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5 Best Glucometer In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

Health is the biggest asset of an individual. The current times are full of unwanted circumstances. The more people are adopting the urban lifestyle, the harder they are falling prey to these circumstances.

Urban lifestyle also brings with it an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, many people are getting diagnosed with unwanted health conditions. Diabetes is one such serious health condition, and many people are succumbing to the same.

Diabetes requires constant monitoring. Apart from maintaining a healthy routine of diet and exercise, it is essential to keep a glucometer handy.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from diabetes, having a glucometer at your home is a must. You can explore the best glucometers in the Indian market and keep a tab on the glucose level timely.

Best & Reliable Glucometer Brands in India

How to use a glucometer to check blood sugar?

The procedure of checking your blood sugar using a glucometer is relatively simple. You need to prick some blood from your body (mostly finger) and insert it on the strip so provided. The strip then fits into the meter. Now, lance the sample blood using a lancing device and wait for the beep.

You will be able to see the reading within a few seconds of inserting the strip. Once you are done using the strip, dispose of it. Now you cannot use the same strip to take the blood sample again. Make sure that your device is not used by anybody else. Keep it away from the reach of children.

This handy and easy-to-use device is being sold by many brands and manufacturers. Listed below are the best sugar test machines available in India.

Best Glucometer in India – Complete List

1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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  • Accurate blood glucose measurement
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required

This sugar check machine includes all the necessary features that you may want to utilize to check your blood sugar levels. Many doctors recommend this brand to their patients. It happens to be the fastest way to keep track of your blood sugar at home. This device is handy. It measures the glucose level in your blood within a few seconds and displays the readings on the screen. The makers have provided ten free vial strips and ten sterile lancets with this product. Thus, you can check the condition of your blood sugar from the very first day of your purchase and record everything.

The storage capacity of this device is phenomenal. It can score around 500 test readings. This device requires 1-2uL of your blood. It includes many nifty features that together make it a go-to option. You can even transfer all the measurements on your electric devices such as tablets, laptops, and PC. Buy it now.

  • Reasonably accurate blood sugar reading
  • Fast and painless
  • 8-seconds re-dose option
  • Auto-off option
  • CR 2032 battery
  • Non-rechargeable battery

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2. Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer

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  • Simple to log results
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Push-button strip ejector
  • 10/10 accuracy

Another Accu-Chek product on the list of the best glucometers in India is the Accu-Chek Guide. The best thing about this device is that it is very easy to use and operate. It automatically logs the results right to an app, and then you can check all the readings from your smartphone.

The strip of this device is spill-resistant. It is simple to use during the daytime, night time or anytime you want. You can dispose of the test strips using a push-button strip ejector.

Accu-Chek has made sure to add all the necessary features to this device to assure its long-term use. According to the manufacturers, this glucometer provides 10/10 accuracy, hence a reliable product that you can trust in the long run. The test results appear on the screen, indicating if your reading falls above or below the target range.

  • Low-light visibility
  • Effortless wireless synchronization
  • Strip ejector
  • Wide application area
  • Not any

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3. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

61HwVyElyXS. SL250


  • Easy to use
  • No installation, buttons, or coding
  • Accurate readings

This device is one of the most popular glucometers in India. Many doctors and health experts recommend this glucometer to the patients for it is handy and easy to use. The device gives out accurate readings, hence a highly recommended model over others.

The product is easy to handle. You don’t have to use a chip for coding. Using this glucometer is a very straightforward affair. You can take out a small blood sample and get the results within 5 seconds of putting it on the strip. This device includes a high-low alert reference card. You can easily understand the indicators and test the product. There is an audio alert and color indicator as well.

You can easily look at the symbols on the LCD display. The makers have added ten stripes to this glucometer, a lancet, as well as a reference card. You can look for this model on all the offline and online platforms and get it at the best prices.

  • Easy design and straightforward use
  • Proven accuracy
  • LCD with big symbols
  • Audio and sound alert
  • Only 10 strips available

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4. Dr. Morepan BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo, 50 Strips

918Uvu79PQL. SL250


  • Fast and accurate results
  • Large memory
  • Small 0.5uL blood sample size.

Dr. Morepan is one of the most sought-after pharmaceutical companies in the market today. The brand has manufactured a wide range of healthcare products and essentials. This glucometer is one of them, and it has received rave reviews from all the users. This combo product comes with a glucometer, ten lancets, a lancing device, a plastic case, as well as 50 strips. It offers painless and swift testing.

