Induction Stove Vs Gas Stove

Induction Stove Vs. Gas Stove – The Ultimate Guide

Cooking has never been so easy and effortless. Thanks to the introduction of some excellent kitchen appliances that have solved many of our problems and ensured a quick-cooking experience.

The traditional gas stoves have undergone a tremendous evolution. Eventually, what you can explore today are the sleek, good-looking gas stoves that are double as efficient as the traditional stoves.

At the same time, the introduction of induction stoves has stunned everyone. Many people have already replaced their traditional appliances with this modernized cooking appliance.

So, which one of them is better?

Gas Stove

A gas stove is the most traditional and common way of cooking that you will find in all Indian households. Gas stoves use their energy or heat source from flammable gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, liquified petroleum gas, etc.

Gas Stove Burners

Earlier, a gas stove would feature only a box-like structure with two burners. But the said evolution has brought about a huge change and added many remarkable advanced features to the creation.

Now you can buy a gas stove with two or more burners, depending upon the size of your family. Not only this, but you also get to choose the material of the burners. The beautiful sleek design with toughened glass on top makes the arrangement look aesthetic, that looks no less than a gas hob. Many gas stoves also boast a built-in extractor hood.

Advantages of Gas Stove

  • Better cooking control
  • No worry about power cuts
  • Perfect for cooking all types of food
  • No specific requirement of a vessel/utensil.

Limitations of Gas Stove

  • Inflammable and dangerous
  • Heats the surroundings
  • Exhausts natural resources
  • Flames produce CO2.

Induction Stove

The concept of induction cooking came into existence in the early 1900s. However, the popularity of an induction stove rose in the last few decades. An induction stove produces heat using magnetic induction through electricity. Thus, you don’t need fuel to use this appliance. The cooking pot of the induction stove includes a coil of copper wire that receives alternating electric currents.

This cooking appliance is sleek and sturdy and boasts many advanced features. It promises uncompromised safety, hence, a go-to product if you have kids in your home. Many models of an induction stove can be carried from one place to another, owing to its small size. The size also makes it ideal for a family of two. An induction stove doesn’t consume too much electricity and makes cooking look like a piece of cake.

Advantages of Induction Stove

  • Faster performance
  • Proper distribution of heat
  • Safety features
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Energy efficient

Limitations of Induction Stove

  • Needs compatible utensils
  • Expensive than gas stoves
  • Does not work during a power cut
  • Cannot cook all kinds of food

Gas Stove or Induction Stove – which one to buy?

Gas Vs Induction

Method of cooking

When it comes to the method of cooking, many people find a gas stove more preferable than an induction cooktop. It is because a gas stove provides more control while cooking. You can adjust the flame accordingly and cook all kinds of food with great ease.

Energy efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, an induction stove leads the game. This appliance does not consume a lot of power. Moreover, it doesn’t exhaust the fuels present in the environment. If you want an eco-friendly cooking appliance, choose an induction stove over a gas stove.

Energy Efficiency of Induction cooktop


If budget is your primary concern while shopping for the appliance, it is advisable to choose a gas stove over an induction stove. As the latter embraces some hi-tech features, it is a little pricier than its counterpart. You can save yourself a lot of money by choosing a sleek and efficient gas stove for your already-existing gas line. Also, an induction stove requires certain types of cookware for cooking, and this factor might add up to your pre-decided budget.

Cooking visualization

The visualization of cooking is yet another factor that makes a traditional gas stove superior to an induction stove. The flame in the former cooktops can be seen. Furthermore, you can increase/decrease it accordingly. The visualization of flames is not present in many models of

an induction stove. However, some high-end models do feature LED flames to give you a visual cue about the intensity of heat.

Safety features

Using an induction cooktop means enjoying many safety features when compared to gas cooking. Firstly, there is no open flame to cause you to burn or injury. Secondly, as you use all the compatible and flat-surface vessels, they do not spill or topple.

An induction cooktop also comes with a child-lock safety feature. Lastly, there is no fear of gas leaks while using this appliance. On the other hand, using a traditional gas stove involves many risk factors such as accidents, burns, injuries, toppling of vessels, leakage of gas, and many others.

Ease of maintenance

Induction cooktops are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean them using a soapy solution and cloth. Do not scrub off the surface with a scrubber as it may lead to scratching. Cleaning a gas stove is a little complicated when compared to an induction cooktop.


Many users have stated that the lifespan of an induction cooktop is longer than a gas stove. However, the recent models of a gas stove guarantee a longer lifespan, owing to their ease of maintenance and the addition of many advanced features.

The answer to ‘Which is Better – Induction stove or Gas stove’ is subjective. At the end of the day, your choice is affected by many factors such as budget, space available on the kitchen countertop, safety features, number of members in your family, availability of options such as gas pipeline, cooking vessels, etc.

Both the gas stove and induction cooktop come with varied features. They have their pros and cons. Thus, choosing the best one among them is about your personal preference. If you are a novice, then cooking on an induction cooktop may be a little difficult for you. On the other hand, a gas stove makes everything straightforward and easy-going.


We, therefore, advise you to start by preparing your budget. Learn about the features, ease of maintenance, and other essential factors, and then make the right choice. Most importantly, buy this appliance from a reliable brand. You can find both these appliances on offline and online platforms.

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