Best Nebulizers in India

5 Best Nebulizers in India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

The increase in pollution in the rural and urban areas has also resulted in lung-related problems in many people. Every year, many people in India develop breathing issues, shortness of breath, cough, cold, dust allergies, and other health concerns. You cannot always make frequent visits to your doctor; you need to find an apt solution to treat these issues.

Many doctors suggest such patients nebulize themselves to clear their nasal tract. While nebulization sessions can be carried out at the hospitals, you can also bring a nebulizer kit at home and save yourself both time and effort of visiting the hospice.

A nebulizer machine is a portable device designed to dispense the liquid nasal medication into a gaseous form that supports an easy inhalation. When the medicine reaches your lungs, it mixes into your bloodstream, thereby clearing your nasal tract and providing you a quick relied. A nebulizer helps you get rid of the symptoms of many health conditions such as asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis.

Here are the best nebulizer machines that you can buy from online and offline platforms.

Best Nebulizer Brands in Indian Market

5 Best Nebulizers in India

1. Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult

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  • It can be used by adults and children
  • MMD of 55 micrometer
  • 0.4ml per minute nebulizer rate

Many doctors and healthcare experts consider this brand a global leader in healthcare devices. This nebulizer comes with advanced Virtual Valve technology that helps you treat many health conditions such as asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, etc. The makers have designed it to treat lower airways and keep all kinds of respiratory issues at bay.

This machine has been designed in such a manner that it cuts down the wastage of medicine that you put into it. The robust design operates well with a one-touch button and is safe to use for both adults and children. The machine doesn’t lead to a noisy operation and uses a power of 6 Watts.

The nebulizer rate of this machine is 0.4ml per minute, hence ideal for even emergency treatments. The product contains an entire kit of air tubes, replacement filters, mouthpiece, adult mask, child mask, carry bag, and instruction manual.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all types of settings
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Works with batteries only

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2. Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

Dr Trust Nebulizer


  • 0.5ml per minute nebulizer rate
  • Adjustable nebulization
  • Chamber capacity of 8ml.

This Dr. Trust nebulizer is one of the best products on the list. The machine allows you to use the medication effectively and provides immediate relief to your nasal tract and lungs. According to the makers, this nebulizer converts saline water into an aerosol mist, thereby making it easier to inhale the medication for one and all. This nebulizer works on RespiRight technology and supports maximum absorption.

The product includes a complete kit including two different-sized masks, a mouthpiece, and a flow adjuster. This device also features a flow controller to let you adjust the flow of air according to your comfort.

The compact design, minimum sound, and adjustable nebulization are the other features that make it a strong contender on this list. You can buy this device at competitive prices.

  • Handy usage
  • Compatible with many medications
  • Minimum wastage of medicines
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • High noise level

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3. Philips Home Nebulizer with SideStream Disposable Kit

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  • Fast drug output
  • Proven SideStream technology
  • Aerosol therapy

Philips has never disappointed its users when it comes to manufacturing all the high-quality products. This nebulizer manufactured by the company ensures lasting use and effective results. It works on the principle of aerosol therapy and offers high-quality nebulization for the effective management of numerous respiratory conditions suffered by many people. The drugs or medication do not get wasted, and you can fully utilize inhaling the same.

The faster medication output of this nebulizer makes it a brilliant pick for all severe patients who are prone to allergies and other respiratory conditions. It further includes a Sidestream technology which makes it efficient to use. The device features a powerful motor that treats you within a few minutes of use.

Another plus point of this machine is its silent operation. Unlike the other nebulizers, it creates minimum noise, thus ensuring silent operation even when you use it during the odd hours of the day. The makers of this device ensure that you get to utilize all these features at a very competitive rate. This nebulizer machine is a must-buy.

  • Quick and effective treatment
  • East to use
  • Economical choice
  • Compact size
  • Baby mask not included

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4. Omron Ultra-Compact and Low Noise Compressor Nebulizer

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  • 0.3ml per minute nebulizer rate
  • 10ml medication capacity
  • 0.109ml/min aerosol output rate

Another Omron product on this list is the Ultra Compact nebulizer effective for both children and adults. This machine comes with a small box-like design and can be carried even when you are traveling. Its construction is very straightforward, which also makes it easy to use for one and all.

This machine can convert the medicine into fine aerosol droplets. The droplets can be inhaled quickly to provide relief immediately after inhalation. The droplets get easily perforated in the lungs. Thus, even if you are experiencing a severe breathing or inhaling issue, you can put this machine to use and welcome instant relief.

This device works at a speed of 0.3ml per minute. It is effective in treating countless respiratory conditions such as cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, infections, allergies, and others. Another highlight of this product is that the device cuts down the particle size to 4.56mm. The reduction of the particle size helps distribute the medication evenly to provide better relief. This device can hold 10ml medicine in one shot.

