Best Steam Iron in India

10 Best Steam Irons In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

Wrinkled clothes are a big no-no. Imagine heading out to the office for an important meeting and wearing a crumpled shirt? It creates a wrong impression on all your potential clients and colleagues. You need to find a way out and do away with the problem at the earliest. A steam iron box is the best solution to get rid of wrinkled clothes.

Bring a steam iron for home, and you will always end up wearing crisp, neat, and fresh-looking clothes. Steam iron has become one useful household appliance that helps you create a lasting impression with crisp-looking clothes. This type of iron includes many advanced features that treat all kinds of wrinkles and creases on your clothes.

Steam Iron Price In India

Many leading brands have debuted the Indian markets and are selling this appliance like hotcakes. You may buy the best steam irons in India from both the online and offline platforms at great prices. Buying this appliance online will help you compare the prices and choose the best one.

Steam irons are available at varied prices in India, and you may pick one according to your budget. The cost of a steam iron in India starts from a minimum of Rs. 1,200. The price of this device also varies in terms of the features added to the same.

Top 10 Best Iron for Home Use

Best Steam Irons In India

1. Philips EasySpeed Plus

61YN6QwPR L. SL250


  • Quick heat-up with overall power of 2200 watt
  • Even distribution of heating to obtain perfection while ironing the clothes
  • Vertical steam function to steam all the hanging clothes.

Philips is considered as one of the leading brands that manufacture the finest household appliances that you may need from time to time. This steam iron by Philips is the one-stop solution for all those people who are struggling with the task of ironing their clothes to perfection.

This steam iron incorporates some of the finest features such as a non-stick layer to glide on all kinds of fabric, 100g steam boost to treat stubborn creases and varied temperature settings.

  • The product is compact and lightweight, hence easy to use.
  • Continuous steam output to boost up the steam while ironing
  • Easy water replenishment
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty.
  • Steam weight is not enough to treat stubborn wrinkles.

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2. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron

81im8ZLf2lL. SL250


  • A self-clean voltage of 240 V
  • Continuous steam output up to 13g/min
  • Aluminum soleplate that glides smoothly on all kinds of clothes.

Another clothes press machine by Philips on the list of the best steam irons in India is the GC1905. It comes with overall power of 1440-watts. Many amazing features of this steam iron makes it stand out when compared to all its competitors.

The water tank of this machine could be emptied quickly, and this iron also includes a fine steam spray to distribute the steam evenly all over your clothes. This product is lightweight and could be used by one and all to iron the clothes perfectly.

  • The water tank could be filled and emptied quickly
  • Fine spray to moisten all kinds of fabrics
  • 2-year warranty
  • The product is expensive and heavy

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3. Inalsa Flair Steam Iron


  • Ceramic coated soleplate with 123 holes for perfect steam distribution
  • Self-clean system
  • All kinds of fabric steaming, including vertical steaming.

This steam iron by Inalsa is a must-have for all those who don’t want to spend a lot of time ironing their clothes. The impressive features of this steam iron include Rapid Even-Heat Technology, Anti-Calc, True Position Axial Aligned Steam Holes, and others.

Another notable thing about this steam iron is that it works well with tap water as well. Bring home this easy-to-use steam iron box, and you will never complain of wrinkled clothes. This 2200 W steam iron by Inalsa is worth all the hype.

  • Remarkable steam output with a powerful steam burst.
  • A bigger water tank that saves you from refilling it again and again
  • Perfect for all kinds of clothes.
  • Appearence can be upgraded

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4. Havells Plush Steam Iron

71aBLAk%2BnWL. SL250


  • Overheat Safety Protection feature
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Non-stick soleplate that doesn’t stick to clothes.

Havells Plush steam iron promises a powerful steam output. Hence, the process of ironing your clothes is not very time-consuming when you use this product. It comprises a non-stick soleplate that glides smoothly on all kinds of clothes. The ergonomic and easy-to-use design of this steam iron machine is another reason to buy the same.

Havells Plush 1600 W is a widely available steam iron that could be picked from any online platform as well. Buying it will not put you in regret.

  • 360-degree movement of the swivel cord that enables swift movement
  • User-friendly features and mechanism
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable and widely available
  • Dark look might not suit all

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5. Inalsa Steam Iron Geyser Titanium

61dAfmnb7%2BL. SL250


  • Anti-drip function and vertical steaming
  • Temperature and steam control
  • Wide titanium soleplate.

