 230 volts
  • Five pre-set menu options
  • Power saving intelligence

Usha is one of the oldest and trustworthy brands associated with the production of electric and household appliances. The recently introduced induction cooktop by the brand is receiving a lot of accolades in the Indian market. This 1600-watt induction cooktop is a perfect option to buy for any small family. Even the bachelors and students can use it without any complications.

This induction cooktop includes an auto-power saving feature. You may term this feature as its safety characteristic as it protects from overheating. Thus, you can cook your food safely without harming yourself. The pan sensor feature is another feather in its cap. This feature provides the over-consumption of power, hence saving you from paying a hefty electricity bill. This cooktop also features five pre-set menus in tandem with additional manual control to cook different dishes.

The metal code varistor of this induction cooktop protects from all kinds of voltage fluctuations. This appliance also features an anti-skid foot that prevents it from toppling or overturning. You can use all types of utensils on this appliance, including cast iron utensils. Buy it at the most competitive prices.

  • Power saving feature

  • Pan sensor feature

  • Safety standards

  • 1-year warranty

  • Noisy operation

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5. V-Guard VIC 06 Induction Cooktop


  • 1600-watts
  • Five auto Indian cooking modes
  • Effortless and convenient cooking
  • Compact design
  • Safe cooking

This induction cooktop features an elegant design. It is made in a beautiful crystal glass matte finish that offers an aesthetic appeal to the arrangement. This appliance has five pre-programmed Indian cooking options to utilize to the optimum. You can use it for cooking as well as heating your food. The even distribution of heat enables a quick-cooking experience, faster than on the traditional gas stove.

This induction cooktop also lets you enjoy automatic cooking with a touch of a button. The manufacturers have added a 4-hour timer to this arrangement to set according to your cooking requirement. As it comes with eight power and temperature setting, you can cook different dishes under different setting options.

This appliance embraces an intelligent design. The 4-digit LED display lets you operate it effortlessly. It also includes voltage and energy consumption indication as well as a timer function. All these features together make this induction cooktop the choicest option on the list. Find it on the leading offline and online platforms.

  • Eight temperature settings

  • Sleek and stylish design

  • Voltage and energy consumption indication

  • Timer function

  • Too compact

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6. AmazonBasics Induction Cooktop

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  • 6-stage power setting feature
  • 1300-watt induction cooktop
  • Eight pre-set Indian cooking options
  • BIS-certified plug and cable.

Amazon has introduced its very own induction cooktop available only on the company’s official website. This induction cooktop comes with a beautiful micro-crystal glass induction surface. It features a 6-stage power setting with button controls. The arrangement is specifically designed to cater to all the Indian cooking needs.

You can use this induction cooktop to cook as well as heat dishes. This cooktop is a reliable kitchen appliance and comes with eight pre-set Indian cooking options to further accelerate your cooking experience even more. You can use it to saute, pressure cook and even deep fry your food. The brand claims that this appliance is tested in an international lab for all its safety features.

Talking about the safety features of this induction cooktop, it includes characteristics such as auto-standby mode and residual heat indicator. It also comes with a BIS-certified plug and a resettable thermostat that protects against all sorts of overheating. This induction cooktop is easy to use, easy to clean and makes minimum noise during operation. Buy it now.

  • Easy to use

  • Multiple safety features

  • Noiseless operation

  • Ideal for Indian cooking

  • Not suitable for curved vessels

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7. iBELL 2000 W Induction Cooktop

61CZ2LpIEbL. SL250


  • Press button control
  • High-quality crystal glass
  • Super wide voltage adaptability
  • High-quality coils

This kitchen appliance is a new entry on this list. The brand has manufactured it considering all the essential features. Hence it promises an improved and efficient performance and gives tough competition to its competitors. This appliance offers quality and many excellent features. It comprises press-button controls that make its operation a hassle-free affair.

You can adjust the time of cooking using the timer and save unwanted electricity consumption. This cooktop comes with a high-quality glass top that can withstand extreme heat without compromising on performance. It may as well adapt to high voltage fluctuations. You can make the most of the pre-set menu and cook your favorite dishes.

