Best Air Purifiers in India

9 Best Air Purifiers in India – Buying Guide and Reviews

Around the world, about 15 cities out of every 20 are urban areas and have unlimited pollution. Be it India or any other country; the case remains the same. Many people even die from the outdoor dust and indoor contaminated air. It means the air is not healthy and safe, neither outside nor inside our house.

Due to the poor ventilation, gaseous vapors from the stove, pain exhaust, smoke, electronic gadgets, varnishes, and contagious spores all make the indoor air polluted just like the outside environment. As we spend a long time at our homes, we come in contact with these pollutants very often.

This is where the role of air purifiers comes to light. The best air purifiers can improve the air quality to a great extent. Air purifiers have particulate filters that help in disposing of about 99.97% of such allergens.

This article will be looking at the top air purifiers that we have reviewed for you. We will also discuss things which you should consider while buying an air purifier and a lot more.

So, let us begin.

Top 9 Best Air Purifiers for Home

Best Air Purifiers in India

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier

61FSiLL40GL. SL250


  • 360 degrees glass HEPA Filter
  • Issued by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

This purifier is a premium one available in the market and is also the best air purifier. Its purification power is awe-inspiring and is loaded with many interesting benefits.

Firstly, the most important aspect of any air purifier is its ability to purify the air. The efficiency of this air purifier is as much as 99.95% which means it can remove this many particles from the air. It can eliminate all kinds of pollutants from the inside air like pollen, dust, bacteria, molds, lint, or any toxic gas also. This purifier can trap even the tiniest impurities also with the help of its powerful filters.

Generally, the air purifiers have high face velocity, but this premium air purifier has a low face velocity. This feature also prevents the tiny pollutants present in the air from passing through its filters.

This purifier also has some ingenious features. These include the feature to get connected with a smartphone app. Also, it has additional sensors. This purifier can check for the air quality inside your home and starts purifying the air when it is needed. Also, you get regular updates of the air quality on the smartphone app live. Along with the reports, the app also tells you when the filter needs to be replaced to ensure a full-fledged performance.

Along with all this, you also get the best purification methods. It has a 360 degrees glass HEPA Filter. This filter works in conjunction with Tris coated Activated Carbon. It ensures clean air in your room at every hour of the day.

Overall, we can say that the Dyson Air Purifier is a perfect choice for your home. Also, you get this purifier with a certificate which is issued by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Instead of regular fans, this purifier uses Air Multiplier which creates a powerful air stream.

  • Able to trap tiniest particles, as tiny as 0.1 microns
  • You can use it as a regular fan too
  • Can be controlled with a mobile phone
  • Easily portable
  • Efficient technology for air purification
  • Slightly expensive but worthy
  • Not so effective for larger spaces

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2. Coway AirMega 200 (AP-1018F)

61%2B9ABTJGNL. SL250


  • Life of this filter is about 8500 hours
  • Deodorizing the air and also removes VOCs
  • Value for money product

Coway air purifiers are of superior quality and unique technology. These are being loved all around the world. Its smart design ensures high efficiency with its innovative flow path. It ensures better reach and also maximum airflow. This purifier is suitable for offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.

It has a slim and elegant design that gets fit or blends anywhere. This product is tested enough and certified to be allergy-friendly.

This home air purifier has a pre-filter that is able to trap even small particles, and it works life long. Along with it, this purifier has a patented urethane carbon filter that deodorizes the air and removes VOCs. The life of this filter is about 8500 hours.

Its smart sensor for pollution indication shows the real-time quality of air by intuitive colors.

Another advanced feature of this purifier is the automatic speed adjustments. It means the purifier adjusts its speed according to the quality of air by itself.

It also indicates if the filter needs cleaning or replacement. It also has a green anti-virus HEPA filter. With this filter, it ensures the removal of 99.97% of air-borne pollutants and it also kills allergens and viruses. This HEPA filter is the best among all the brands and provides high-class protection with a long life. Even for places like Delhi that are highly exposed to pollution, it’s one of the best options to opt for.