You don’t have to put a lot of blood on the strip for testing. The beeper alert system alerts you when required, making it easy for you to understand its mechanism. The makers have, therefore, not added any coding technology to this equipment. This feature makes it easier for you to use this device. The readings are accurate. Just follow everything listed on the manual to take out the quick sample readings.

Another plus point of using this device is that it can store at least three hundred readings. Thus, even if you want to dig deep into the history of your blood test readings, you can easily pull them out from the record and track everything. This glucometer is a very affordable option available throughout the market, and it is a good idea to spend your money on the same.

  • Generous 50 strips
  • Alternate body sites to take the test sample
  • Storage of 300 readings
  • Zero operation in low lighting

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5. BeatO CURV Glucometer Kit with 500 Strips and 50 Lancets

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  • Easy to carry a mobile glucometer
  • Constant monitoring of the blood readings
  • BeatO app

This device by BeatO is touted as one of the easiest and affordable kits on the list. The addition of the BeatO app to keep a record of all your readings make it an easygoing device to use for the longest of time. The blood sample readings can be readily available on your smartphone, and you can track your health anytime.

This brand is trusted by over 2,00,000 people. This device is small and light, hence easy to carry. You may even put it in your pocket and use it on the go. The ISO-certified glucometer gives you accurate readings. This certification also makes it a trustworthy product on the list. You can connect the device to the USB port of your phone. It doesn’t require charging or a battery.

The readings so obtained are automatically stored on the BeatO app. Thus, you can check the sample readings whenever you want and inform your doctor about your health from time to time. The results obtained out of the blood sample are color-coded. Hence, it becomes easier for you to understand the readings.

  • No batteries required
  • Plug and Play
  • Color-Coded results
  • Easy health management
  • App available for Android users only
  • The app doesn’t work properly
  • May not provide accurate results

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Buying Guide – Best Glucometers

Diabetes is a serious issue, and people suffering from it require extreme care and attention. Having a glucometer handy can help you in many ways. You save yourself time and effort of otherwise running to the doctor to check your blood sugar levels now and then.

A glucometer offers the facility of testing blood sugar levels within the comfort of your home. It is the greatest plus point for the elderly in your family.

Based on the latest technology, modern glucometers include highly sensitive strips that detect every component of your blood accurately. Accuracy in the blood readings also makes it easier for you to make medical decisions in case of an emergency.

The modern-day glucometers also come with value-added benefits such as smart apps and glucometer features. These apps make it easy for you to store data and check it whenever you want. You can also sync data to websites and apps and work with your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. A glucometer is a one-time purchase. All you need to do is to bring a good one home.

So, how do you bring the best glucometer home? Here is our buying guide that helps you make the best choice of a blood sugar test machine:

Test the Accuracy of the Device

There is no point in spending your money in a sugar check machine if it doesn’t provide you with spot-on results. According to medical experts, when you buy a glucometer, accuracy must be the top consideration. It is because if the results are accurate, you can coin out the proper diagnosis.

If the device is not accurate and shows wrong test results, it may lead to improper treatment. Improper treatment may take a toll on your overall health that may cost you later. You can rely on the bestseller glucometers listed here which were used & tested by thousands of real users.

Buy an easy-to-use Glucometer

Different types of glucometers come with varied features and specifications. While some of them are easy to understand, others may be a tough nut to crack. We advise you to always buy a user-friendly device so that it doesn’t become a task for you to test your blood sugar levels on it.

Many brands and manufacturers have come up with easy-to-use and innovative ideas that make it easier for you to understand and use this device. For instance, the use of colored dots scheme to denote low, normal, and high blood levels is an excellent addition that makes it quick for you to know your blood sugar levels.

Some glucometers also use happy and sad emojis to show good and bad readings of your blood sugar level.

Bigger Screen Size

People often overlook the screen size of the glucometer while buying the device, and later find it difficult to note the right blood sample readings. The screen size of the device should be large enough so that you can clearly understand all the readings displayed on it.

You must consider the screen size of the device if you are near-sighted. In this case, go with the screen that is larger and broader. You can also buy a glucometer with a colored screen to understand the readings quicker and clearer.

Check the Test Time

If the test time of the readings in the glucometer is too slow, do not buy it. According to the doctors, the test time is another deciding factor when you buy a blood sugar machine. A machine that consumes a lot of time in giving out results is a big no-no. A longer test time also causes a delay in treatment, thereby making it a regretful decision if you want to use a glucometer during an emergency.