This induction cooktop has an auto-shutoff feature to protect it from all sorts of overheating and damage. Cook different dishes or warm your food – you will enjoy either setting that this cooktop embraces.

  • User-friendly control options

  • Auto shut-off feature

  • Energy efficient

  • 1-year warranty

  • High energy consumption

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Buying Guide – Best Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops make a remarkable investment for your kitchen. There are many reasons to convince you to buy this appliance. It ensures a quick-cooking session. It is because your product heats up quickly when compared to the traditional gas stove. An induction cooktop is safe to use. Many safety features make it a go-to option to use, even for the students and bachelors.

This cooktop responds very quickly to the instructions and changes the temperature in no time. It means you can experiment with cooking a variety of food on this appliance. The energy-efficient feature of an induction cooktop is yet another reason to buy it. The manufacturers ensure that using this appliance will not spike your electricity bill. Many models of an induction cooktop come with an auto heat-up feature that helps to minimize the chances of accidents and mishaps. Lastly, this appliance is easy to clean and maintain.

Read the below-listed buying guide thoroughly to bring home the best version of an induction cooktop:

Types of induction cooktop

Single-Element Induction Cooktop

This type of induction cooktop includes only a single cooking zone to place the cookware. As it comprises only one cooking zone, you cannot use it for simultaneous cooking sessions. That being said, it makes a good choice for all the bachelors who live alone. This type of induction cooktop consumes a total power of 1800-watt. It is a pocket-friendly induction cooktop, and you can buy it from many leading manufacturers. These units are portable and are also known as portable cooktops. You can also use them in your small family or two or three members.

Multi-Element Induction Cooktop

Bring home a multi-element induction cooktop for an effortless cooking session. As the name suggests, this version of an induction cooktop includes multiple cooking zones. Thus, you can use it to carry out simultaneous cooking, thereby saving time. This type of appliance consumes a maximum power of 3600-watt. As it happens to be bigger in size, you cannot carry it from one place to other. It consumes a lot of space, hence not recommended for small kitchen countertops. A multi-element induction cooktop is pricier than its single-element counterpart. It is the best-suited option for all large families.

Freestanding Induction Cooktop

A freestanding induction cooktop cannot be placed on the kitchen counter. It is bigger and requires its own free space to stand and operate. Thus, buy it only when you have enough space in your kitchen. These cooktops also feature an oven. Hence, apart from providing all the basic induction cooktop operations, you can also use this appliance for baking your food. A freestanding induction cooktop is a pricey variant, and not so popular in Indian households.

Built-in Cooktop

A built-in induction cooktop is mounted on the kitchen countertop. It comes with two different cooking zones to make cooking easier and quicker for one and all. You can buy it for your permanent kitchen setting and use it for cooking food for middle to large families. A built-in induction cooktop features a sleek design. It is made using high-quality heat-resistant glass.

Buy the Right Size

Apart from buying the right type of induction cooktop, it is equally important to focus on its size. Always choose the size of the appliance as per your cooking needs and the space available on your kitchen countertop. If you are habitual of using bigger vessels while cooking dishes, buy your cooktop with a large cooking zone.

A compact design is recommended for all kitchens that have smaller kitchen platform. Furthermore, the number of cooking zones also plays a role in deciding the right size of the appliance that you are likely to bring home. Cooking zones in an induction cooktop may range from one to five.

A 60cm induction cooktop accommodates three zones comfortably.
A 70-75cm induction cooktop makes the best choice if you want four cooking zones.
Buy an induction cooktop ranging 90cm for a bigger five-zone cooking experience.

Double-check the Material

The top material of this appliance should be strong and sturdy, and you must double-inspect it before shopping. Many experts suggest buying an induction cooktop made in good-quality micro-crystalized glass. Such a material of the appliance makes it easy to clean in case of any spill. This material does not crack even when you are using your appliance at a high heat temperature. The sleek design makes it look aesthetically appealing as well.

Framed or Edgeless design – Which one is better?

An induction cooktop includes two designs – framed and edgeless.