  • Efficient purification
  • Long life of the filter
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Gives 99.97% removal of pollutants
  • Design could be improved

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3. Philips Air Purifier AC2958/63

61hwfZUJvWL. SL250


  • Know the air quality of your room
  • NanoProtect HEPA Filter

This air purifier is a nice choice in this budget. It has intelligent and smart sensing technology which senses air pollution in real-time. It also removes the three major indoor air threats that are: harmful gases, particles, and indoor allergens.

You get an option in this purifier to switch between any of the 4 modes available. These 4 modes are auto, sleep, gentle, and the last Turbo.  It has a feature by which you can know the air quality of your room by looking at the color displayed on the purifier. So, this color-coding system is quite useful.

The filter in this purifier is 3 layered. First of all, the prefilter traps hair and dust; then, it has an activated charcoal filter that helps remove unpleasant odors and harmful gases. In the end, it has a NanoProtect HEPA Filter which captures the ultra-fine pollutants present in the air, as tiny as 0.003 microns.

It also indicates how much pollutants the purifier has filtered, and also it tells when you need to replace or clean the filter. This purifier has a warranty of just one year.

  • Smart sensing technology to determine the pollutants in the air
  • 4 different modes
  • 3 layered filtration technology
  • Traps ultra-thin particles also which are as small as 0.003 microns
  • Comes with a warranty of just one year
  • Not suitable for larger areas

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4. Coway Air Purifier AirMega 150

71FgvJiGdQL. SL250


  • The air purifier is up to 99.97%
  • Multi-layered anti-virus Green HEPA filter

Coway is a brand for an air purifier that is getting love from all around the world. Its unique technology and attractive designs attract everyone. This model has smart designs which provide maximum efficiency by giving maximum airflow. It is a suitable model for bedrooms, living rooms or offices.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is 303 cubic meters per hour, which is enough for our rooms. The purifier comes with a slim and beautiful design which gets easily blends everywhere in the house. It is allergy-friendly also.

The 3 layered filtration system ensures efficient purification of air. Firstly, it has a pre-filter, then a patented urethane carbon filter, and last but not least, a Multi-layered anti-virus Green HEPA filter.

It has pollution sensors also which indicate the quality of air inside the room with the help of intuitive colors. The special, true HEPA filter, made with advanced technology destroys every kind of virus and pollutants present in the air. The efficiency of this room air purifier is up to 99.97%.

  • 3 layered filtration technology
  • Globally reputed brand for air purifiers
  • Ideal for offices, bedrooms, and living rooms
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Limited portability
  • Minimalist design

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5. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

71qTPHi3qbL. SL250


  • A purifier with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • 6333 liters of pure, clean air per minute

This air purifier sets itself apart because of its highly impressive cleaning capacity. The excellent designs and powerful filtration system give you the purest air for life long.

With its cleaning capacity, this purifier can work for a medium-sized room by efficiently cleaning up the room. Also, the purifier does not take much time for air purification.

Moreover, you need not worry about the dust or harmful particles that might have left behind in the air as this purifier has an advanced true HEPA filter. This filter can trap even the smallest particles, as small as 0.3 microns. It gives an incredible airflow that is consistent. The efficiency is such that it can give 6333 liters of pure, clean air per minute.

The Mi purifier has an excellent display where you can see just the accurate readings of the air quality. The display has a clear screen and has OLED technology. One more superior feature of this purifier is its accessibility to a smartphone app. You can have additional controls over the purifier with this app. The best thing about this air purifier is that you can have control of the purifier with Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • Low noise emissions
  • Purifies the inside air very fast
  • Helps in preventing respiratory issues
  • Does not give much load for electricity
  • The display of the purifier is a bit small
  • This purifier has expensive filters

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6. TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier

71CGiKtR9YL. SL250


  • Prevent the recirculation of germs
  • The efficiency of airflow up to 24%

This technologically advanced air purifier with “DuPont filtration” ensures the reduction of air pollutants to a great extent and provides good quality air to your home. The sleek design and attractive style make the purifier ideal for small spaces.