All the modern-day glucometers do not let you bother over their test time. Many brands and manufacturers have ensured that you don’t have to wait for minutes to get the readings right. The test time in all the latest devices is as quick as a few seconds. All you are expected to do is to put the blood sample on the strip and you get the results within 5 seconds.

Some glucometers may take 10-15 seconds in giving out the readings. We advise you to go with the former option. The quicker, the better.

Consider the Memory and Data Transfer of the Glucometer

As you are buying a diabetes check machine to use in the long run, you must bring home the device that comes with good memory. A good memory also helps you check all the past results whenever required. Always buy a glucometer that comes within a range of 300-700 results. Some glucometers also include a USB port letting you transfer all the readings to the devices such as smartphones, laptops, or computers.

The latest models of a glucometer have introduced the app storage of all the data. Such kind of storage syncs the reading of your samples with your smartphone. The data is updated on Cloud storage forever. You don’t miss the records and track them anytime you want.

Size of the blood sample

It is imperative to consider the size of the blood sample that you would put on the strip of the glucometer to check the blood sugar level. The rule is simple – always buy a device that gives you the best results with a less amount of blood sample. Some people get anxious when extracting blood. Moreover, the process also causes pain. Thus, if you prick more blood, it would lead to more pain.

Most of the devices take 1-2uL of blood to get accurate readings. Some models are even superior. The only 0.5uL of blood sample gives the most accurate readings. Hence, if you are fearful about giving a lot of blood, choose the latter device.

Device Without Coding

Always ensure that the glucometer you are buying doesn’t require coding to operate. Although coding is not a complicated affair, it may lead to errors, hence giving false results. On the other hand, a no-coding device gives more accurate results.

The number of lancets and strips

A glucometer comes with lancet and test strips. Both these accessories are used to carry out a blood test. Some glucometers provide generous amounts of lancets while others do not. When you choose the latter, you may want to buy more strips for continuous use.

It is important to mention that one kind of lancet or testing strips could be used for a particular model only. Thus, make sure that you buy the right one for the right model.

Buy a portable device

Almost all the glucometers are portable and can be carried out in your bags. Some of them are even smaller in size. Thus, you can carry them in your pockets as well. We recommend you buy a machine that comes with a traveling case. Also, check the accessories available with the device.

Brand and warranty

When you buy a glucometer from a good brand or manufacturer, there are many perks you get to enjoy. A branded product is good in quality and full of brilliant features. You can use these devices easily and carry out accurate readings.

Another plus point of buying from a good brand is that you get to enjoy a warranty. It is essential to buy a glucometer that comes with a warranty. When the device is covered by a warranty, you can get it replaced with a newer one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is glucometer a reliable source to check blood sugar levels?

Yes, glucometers are a reliable source to check your blood sugar level. However, we still advise you to keep an absolute reference. Apart from checking blood sugar levels using this device, it is equally essential to follow your medical check-ups and lab testing timely.

How frequently can I change the battery in the glucometer?

Glucometers have long battery life. You can use them easily for up to two or three years.

How much time does it take for a glucometer to deliver the results?

Different types and models of glucometer provide a different time frame to deliver the
blood test readings. The time usually varies from 5-15 seconds.

What are the benefits of using a glucometer?

There are many benefits of using a glucometer. This handy device can let you carry out blood testing within the comfort of your home. You can buy it for long-term use. Some models also provide free strips and lancets; thus, you don’t have to buy everything separately to carry out readings from the device. Some glucometers also include a tracking system.

What are the good brands and manufacturers producing the best glucometers in India?

You can buy Dr. Trust Glucometer, Accu-Chek Glucometer, Dr. Morepan Glucometer. These brands are the most reliable ones and sell different models at competitive prices.

How much does a glucometer cost?

The price of a glucometer varies from model to model. The price of this device also depends upon the number of features any model embraces. You can get a glucometer within a price range of Rs. 1500-2000 respectively.

Can I buy a glucometer online?

Yes, you can buy a glucometer online. Provided, always buy the device from a reliable platform. Check all the reviews and ratings of the product provided by its customers. Do not add a product to your cart unless you read its specifications and reviews in detail.

Bottom Line

A glucometer is a go-to device for all diabetic people. This device helps you in checking your blood sugar levels so that you can take immediate action after finding the readings.

The markets are full of many glucometers available with different features and specifications. We advise you to read our buying guide thoroughly before you set out to shop for the product. Always keep your glucometer handy.

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