Choosing the best design out of two is your call. A framed induction cooktop is vulnerable to the deposition of dirt and grime and may take more time during cleaning. It is because it comes with framed crevices. But at the same time, this frame may contain spills. On the other hand, an edgeless design is a simple and straightforward structure. It is easy to wipe and clean, but more vulnerable to damage, especially breaks and cracks.

Check the power and temperature setting

An induction cooktop operates using electricity. Thus, you cannot overlook the power consumption and temperature setting of the appliance before bringing it to use. According to the experts, power and temperature settings are the most essential features affecting the rate at which these cooktops cook their food.

We recommend you buy a model that features multiple temperature settings. It is because different dishes require varied temperatures to cook. Always ensure that your induction starts with a low power setting by default. Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Apart from the temperature setting, the power consumption of the appliance, too, needs to be looked after while buying it. Many single-element induction cooktops have a maximum power of 2100-watts. Some of them come with a lower range of power between 1500-watt or 1700-watt.

If you are using both an induction cooktop and a traditional gas stove in your kitchen, buy this appliance with lower power consumption. But if you solely rely on an electric cooktop for all your cooking needs, spend your money on a model that entertains a high-power consumption.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about your electricity bills because of the high wattage of the appliance. It is because some models include cooking zones with a power management system. This feature helps to divide the power between the cooking zones. Thus, you do not need extra power to operate your induction cooktop, even while using all the cooking zones simultaneously.

Look for the timer settings

Timer setting or timer feature is a must-have element in the induction cooktops. Many brands have added this feature into their models, and it can help you for good. This feature comes in handy when you are multitasking in the kitchen. It also protects your food from overheating or burning. You can also utilize timer settings to heat or boil your food on the cooktop.

Once the timer is over, it automatically shuts down the supply of power. This factor also helps you save the consumption of electricity while using an induction cooktop. Timer setting on your appliance also prevents fire accidents in the kitchen. A majority of models include a built-in digital timer of one minute to a maximum of 170 minutes. But the maximum range of the timer is not certain. It varies from one brand to the other.

Pre-set cooking menu to make cooking easy

One of the most sought-after features to look for while buying an induction cooktop is the pre-set cooking menu. Many leading brands and manufacturers have included this feature in their models. As the name goes, a pre-set cooking menu comes with many pre-decided automatic cooking settings. You only need to choose a particular setting and do some basic work. Once completed, your food shall be cooked in no time.

Some of the popular pre-set cooking menus available in many induction cooktops include stir, boil, fry, grill, milk, breakfast, etc. Buy an induction cooktop with a minimum of 6 pre-set cooking menus. Both the single-element as well as multi-element induction cooktop include this feature.

The auto switch-off feature is a must-have

Many manufacturers of an induction cooktop have added an auto switch-off feature to their models. This automatic feature helps to prevent overheating. An auto switch-off feature also turns off the induction cooktop when you remove the cookware from the appliance.

Some models of this appliance turn up the indicator which helps you notice that the food is cooked completely. Afterward, the cooking zone automatically turns itself off. Other models include a beeping sound or a display flash of on or off to grab your attention towards the cooked food.

You may call this feature a safety feature in the induction cooktop that saves you or any other user from an unwanted accident while handling the appliance.

Touch Control for hassle-free handling

All the latest induction cooktops include a touch-control feature for the hassle-free handling of the appliance. Earlier, an induction cooktop used to have control knobs. The introduction of a touch control panel has made this appliance easy to operate. You can use the touch panel using your fingertips to set various operations such as pre-set cooking time, temperature setting, or any other while using the induction cooktop.

Some advanced models of this appliance also include LED flames. This interesting feature has been added to give you a visual idea about the intensity of heat you may want to use while cooking your food. LED flames are an additional feature added to an induction cooktop, and you need not necessarily look for it while buying the appliance.

Automatic Pan detection feature

Apart from the auto switch-off feature, some induction cooktops also include an automatic pan detection feature. This standard feature is present in all the leading models of the appliance. The feature ensures that heating is turned off as soon as you remove cookware from the cooktop. The advantage of this feature is that it leads to minimal energy waste.