  • Compact design
  • Microscopic particle size
  • Quick relief
  • Immediate absorption of the medicine
  • 2-year warranty
  • Noisy operation

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5. Mievida Mi-Hale 59 Compressor Nebulizer

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  • Compressor nebulizer for children and adults
  • 0.2ml per minute rate of nebulization
  • Adjustable nebulization

This nebulizer machine is easy to operate and an effective treatment that reaches the lower airway and ensures fast results upon use. The kit includes a compressor, medicine chamber, nebulizer, air filter, adult and child mask, air tube, mouthpiece, and a user manual. Thus, you do not have to buy anything additionally to use this machine.

This machine delivers an effective nebulization rate- 0.2ml per minute, ensuring that it can be used by both adults and children. The inhaler can be easily rotated which further becomes more convenient to use, especially when you are nebulizing your children. The compact design of this machine is another reason to buy the product.

According to the manufacturers, this nebulizer is effective in the treatment of various respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. You can look for it at both online and offline stores.

  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Can be used by adults and children
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Noisy operation
  • Steam may throw out.

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Buying Guide – Best Nebulizer Machines

A nebulizer or Bhap machine is one leading medication for a majority of respiratory problems. Apart from being easy to use, it provides quick and lasting relief from cough, cold, and other concerns. The benefits of this machine are many.

Nebulizer Buying Guide and review

The ease of using a nebulizer is the first reason that convinces many people to use it over other machines. You can bring home the best type of nebulizer and use it in the long run. You will experience relief right after a few moments of inhaling the medicine poured into the device.

When you put the medicine into a nebulizer and inhale it, it reaches directly to your lungs. It means that using this machine is the fastest way of obtaining relief from the problems such as COPD, asthma, and emphysema.

The proper use of this device can even address severe respiratory problems and provide you relief for long hours. Another benefit of buying this device is its efficiency. A nebulizer fetches quick relief, that too, without side effects. The medicines are straightaway prescribed by your doctor and you can put them into the nebulizer to inhale them. This device can be relied upon for the best use.

Here are some factors to consider when you look for a nebulizer in the market:

Types of Nebulizers

A nebulizer machine comes in many types. It is essential to study each of its types before you bring home the most efficient one:

Ultrasonic nebulizer

These nebulizers supply the liquid or medicine using high-frequency vibrations. Such vibrations turn the liquid medication into gas and make it easy to inhale. Buy this machine if you are looking for a less noisy nebulizer as it doesn’t create noise. You can use it any time of the day.

This type of nebulizer treats cystic fibrosis and asthma effectively. The small size of this machine makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. These are fast-performing nebulizers and a must-buy if you are persistently suffering from breathing issues.

Mechanical Nebulizers

These nebulizers are operated manually. They are powered either by compressed air or oxygen. Their mechanism converts liquid medicine into a mist that reaches your lungs quickly after inhaling. A mechanical nebulizer is available in two forms – a soft mist inhaler and a human-powered inhaler.

Mesh Nebulizers

They make use of a shaking tissue layer that turns liquid medicine into aerosol form. These are a little expensive than their counterparts but perform effectively. You can buy it if you are looking for a machine to carry during your frequent traveling.

Mesh nebulizers use a vibrating membrane to produce an aerosol supply from the liquid. Although they are efficient to use, they require a lot of maintenance. You need to clean them from time to time to remove any obstruction.

Jet Nebulizers

Jet nebulizers are the easiest to use. They have compressed air and offer a good amount of spray by using the liquid drug/medicine. In this kind of nebulizer, the air passed from the compressor via a tube to a plastic cup. This cup holds the medicine in its liquid form.

You can use a jet nebulizer daily and experience quick results. The design of these nebulizers is compact, and it doesn’t create a lot of noise. Another plus point – you can buy it at dirt-cheap prices.

Mini Nebulizers

As the name suggests, they are small and lightweight. Hence, you can take them anywhere you want. You can put a mini nebulizer in your handbag as well. Some of these nebulizers weigh as light as one pound. They provide quick access and are safe to use during an emergency as well.

Rate of Nebulization

Before finalizing the nebulization machine, make sure to inspect its rate of nebulization. The rate of this device denotes the pace at which the medicine reaches your lungs. The higher the rate, the quicker the relief from pain. Thus, always buy a machine that comes with a higher nebulization rate.

When the rate of nebulization is high, it cuts down your time of using it. According to doctors, the best nebulizer is the one that has a nebulization rate between 0.25 ml per minute and 0.5 ml per minute.

The capacity of the Chamber

A nebulizer machine includes a chamber where you put the medicine that is further converted into the mist. The capacity of the chamber signifies the amount of medicine that you can put into the machine.

So, why buy a nebulizer for babies with a small chamber when there are better options to look for? Always make sure to buy a machine with a larger chamber so that you can put the desired amount of medicine for inhaling. The recommended capacity usually falls between 8ml and 10ml. Anything lesser than the said figures is a big no-no.