It has 3 levels of purification in which the first is carbon filter, then HEPA filter, and the last is UV Sterilization. The 360 degrees DuPont filtration helps in capturing all kinds of pollutants from the air, such as VOC gases, allergens, and microscopic particles. Ucs that may get built on the filter. It prevents the recirculation of germs.

Pure direct proprietary technology delivers purified air by splitting it into two steams. It increases the efficiency of airflow up to 24%. Unlike other purifiers, which have airflow straight out or vertical, this TruSens air purifier has two distinct airflow streams that maximize air circulation.

This air purifier has a feature of a simple touch control system for almost every function which we use frequently. There is touch control for auto-timer, fan speeds, filter replacement indicator, and UV mode.

  • 3 level filtration technology
  • UV sterilization prevents germ recirculation
  • Simple touch control for common operations
  • Comes pre-installed with a complete set
  • Not suitable for larger rooms

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7. Havells Freshia AP-40 Air Purifier

51Rf2fEBZJL. SL250


  • Filter particles of PM 2.5 to 0.02 microns
  • Dust sensor

This air purifier comes with advanced HEPA filter technology. It can filter particles of PM 2.5 to 0.02 microns. The removal efficiency of this air purifier is 99.9%. The CADR is also the best among all purifiers.

The silent mode, auto-mode, health plus lock having easy mobility makes it a better choice.

This air purifier is highly suitable for bedrooms. It has a wattage of 80 watts having 3 levels of fan speed. It has unique controls, which may include sleep mode, child lock, auto mode, an automatic reminder for filter replacement, manual time setting, and a dust sensor.

This advanced purifier has 5 step filtration process. These include pre-filter, then cold-catalyst, activated carbon, after this antibacterial filter, and last HEPA filter.  It has 3 colored indicator which changes light as per the PPM level.

  • Three color codes i.e. green, orange, and red
  • Sleep mode available
  • 5 step filtration technology for 99.18% pollutant removal
  • Ideal for only smaller spaces

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8. Philips AC0820/20 Air Purifier

51ofGkNJlqL. SL250


  • Sleep mode, auto mode, and turbo mode
  • Dust sensor

This air purifier is an ideal choice for small rooms. You can get 99.5% clearer air with this. It can trap particles as small as 0.003 microns. This small device is so effective which can give you relief from indoor air pollution. Get clean air into your home in such a simple and compact way.

It can remove the smallest airborne pollutants such as dust mites, pollens, etc.; with one button, the effortless control system provides convenience to the users. With a CADR capacity of 190 cubic meters per hour, it can purify any standard-sized room in a duration of 16 minutes. You can use this purifier for small-sized rooms only. The intelligent auto purification ensures clean air automatically after sensing pollutants in the air.

It gives an indication by different color codes as per the real-time observation of air quality. There are 3 modes available in this purifier named sleep mode, auto mode, and turbo mode.

The Philips air purifier can remove even the nanoparticles present in the air which are as tiny as 0.003 microns. So, we can say it is a highly efficient air purifier.

  • Removes 99.95% of airborne harmful pollutants
  • Effortless, one-button control
  • Intelligent Auto purification technology
  • Traps the tiniest particles of up to 0.003 microns too
  • Can be used only in small rooms

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9. Blue Star BS-AP300DAI Air purifier

61hygmNfDkL. SL250


  • Removal of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter
  • Provides pure, clean, and safest air

This air purifier is made with precision which considers the basic needs and the major considerations of every buyer. It provides pure, clean, and safest air for your breathing inside your home.

It has 4 layered purification systems. The high-density pre-filter of this air purifier helps in the elimination of dust as well as suspended particulate matter. The HEPA Filter of this model helps in the removal of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter. Then, the activated carbon filter aids in the elimination of chemical contaminants present in the air. These may include VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds).