This steam iron machine is highly popular for its precision ironing quality. The ergonomic design of this iron makes it easy for the user to glide. The most impressive feature of this product is its titanium-coated heavy soleplate that distributes the steam evenly for a perfect ironing session.

Using this product is very quick and easy. There is a steam vent that may be used for some extra dampening to treat serious creases. This Inalsa steam iron comes with many other remarkable features that together make it a desirable product in the Indian markets.

  • This product is easy to hold and use
  • High performance to iron all kinds of fabrics
  • Large water tank
  • 2-year warranty
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

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6. Black+Decker Cord And Cordless Steam Iron

61zHaO1KFgL. SL250


  • Anti-Calc and Self-clean technology
  • Easy to use and a quick heating appliance that saves you time and effort
  • One-of-a-kind cordless features.

It is another best iron for clothes that is gaining popularity throughout the markets. The most notable feature of this product is that it includes a cordless function enabling you to use the product without plugging the cord. Once the iron is heated, you may use it cordless and iron your clothes with all the ease and flexibility.

This steam iron delivers a quick and efficient performance. It comes with a ceramic-coated soleplate that reduces friction when you use the product. the water tank of this iron is large enough to iron many clothes in one go.

  • The appliance heats up quickly and delivers an efficient performance
  • Smooth knob and non-stick coating
  • 2-year warranty
  • The product is reasonable and value for money
  • The new cordless function is may not impress everyone

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7. Havells Steam Iron I-Tech Automatic

61nLVJWiYtL. SL250


  • 461 steam vent holes for a perfect ironing session
  • Soft grip handle
  • Programmed temperature technology that automatically switches its temperature while ironing different kinds of fabric.

This steam iron is considered one of the most advanced models on this list as it comes with many impressive features. The programmed temperature technology of this steam iron machine saves you from the headache of altering the temperature now and then while ironing different kinds of fabrics.

This steam iron includes many other impressive features to admire. It saves energy and time as ironing with this steam iron is a very quick affair. The ceramic coated soleplate of this steam iron includes 461 steam vents. This steam iron deserves all the accolades.

  • Automatic shut-off feature that saves electricity
  • Large water tank to enable undisturbed sessions of ironing the clothes
  • 2-year warranty.
  • This steam iron box is very expensive.

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8. Morphy Richards Super Glide

91ZzDo4nBDL. SL250


  • Self-clean technology
  • 46 steam vents to promote even distribution of steam all over the fabric
  • Large water tank to ensure a continuous ironing session.

Morphy Richards is one of the most popular names associated with the production of some impressive kitchen and household appliances. This steam iron manufactured by the brand is a simple and straightforward appliance that doesn’t waste your time while ironing clothes and delivers an efficient performance.

The iron includes several steam vents on the advanced diamond and ceramic coated soleplate to promote even distribution of steam all over the fabric. This iron also has the option of vertical steaming.

  • This product allows vertical steam for perfect ironing of the clothes
  • Large water tank and turbo boost feature
  • 2-year warranty
  • The product is heavyweight
  • Water may leak from the vents

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9. Usha Steam Pro SI 3820

71aMUvahRML. SL250


  • The 360-degree rotatable handy swivel cord
  • Anti-dripping feature to stop excess spilling of water
  • Efficient mist spray for the even distribution of heat.

Usha is a very popular Indian brand name when it comes to household appliances. The brand has been manufacturing some of the most notable products for years and this steam iron is one of them. This product is easy to use and efficient to perform. The comfortable grip of this steam iron helps you reach all the corners of the fabric to treat the wrinkles effectively.

This iron’s soleplate is made up of ceramic coating, thereby supporting an even distribution of steam. Make this steam iron your go-to choice if you want to buy something promising at an affordable price.

  • Ideal for both steam ironing as well as vertical ironing
  • Lightweight and energy-efficient
  • Reliable brand with strong customer support
  • No cordless function
  • Restricted temperature control options.

