Best Air purifiers under 10000 in India

7 Best Air Purifiers Under 10000 in India – Buying Guide

Air pollution is increasing each day, and many reasons are adding to the same. The increasing industrialization, factories, and smoke coming out of the vehicles are majorly responsible for polluting air in the surroundings. The harmful dust and smoking surrounding the atmosphere are taking a toll on the overall health and wellness of the majority of people.

Not only in the outdoors, but air pollution is also increasing rapidly in the indoors as well.

As a result, many people are falling prey to unwanted diseases and infections such as lung diseases, asthma, difficulty in breathing, and many others. If you live in an area with a high traffic or highly polluted city with higher PM 2.5 levels, you need to install an air purifier in your interiors.

Air purifiers have become the need of the hour in all those areas exposed to pollution, smoke, and many other harmful substances.

The role of this appliance is to clean the air in your indoors. Alongside this, an air purifier also removes pet dander, spores, mold, ragweed, etc.

If you believe that buying an air purifier for a home will cost you a fortune, think again. You can buy the best air purifiers under 10000 rupees and save yourself and your family from breathing impure and polluted air.

The following are the best-quality air purifiers that you may bring home at a nominal price.

Top 7 Air Purifier in 10k INR for Home

Best Air Purifiers Under 10000 in India

1. Coway Professional Air Purifier – AP-1019C

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  • Special anti-virus green HEPA Filter
  • Optimized airflow
  • Filter replacement indicator

This brand is famous throughout the world for manufacturing some of the most sought-after appliances; its air purifier is one of them. Today, Coway is counted among the best-selling brands of air purifiers in the country. This appliance is the best investment in your home that filters the impure air into a cleaner and fresher one.

Coway air purifier has a smart design and comes with a special anti-virus green HEPA Filter that ensures a free flow path and higher efficiency so that the pure air covers the maximum area. The slim design of this appliance makes it easy to place it anywhere.

This air purifier has been certified allergy-friendly and makes a good choice for all Indian homes.

  • Superior quality and brilliant design
  • Intelligent auto mode feature
  • Patented urethane carbon filter
  • Special turbo mode
  • Night mode
  • Somewhat lacks in appearance

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2. Mi Air Purifier 3

71qTPHi3qbL. SL250


  • True HEPA Filtration
  • OLED touch display
  • High CADR – 380 m3/h

This air purifier by Mi has become a popular option among a majority of people. Many features make it a superior choice over others on the list. It comes with a one-touch OLED touch display, hence easy to use. This appliance’s HEPA filters offer 3-layer composite filtration, hence making the air safe and clean to breathe.

You may even install this purifier in your children’s room to enable a free flow of fresh and clean air. The smart app connectivity of this appliance lets you connect it with your smartphone. You can now operate it anywhere in your home.

Another exclusive feature that Mi air purifier possesses is its potent cleaning power. Place it in the center of your room, and it will guarantee a 360-degree filtration throughout the surroundings. Additionally, this appliance does not create a sound.

  • Incredible and powerful performance
  • Treats foul odor
  • Noiseless operation
  • High filter replacement costs

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3. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

61E8pMF2H5L. SL250


  • Night sensing mode
  • 4-stage filtration process
  • HEPA Filtration

The four-stage filtration process of this air purifier can remove 99.97 percent airborne pollutants, hence making it a sought-after option to buy for your home. It comes with many remarkable features such as VitaShield IPS, Auto Purification Mode, Night Sensing Mode, and others using which you can utilize its operation to the optimum.

The HEPA Series 1 filter added to this air purifier enables a high-quality filtration process against all the pollutants and particles. This air purifier can even detect pollutants of PM 2.5 and filters them before they reach out to you.

If you have children at your home, buy this model. It comes with a child lock set up, and you can easily install the arrangement in your child’s room. The certification of this purifier from Airmid and ECARF are other reasons that convince you to buy it.

  • High-quality features
  • Incredible performance
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Filters are hard to clean

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4. Sharp Air Purifier – FP-F40E-W

61udi6 9GHL. SL250


  • Dust and odor sensor
  • 3-filtration process
  • Plasma Cluster technology

The Sharp air purifier could be a leading choice to install in both your home as well as office. It comes with a plasma cluster technology that aims to remove 99 percent of bacteria from the atmosphere. Such technology also claims to remove molds, viruses, and other allergens. It makes the air pure and fresh for one and all.

It includes a Highest Grade H14 HEPA Filter as well as a pre-filter. Not only this, the high-performance filter of this appliance is further equipped with a voluminous granular active carbon filter. The air from this purifier reaches the farthest corner of your room, thereby filtering all the impurities like a pro.

If you are a resident of a high-polluted city, bring this air purifier home. It is a value-for-money appliance and a must-have for all the big and small families.