The microbe DeActiv + technology of this Blue Star Air Purifier helps in the deactivation of mold, pollens, bacteria, etc.

  • Filter clean alarm for 720 hours
  • 4 staged purification technology
  • Silent mode available
  • Indicator for filter change
  • Not ideal for bigger spaces

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Buying Guide – Best Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are comparatively yet to be introduced in India, and the technologies of air purifiers are also getting enhanced with time. So, to make you understand all the things, we have prepared this buying guide for you. It will make your choices clearer and will help you land on the best air purifier in India.

What is an Air Purifier?

First of all, we should know what an air purifier actually is.

Air purifiers are HVAC attachments or small devices which help in improving the quality of air inside our homes by removing impurities from the air. Air purifiers are a proven good thing for those who have any kind of respiratory problems or also to maintain good health.

Why do we need an Air Purifier for our homes?

A good air purifier will give you several benefits. The airflow inside our home is just very limited because of the walls all around. As a result of this, many kinds of air pollutants get accumulated inside the rooms. And an air purifier can increase the flow of air in our homes and thus help in improving the quality of air.

The process of purification is really vast. Even the bad odors which get stuck in the rooms while doing some specific activities can be taken away with air purifiers. Also, the air cleaners work well for patients suffering from respiratory issues.

Type of Pollutants Stays Inside House

Here we are giving a list of some pollutants which can be eradicated out of the indoor air with room air purifiers.

Airborne Particles

The airborne particles such as pollen, dust, and lint, which are harmful to inhale with air, can be eliminated by an air purifier. When these pollutants do not float in the air, that will make the air healthy and easy to breathe.

Sources of Indoor air Pollution

Tobacco Smoke

Many people smoke in their homes, and if you live with one of those people, then you may get irritated with such a smell. The tobacco contaminated air, along with being irritating, is also very harmful to the health. You may also get some related diseases if you inhale such a smell regularly.

When someone else is smoking, and you are also inhaling that smoke, it is called secondhand smoke. It is also generally harmful to the health. With an air purifier or clean air machine, you can dispose of this smell, and thus, it will prevent the side effects of secondhand smoke.

Household Gases

It is wondering, but about 90% of the poison found in the air comes from our homes themselves. The cleansers which we use at our homes remove out some toxic gases which account for air pollution. Some solvents like pesticides, paint, aerosols, pesticides, bleach, and more which we may have at our home, produce gases. These gases cause irritation.

However, they are not as harmful as other pollutants, and tobacco smokes. But when we get exposed to such gases for a prolonged time, it causes the risk of some harmful health issues. These may be related to the lungs, some parts of the nervous system, or kidneys.

Another toxic gas found in every household is Carbon Monoxide. This gas affects the circulation of oxygen in the whole body. This gas is evolved from heaters, gas stoves, and generators. Being in the exposure to this gas for a long time may cause dizziness, headache, or fatigue. A home air purifier will help you in fighting such issues.

Excess Moisture

We add moisture to the environment with our daily activities like cooking, washing dishes, bathing, and drying clothes. Heaters may also aid in enhancing moisture contents in the air. It also happens in winters when everything becomes moist.

Such moisture enhancements can cause the growth of molds and the peeling of paint on the walls. Many air purifiers have dehumidifiers in them, which prevent such conditions by decreasing the amount of moisture in the air. It will definitely make you more comfortable and also healthy.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

These also include some gases which are found in households. Some building materials such as plywood, glues, and particleboard evolve out a VOC named formaldehyde. It is a harmful VOC gas that does not have any color, but its smell is very bitter and acrid.

Burning of fuels, tobacco burning can also evolve out VOCs, which may cause nausea or dizziness in people. Regular exposure to such gases can also aid in some sort of damages to the kidney, nervous system, or liver. These may also corrode the metal appliances at your home. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are good for eliminating such gases out of the home.