Even when you put any non-compatible pan on the cooking zone of an induction cooktop and remove it, this feature detects it and shuts down all the operations. This feature saves you from the manual effort of switching on the cooktop after placing the pans.

Check the induction coil quality

It is crucial to check the overall quality of the induction coil before you bring home this appliance. Avoid buying a model that comes with a low-quality coil. Always ensure to cross-check the quality of the induction coil for long-term use. According to the experts, an induction coil made using pure copper or aluminum works best for all cooking needs.

Safety features to look for

Needless to say, safety features are a must-have in any kitchen or electronic appliance. These features ensure that you use the appliances effectively without harming yourself and your surroundings. Here are some vital safety features that you must look for in an induction cooktop:

  • Safety Sensors:
    Some induction cooktops include safety sensors. They are installed to caution the user when the temperature at the bottom rises too much. As a result, you can turn off your appliance at the right time and prevent accidents and other mishaps. A safety sensor can also indicate you even when you have left an empty vessel on the heating zone of the cooktop.
  • Child Lock:
    Do not overlook this feature if you have children in your home. Today, 99 percent of induction cooktops include a child lock feature. You can lock the appliance using this feature, thereby preventing your little ones from intruding with the same. This feature can be utilized even when you are cooking the food on the appliance.
    You can also use this feature when cleaning your cooktop. When you turn on this feature, all the settings on the display screen remain active and locked. Thus, you cannot utilize the function of the induction cooktop. You can only use the power off button in this situation and prevent any unwanted mishap in your kitchen.
  • Safety Cut-Off:
    People confuse this feature with the auto switch-off feature. However, both of them are different from each other. You can utilize this feature in your induction cooktop if you are using it for a longer period without altering the temperature setting. Upon this, the induction cooktop automatically switches off after reaching a specific threshold.
    The threshold depends upon the heat settings of the appliance at a given time. The lower the settings, the longer the induction remains. If your cooking requirements are such that you have to leave the food to cook for a longer period, make sure to buy a cooktop that includes a longer safety cut-off feature.

Additional Features to look for

Here are some extra features that you can check before buying an induction cooktop:

Overflowing control:

To avoid spilling food, always choose a cooktop that includes an overflowing control feature. This feature shuts down the appliance in case of any spillage. But, do not use the cooktop again without cleaning the minimum spillage so caused.

Small-item detection:

An induction cooktop with this feature detects all the small-sized items placed on the heating area by mistake. The small items such as spoon, fork, and ladle are not compatible with an induction cooktop. Thus, this feature flashes you about these small items on time so that you can remove them and continue with cooking the food.


This feature is very similar to the auto heat-up feature. Under the booster feature, the cooking zone heats up at a faster rate than normal. It reaches the highest temperature setting so that you can cook food efficiently. After this, the feature automatically reduces the supply of heat to a pre-selected lower heat setting. A booster is a decent feature to utilize if you want to heat or boil the food.

Wok cooking:

Many Indian households utilize wok to cook their dishes. Wok cooking is a newly introduced feature that the makers have added on all the high-end induction cooktop models. These cooktop models have a separate area reserved for wok cooking. Even when the surface of the vessel is not in contact with the appliance, the induction functions. Hence, you can place your wok in the area and cook your food in the same. You can buy a compatible wok to make your cooking easier while utilizing this feature.

Noise production:

If you are solely dependent on an induction cooktop to carry out all your cooking experiments, always consider buying a noiseless model. A noisy induction cooktop is a big no-no, especially when you are using it regularly to cook food. This appliance produces a noise when you adjust it to a higher setting. At the same time, your induction cooktop may produce a ticking sound. You need not worry about the ticking sound of the cooktop as it is very normal.

Voltage display:

The latest models of this appliance feature a voltage and electrical consumption display. Thus, you can see how much power is used while working on the induction cooktop.

Pause button:

Another user-friendly feature that you can enjoy in an induction cooktop is the pause button feature. This feature locks all the settings similar to that of a child-lock feature. You can pause it, and the appliance will stop working while retaining the settings. You can further wipe down the controls and press the button to resume your cooking sessions.