Nebulizer chamber

Filter of the Nebulizer

Another area to inspect while buying a nebulizer is its filter. The air filter of a nebulizer is an essential part. Always buy a machine with a high-quality filter. An inefficient filter often becomes clogged, hence affecting the durability of the device. A poor-quality filter also fails to release the desired amount of mist.

The filter of the nebulizer should possess a high caliber. Besides this, check if the cleaning process of the filter is not complicated. It is because filters must be cleaned after every use of the machine. An easygoing cleaning process cuts down your time and effort, hence ensuring quick and better maintenance.

Check the Available Accessories

A nebulizer comes with accessories or add-on equipment that are to be attached to the main machine. Always buy a device with all the necessary accessories to avoid buying them separately.

A mask is one of the essential accessories to look for. It is attached to the main unit. Another important accessory to look for is the filter. It is pertinent to mention that an air filter has to be changed frequently to retain the performance of the device. Thus, look for a nebulizer that includes at least 2-3 filters.

Also, ensure that your machine comes with a mouth valve. To make your shopping experience easy, we suggest you get a nebulizer kit instead of only the main unit. Experts also suggest you buy a machine that entertains an easy availability of its spare parts. You can look for spare parts at the nearest medical stores.

Noise Production

Almost all the nebulizers produce a lot of noise during their operation. But there are a few models that offer a silent operation too. Thus, if you want to maintain a peaceful environment while using the machine, spend your money on them. An ultrasonic nebulizer extends a silent operation, and buying it is a good idea.

Ease of cleaning

One of the most essential factors to consider while buying a nebulizer machine is its ease of cleaning. A device made using a porous or plastic material facilitates an easy cleaning experience, and we suggest you buy the same.

The inner tank and water tank of a nebulizer demand regular cleaning. The air filter, too, requires frequent cleaning. Make sure that all these parts are made using suitable materials to ensure an effortless and quick cleaning.

Weight and Portability

Portability is a factor to consider if you are a frequent traveler and need a nebulizer frequently. A mini nebulizer is a portable choice that can be carried in your pockets as well as a handbag. Such a machine is operated using a battery. Also, buy a lightweight device, even if you are looking for a tabletop structure.

Price and Warranty of the nebulizer

Now that you are buying a nebulizer machine for home, ensure to pay the right price for the same. The rule is simple – the better the quality, the higher the price. You must not cut corners while buying this machine. A good-quality nebulizer ensures durability and long-term use. Such machines are sturdy and come with ample accessories.

Another plus point of buying this device from a good brand is that you get a warranty on the device. Many leading brands are manufacturing different types of nebulizers under different price ranges. Spend on what is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a nebulizer?

Connect the pipe to the compressor and fill the chamber with the medicine in a recommended dose. Fix the mouth value and the mask. Wear the mask and turn on the machine. Inhale the medicine that turns into mist, and you will experience quick relief.

What is the use of a nebulizer?

You need a nebulizer if you have developed any respiratory or breathing issues. The use of this machine is highly recommended for asthma patients to meet an emergency. The relief so obtained is instant.

How long should I use the nebulizer in one sitting?

You can inhale the mist for 5-10 minutes, depending upon the severity of your condition. The use of a nebulizer further depends upon the medicine that you put into it.

How to clean a nebulizer machine?

Cleaning a nebulizer is an easy process. You can make a solution of vinegar and distilled water. Put the device into the solution and then soak it for 30 minutes. Rinse the machine and wipe it to remove water droplets. You can also clean your nebulizer with warm water. Make sure to wipe the machine properly before using it next.

Can a nebulizer be used by children?

Yes, using a nebulizer is absolutely safe for children. In fact, many models are designed for both adults and children to let them use the machine conveniently. A nebulizer provides immediate relief to children suffering from asthma.

Does a nebulizer produce a lot of noise?

Many types and models of a nebulizer machine produce a lot of noise. If you do not want a noisy model, check the noise level before buying the product. The latest models are designed in such a way to make minimum noise. But they fall on a pricier side. You can buy an ultrasonic nebulizer as it produces minimum noise.

How often should I replace the parts of a nebulizer?

The filter of a nebulizer must be replaced regularly, after 3-4 uses. You should replace the mouthpiece every 4-6 months if you are using the machine regularly. You do not have to change the entire machine; just replace a few parts from time to time.

What are the good brands producing nebulizers?

Some of the leading names that manufacture the best models of nebulizers are Dr. Trust, Omron, Philips, etc. You may find different kinds of machines under all the budgets under these brand names.

Can I buy a nebulizer online?

You can buy a nebulizer machine online from a reliable platform. Provided, read the product specifications in detail and buy according to your requirements. Also, check the customer reviews and ratings to make the best choice.

Bottom Line

Considering the many advantages of a nebulizer and its ease of use, it is a good idea to bring this device home. The above-listed products are the best options on which you can spend your money. Furthermore, this buying guide will help you make the wisest choice. Read it thoroughly and buy the best nebulizer for long-term use.

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