Particles found in the air

There are several tiny particles that can be found in polluted air. Such particles may measure just two or three microns in width or may also be less than this. The differently sized particles of this type may be hazardous to our health. As we have mentioned in some PM 2.5 and PM 10 label reviews, they are related to such particles only.

PM 2.5 and PM 10 size comparison

  • PM2.5 – They are the smallest particles present in the air that are harmful to our health as well. The size of such particles is as small as 2.5 micrometers. Being tiny in size, they can easily enter our bloodstream or in the lungs too. Despite being microscopic, they can cause serious medical conditions.
  • PM10 – However, these are slightly larger than the PM2.5 particles. Still, these are very harmful to our health, just like the earlier ones. They are sized around 10 micrometers. The best air purifiers can cop up with such small particles found in the air also. And thus help in enhancing our health and decrease the chance of any such health issue.

Working of an Air Purifier

You must be wondering how an air purifier can clear out even the tiniest particles from the air. So, to clear this doubt, we will be trying to understand how it works.

The purification is done by two components associated with an air purifier. These are fans, and another one is a filter. The function of the fan is to pull the air inside the purifier and evolves it out after purifying. When we switch on the purifier, it pulls the polluted air inside the appliance and then filters purify the air which came inside. After this, the clean air is thrown back outside after the purification is done.

Air Purifier Working Process

So, the main component which functions to purify the air is the Filter. These filters are made of either mesh, fiber, or paper. Some models have just one filter in them, while others may have more than one. The filters need to be replaced or cleaned after a certain time. So, ensure how much effort you will have to give in for its maintenance and proper functionality.

Advantages of Air Purifiers

There are a number of benefits which you can avail yourself of with the best air purifiers. Knowing the benefits, you will realize how important an air purifier is for your home. Here are some advantages of using air purifiers:

  • They clean the air inside our house and make it healthy to breathe in.
  • They can eliminate the irritating smells while we cook something.
  • They can eliminate any allergen from the air.
  • They help in making the smoke go away, be it tobacco smoke or cooking smoke.
  • They help in removing harmful pollens or bacteria from the air and thus prevent any diseases from them.
  • People having air purifiers at their homes stay away from seasonal allergies.
  • Some advanced air purifiers can remove as much as 99% of germs and viruses from the surrounding air.
  • Air purifiers keep your lungs away from any airborne diseases.
  • You can place them anywhere in your house.

What to consider before buying an Air Purifier?

Now that we have discussed some important aspects of an air purifier, now it is time to make a decision on which one to buy. Here we will be looking at some important points which we all need to consider before purchasing an air purifier. These points are:

Size of your room

The amount of air present in the room is determined by its size. So, the larger the room is, the bigger purifier you will need and vice versa. Before buying a purifier, check the area of coverage in the section of the product description to identify whether it will suit your room or not.

CADR Rating

It tells us how much clean air is delivered by the purifier in an hour. It will tell you an estimation of how well the purifier works in terms of its air cleaning ability. This is indeed an important aspect of landing on the best purifier for you. However, not every purifier has a CADR rating. But look for the same for purifier which has this rating.
Here is a list indicating what you can expect from a certain CADR rating:

  • Under 60 – Bad
  • 60 to 120 – Okay
  • 120 to 180 – Good
  • 180 to 250 – Very Good
  • More than 250 – Excellent


Usually, air purifiers do not take a lot of space. But, if you are going to use air purifiers in different rooms, then you can go for lighter ones. Some models are mobile because they have caster wheels with them. Their size is generally enough to get fit in any space of your house.

Just make sure that it has an empty space of about 18 inches around for better airflow.


The air purifiers make a bit of noise. Every model has a different intensity of emitted noise. So, if you want to keep the purifier near you while sleeping or doing anything, then check for this factor also. Buy one with low noise emission.

Power Consumption

For the whole time you keep them switched on, they will consume electricity. So, check for the energy consumption of the purifier before buying one for you. You can know this by the device’s star rating and check the description for proper information.