Keep warm:

Using the keep warm feature in the induction cooktop, you can keep your food warm for a long period. Some users also utilize this feature as residual heat.

Automatic Voltage Regulator:

Some models of an induction cooktop include an automatic voltage regulator. This feature takes care of high or low voltage variance. It also ensures that the load can be handled by the appliance to ensure performance as well as durability.

Check the Brand Name and Warranty

As you are buying an electric chulha for long-term usage, it is recommended not to compromise over the brand name. An induction cooktop from a leading brand has everything to offer. You can make the most of the quality, safety features, advanced features, user-friendly features, and everything else.

Another advantage of buying your appliance from a reputed brand is that you get to enjoy a warranty. Even if your induction cooktop has stopped working or got damaged, you can replace it free of cost, as long as it remains within the warranty period. Some brands also offer after-sales service. You can utilize the service weeks after the installation of the induction cooktop.

All the leading brands are selling a variety of models of an induction cooktop like hotcakes. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, as well as budget options. You can explore both the offline and online platforms and bring home the choicest model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cooking mode is faster – gas stove or induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops are considered to be faster than the traditional gas stove. Their mechanism is simple. They work by transferring heat to the cooking vessel. The process doesn’t suffer any kind of heat loss. You can cook your food on the induction cooktop in no time.

Is there a drawback to using an induction cooktop?

The only drawback of using an induction cooktop is that you cannot use all kinds of utensils on this appliance. Only the cookware made in steel or iron goes well with an induction cooktop. Also, ensure to cook your food on a vessel with a flat bottom. A curvy bottle can topple the vessel and spill the food.

Name some good brands manufacturing induction cooktops in India?

You can buy the best induction stove from the manufacturers like Philips, Prestige, Usha, Pigeon, Havells, and others. Always check the features and specifications in detail to make the best choice.

Are induction cooktops environment-friendly?

Yes, induction cooktops happen to be an environmental-friendly approach to cooking the food. This appliance does not require the use of petroleum fuels to function. It works using electricity and does not consume a lot of power. Ditch the idea of traditional cooking and save the environment by using an induction cooktop instead.

How to clean my induction cooktop?

Cleaning an induction cooktop is an easy process. You can use a mild detergent or a liquid soap to clean the cooktop. Always switch off the appliance before cleaning it. Clean all the spills in one go to save them from getting dirty.

Can I buy an induction cooktop online?

Yes, you can buy an induction cooktop online as many brands and manufacturers are selling them on various e-commerce platforms. Ensure that you are buying from a reliable website. Do read the complete details of the product along with the details of the seller. Check the reviews and ratings of the customers on a particular product. It will help you select the best model. Also, do not forget to compare the prices of one model of different online websites. It will help you save more money.

What is the average lifespan of an induction cooktop?

A good-quality induction cooktop can work well for a maximum of 8 years. Its lifespan can also increase if you take care and maintain it properly.

What is the induction cooktop price in India?

The price of an induction cooktop in India varies from one model to the other. An induction cooktop with only one cooking zone is nominal than the cooktop with two or more cooking zones. You can get an induction cooktop with one cooking zone at a very affordable price starting from Rs. 1,500 or so. Furthermore, the number of features also has a role to play in defining the overall cost of an induction cooktop.

Can I place my induction cooktop on a wooden tabletop?

It is fine to place your induction cooktop on a wooden tabletop or any other material for that matter. Provided, always be careful with the type of vessel/cookware that you use on it.

How much weight can an induction cooktop withstand?

A portable induction cooktop can withstand a weight of 5-6 kilograms. Do not use heavy vessels while cooking on such a cooktop.

Bottom Line

The introduction of an induction cooktop has served many benefits to the users. This energy-efficient device is safe and easy to use. With so many models being introduced all over the market, choosing the best model might become a little challenging for you. It is, therefore, important to keep the above-listed points in consideration as they will enable a good shopping experience for you. Always start shopping by pre-deciding your budget.

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