  • Auto-restart feature
  • Energy-efficient
  • Incredible performance
  • 1-year standard warranty
  • High filter replacement cost
  • No smart features
  • No carbon filter

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5. Mi Air Purifier 2C with True HEPA Filter

71aPr8yofKL. SL250


  • True HEPA Filter
  • Coverage area up to 452 square feet
  • DIY filter Change

Another best air purifier under 10,000 INR by Mi is the Mi Air Purifier 2C with a True HEPA Filter. This appliance has many sought-after features – its DIY filter changing facilities and brilliant CADR are a few of them. This air purifier stands out in terms of its performance and promises to deliver fresh and pure air without consuming a lot of power.

This air purifier can trap and eliminate all the pollutants with a size as small as 0.3 microns, hence ensuring that the air is filtered entirely and is healthy to breathe. Its design comes with a 3600-air intake feature for a perfect filtration process.

Another sought-after feature of this appliance is a real-time air quality indicator. Using this feature, you can monitor the overall performance of this appliance. You may as well change the filters easily without any professional guidance. This device is easy to control, and a must-have in your home or office.

  • Real-time air quality indicator
  • Auto mode
  • High CADR
  • Energy-efficient
  • 1-year warranty
  • No night mode operation

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6. Havells Freshia AP-20 Air Purifier

71vSuncE7uL. SL250


  • True HEPA Filter technology
  • Five stages of filtration
  • Clean air delivery rate

Havells is one of the leading brands associated with manufacturing excellent electrical and household appliances. This air purifier by the brand promises the same quality and performance. It has a coverage area of 485 square feet, thereby serving as a go-to option for many bedrooms. This device uses a 5-stage filtration process to clear all the pollutants, dust, and molecules from the air.

This air purifier further comes with an air suction on the sides and vents at the top. The noiseless AC motor is another positive feature of this appliance. It also comes with other outstanding features such as a True HEPA filter, filter replacement reminder, real-time pollution indicator, and sleep mode.

This energy-efficient air purifier can be a perfect addition to your home, especially if you live in a high pollution area. You can further make the most of the unique safety control features such as sleep mode, manual timer setting, automatic filter replacement reminder, and odor sensor.

  • Removes 99.18 percent of allergens
  • Suitable for bedrooms
  • Noiseless motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • Low CADR
  • Demands quick filter replacement

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7. Philips Air Purifier AC0817/20

71JOpd0DdmL. SL250


  • Removes H1N1 virus and 99 percent bacteria
  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Noiseless operation

This air purifier can remove 99.5 percent of particles effectively. It may look small, but it delivers an outstanding performance. The one-button effortless control, and compact size of this appliance fit all the spaces in your home. The company suggests that it can purify a standard room within 16 minutes of its operation.

This Philips air purifier is ideal for all small rooms, even for your kid’s room. The ultra-quiet operation of this purifier enables you to keep it switched on while you enjoy your good night’s sleep.

Buy this appliance at a very pocket-friendly price and feel fresh air throughout your interiors. This air purifier is worth all the hype.

  • One button effortless control
  • Intelligent auto purification mode
  • 2-year warranty
  • No carbon filter

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Bringing an air purifier home comes with many advantages. Before you decide and buy one for your home, here are a few things to consider. The below-listed buying guide will help you choose the best one available in the market.

Types of Filters in Air Purifiers

The task of purifying the air in this appliance is done with the help of an air filter that treats all the pollutants present in the air and delivers fresh, clean air to breathe. A filter in an air purifier is not restricted to just one type:

HEPA Filter

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air is a mechanical air filter that operates by treating the polluted air by way of a fine mesh. Its role is to trap all the contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, hair, smoke, tobacco, etc. It is one of the finest filters added to an appliance and can kill pollutants up to PM 2.5 size.

Hepa filter

You may as well get confused between the terms HEPA-like, HEPA-type, or True HEPA. If you want to make the most of this filter, buy an air purifier with True-HEPA technology.

Activated Carbon Filters

Apart from air purifiers, activated carbon filters are available in water purifiers and other appliances as well. They are very effective in treating pollutants from the substances like air and water.

Carbon Filter

An activated carbon filter eliminates all kinds of harmful gases and other volatile organic compounds from the air. Apart from this, the filter also treats unpleasant odor in your environment. Consequently, your home smells fresh.


Some air purifiers come with a pre-filter. The role of this filter is to take care of all the larger and visible impurities such as dust and hair.

Pre filter in air purifier

This filtration technology filters out the particles that are PM 10 size. A pre-filter makes the job of a HEPA filter easier. You will not have to change the HEPA filter now and then if you have a pre-filter installed with the same.

How many filters do I need?

Some air purifiers come with only one or two filters, while others include more than two filters. According to the experts, the higher the number of filters in the appliance, the better the purification process. With this, there are some special considerations that you need to observe:

  • If you are a patient of allergy or asthma, buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter for the best use. In this case, you should also consider an air purifier air change per hour.
  • If you live near any construction site or area, go for the combination of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, an activated charcoal filter.
  • If you live with your pets or an area prone to bad odor, choose a combination of HEPA filter and activated charcoal filter.
  • If you have a compromised immunity by any chance, we advise you to buy an appliance that includes a HEPA filter with anti-bacterial technology along with a humidifier.


CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This is a measure to check how quickly your air purifier can clean the air in the atmosphere in your room. It is measured in cubic meters per hour. Always check the CADR capacity before bringing any air purifier home—the higher the CADR, the better the performance of the air purifier.

Size of Purifiers

An air purifier is available in varied sizes. Hence, the right size must be an essential consideration before bringing this appliance home. You can choose the right size of the purifier by measuring the overall size of the room.

For a small room measuring up to 299 square feet, buy a small air purifier. Do not waste your money buying a large one if the dimensions of your room are small. A medium-sized air purifier is an ideal option for a room measuring 300-699 square feet. If you have a large room space of over 700 square feet, buy a large-sized air purifier.

You can also buy an air purifier for your whole house. Several brands have released their whole-house models on offline and online platforms. These models are the most expensive option in the lot.

Look for the Important Features

Once you have chosen the right size and the number of filters in the appliance, the next step is to inspect all the useful features present in the air purifier. Do not compromise with the types of features that this appliance has.


An air purifier operates using electricity. If you are using this appliance regularly and 24/7, buy a star-rated air purifier. The star-rating of the appliance must be given by the EPA.

Air Quality Indicators

One of the useful features present in an air purifier is an air quality indicator. It gives you real-time updates about the quality of air present in your surroundings.

Wi-Fi Air Purifier

Advanced technology has made it possible to operate any electronic appliance using your smartphone.

The same goes for an air purifier as well. You can buy a Wi-Fi air purifier to control the device anywhere from your phone. Get ready to pay a little more money if you want to buy a device with this feature.


Portability is an important aspect to consider, especially if you have only one air purifier in your home.

You may want to carry the device from one room to the other. You cannot do it when the air purifier is heavy. However, portability is not a deciding factor. You can buy a device with caster wheels and solve the problem of mobility.

Adjustable Fan Speeds

An air purifier with adjustable fan speeds makes it easier for you to suit different-sized rooms and different pollution levels. You will find this feature in many reputed brands.

Not only this, some models even monitor the level of pollution and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

Servicing Indicator

The filter of an air purifier is its most important part. It is responsible for filtering the polluted air into a cleaner one.

Various factors may affect the performance of the filter because of which your filter might demand service. A servicing indicator indicates when it is the last time to change the filter.

Childproof System

Do not skip checking this feature in your air purifier if you are buying the appliance for your child’s room.

This feature ensures that the purifier’s settings aren’t changed even when your child plays or tries to disturb the same.

Noise level of the Air Purifier

As an air purifier is mainly used in the bedroom, it is essential to check the noise level of the appliance before bringing it home. A noisy air purifier may not let you sleep peacefully.

A standard air purifier must have a noise level of 36dB. Some high-end models even come with a noise level of 32dB to ensure a noiseless operation.

Air purifier with a Humidifier

An air purifier with a humidifier is a cherry on the cake. It should be a top consideration for the people who live in a place with a dry climate.

A humidifier has many advantages. It is also beneficial for homes with infants and helps to reduce the chances of infection. A humidifier also keeps sinuses moist, hence making the air quality better and comfortable for you.

If you buy an air purifier with a humidifier, ensure to pour filtered water instead of contaminated one.

Brand Name Matters

Lastly, make it a point to buy any electronic appliance from a reputed brand. A reputed brand promises quality, efficiency, and remarkable features that you usually seek. Not only this, when you buy an air purifier from a good brand, you also get to enjoy the benefits such as a warranty and after-sales service.

Hence, it would help if you did not compromise regarding the brand reputation, even when the device is costing you more than a generic one. After all, it is not every day that you shop for an air purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good brands to buy air purifiers in 10k rupees?

Some of the most sought-after brands you can buy an air purifier under 10k rupees are Mi, Philips, Sharp, Havells, etc. All these brands are available at both offline and online stores.

What is the best CADR rating for an air purifier?

The ideal CADR or clean air delivery rating for an air purifier is 2/3.

Can I leave on the appliance at night?

You can leave an air purifier appliance at night, provided it doesn’t make noise. Some of the most recommended options that ensure a noiseless operation include ionization air purifiers and UV air purifiers.

How much electricity does an air purifier consume?

On average, an air purifier consumes total electricity of 50-100 watts per hour. The power consumption may as well depend upon the star-rating of the product.

How frequently should I change the filter of an air purifier?

Most manufacturers recommend changing the filter of an air purifier every 3-6 months.

Can I run the air purifier with windows open?

We do not recommend running an air purifier with windows open as it may hinder the overall air quality and make it unsafe to breathe.

Bottom Line

The pollution all over the world is increasing each day. By bringing an air purifier home, you come a step closer to healthy living.

An air purifier is a safe investment. In fact, it is the most needful electronic equipment if you live in a high-pollution area. This buying guide helps you select the choicest appliance so that you breathe fresh air and remain healthy and happy.

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