Cost of Maintenance

For a long time working on the purifier, you will also need to maintain it well. Before you land on your favorite air purifier, check whether the maintenance cost will suit your budget or not. It is essential for a long-running efficiency.

Most air purifiers have carbon or HEPA filters which need to be replaced often. As these captures even the smallest particles from the air, they may get clogged too. In contrast, Ozone or Ionic generators do not need much maintenance or frequent replacements. But they are also not as efficient as others.


It is always a good idea to purchase anything from trustworthy brands only. Many brands claim that their products are the best among all the brands, but still, you should not fall for such words. So, rely on the recognized brands which may provide you with the best quality purifiers and incredible after-sale services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you replace the filter of an air purifier?

It is always better to replace filters at the end of each year. However, in some areas where the air quality is poorer such as in industrialized areas, you may need to replace the purifier filter more often. So, consider air indoor and outdoor quality and then determine how often you should replace the filters.

What type of Air purifier is best for homes?

To have an efficient air purifier that may provide you with excellent performance, you should always choose a purifier with a multi-stage process of purification. The best purifiers are those with a 3 level of purification technology. So, consider at least a purifier with a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter. It will be an ideal choice for your home. However, if your budget allows, you can also go for an air purifier that uses UV filtration technology also.

Does an air purifier cool the air in the room?

No, any air purifier does not cool the indoor air. Instead, it just aids in the purification of the air.

Is it okay to keep the air purifier on for a long time?

Yes, it is okay if you keep the air purifier running for the whole day or the whole night. However, keeping it running continuously will lessen the efficiency also. So, you will have to maintain the purifier by cleaning it more frequently in this case.

How an Air purifier compliments an AC?

An air purifier recirculates the indoor air only inside the room and does not bring in the outside air. So, it will not bring any fresh air, and the existing impurities will remain accumulated in the room only. So, if you have an air purifier, it will make the air coming from the AC cleaner and away from impurities. This combination will work even better if your AC has any additional filters with it.

Are dirty purifier filters harmful to our health?

Sometimes, the bacteria trapped on the filter start to feed on the other trapped particles. Also, it is possible that the trapped bacteria get thrown into the room air if you do not clean the filter frequently. The spores may also get back into the room. In case of such things happening inside your purifier, it may make you fall sick. So, it becomes important for you to clean the filter frequently.

If we use an air purifier, will it have a negative impact on our health?

No, air purifiers do not have any negative impact on our health. Instead, they improve our health by enhancing the quality of air around us. It eliminates the contaminants which are harmful to the air and makes the air even more suitable for our breathing.
However, try to stay away from the air purifiers which evolve or use ozone gas because they may cause respiratory issues such as asthma.

How can we differentiate between an Air purifier and a Humidifier?

Both are very different in their functioning. The function of an air purifier is to trap the pollutants or impurities from the air and thus, in turn, provide you with clean and fresh air. In contrast, the function of a humidifier is to kill the mold which is present in the moisture. Thus, it helps in reducing the humidity in the air.

Can you decrease the noise of an air purifier?

The main source of noise in an air purifier is its fan. So, when you reduce the speed of the fan, it will minimize the noise too. However, some models of air purifiers also have sleep mode or night mode in which the noise automatically gets decreased. Also, it does not have any effect on the efficiency of the air purifier.

Bottom Line

This article discussed everything important that you need to know about the best air purifiers in India. You are free to choose any of the purifiers from our reviewed ones, or you can go and choose some other one. For choosing any other air purifier, you can consider the important points which we have given above. Also, look for the filter type and maintenance efforts before choosing one.

Also, if you have an AC or even if you are planning to buy an AC too, then Air purifier will work in an even better way. In this case, the room should be airtight, and an airtight room should be cleaner than ever. Do not let pollutants be accumulated in the room air.

An air purifier will keep you healthy, your surroundings cleaner, and your indoor air out of pollution.

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