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10. iBell Steam Iron

61FBEg0qGiL. SL250


  • 360-degree swivel cord for an effortless ironing session
  • 200 ml water tank to store sufficient water
  • Teflon soleplate

This steam iron by iBELL is attracting a lot of attention and for all the obvious reasons. The iron includes a Teflon soleplate that makes your ironing session easy and effortless on all kinds of fabric. The uniform steam distribution enables you to remove even the stubborn wrinkles and creases effectively.

This steam iron is further backed by a powerful spray system, 360-degree swivel cord, sufficient-capacity water tank, and many other impressive features. You can find it on various online and offline platforms.

  • The steam iron is ideal for all kinds of fabrics
  • Prolonged steam bursts and water sprays
  • 2-year warranty
  • Build quality is not impressive
  • Poor customer service

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Steam Iron Buying Guide

Steam iron is highly superior to dry iron. It may be a little pricey on your pockets when compared to a dry iron; however, the efficacy and the performance delivered by it are outstanding. The below-listed buying guide shall help you find the best steam iron for clothes in India.

Types of Steam Irons

A steam iron machine could be categorized into three different sections. The types of this iron usually vary by their shape, size, weight, steam capacity, and other features.

Conventional Steam Iron

Conventional steam iron is an ideal option to remove all the wrinkles and creases from your fabric and result in a crisp cloth pressing.

This kind of iron produces steam in small amounts when compared to other types of steam irons. You can use regular tap water to make the steam in such irons. Some of the features of this steam iron include anti-calcium valves and resin filters.

Steam Ironing Systems

Steam ironing systems are an advanced version of a conventional steam iron that ensures that steam flow in such irons remains constant. This iron consumes a lot of space when compared to other steam irons.

The only drawback of using this steam iron is that it may take a lot of time to heat up. But the performance delivered by a steam ironing system is unmatchable.

These systems include some additional features which make them more advanced than all their counterparts. Many leading brands are manufacturing some of the best versions of steam ironing systems that you may buy from various online and offline platforms. Steam ironing systems do not include a spray function technology because the steam flow in these systems is very high.

Cordless Irons

Cordless steam irons are very similar to conventional irons. The only point of difference between the two is that this iron doesn’t include a power cord.

Cordless Steam Iron with base

The cordless feature of these irons adds portability, and you may take them anywhere you want. These irons are not very space-consuming. They include a battery, and you are supposed to recharge their battery as per requirement.

Which Soleplate is Best for Steam Iron?

The soleplate of a steam iron is quite different from dry iron. It comes with multiple holes to let the steam pass out. The soleplate of a steam iron is made using other materials:

Aluminum Soleplate

Experts do not recommend buying this soleplate for your steam iron as it is likely to stick to the fabric as you begin to iron. The aluminum soleplate is not appropriate to iron the fabric such as chiffon, georgette, linen, and others.

Non-stick Soleplate

The non-stick material on this soleplate is PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon). This property of this soleplate makes it efficient to iron all kinds of clothes, especially lightweight clothes. It is easy to glide and offers a safe ironing experience to one and all.

Nonstick Soleplate

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Stainless steel soleplates are more preferred than aluminum ones as they are corrosion-resistant, durable, and scratch-resistant. You can slide this soleplate easily on all kinds of clothes and treat unwanted wrinkles.

Steam iron with a stainless-steel soleplate is a little expensive. The only disadvantage of such irons is that their lightweight material could melt at a high temperature.

Stainless Steel vs Ceramic Soleplate

Ceramic Soleplate

Another efficient choice of soleplate that you may buy for long-term use is a ceramic soleplate. Similar to stainless steel, this soleplate, too, is resistant to corrosion. It glides smoothly on all kinds of fabrics and offers an even ironing experience. The distribution of heat in the ceramic soleplate is uniform, and it doesn’t stick to the surface.

The steam irons with a ceramic soleplate are not very heavy. All these factors make a ceramic soleplate the most recommended choice, among others.

Water Holding Capacity

A steam iron machine includes a water tank that needs to be filled with water to produce steam. Some tanks may be larger while others are too small. A small water tank could hold up 200 ml of water, while the water holding capacity of the large tanks could range between 400-500 ml respectively.

Choose an iron with a large water tank if you want to iron your clothes more efficiently without refilling the tank again and again.

Smaller water tanks make the right choice for you if you don’t want to tire yourself with the steam iron’s heavyweight. However, you are bound to refill the tank again and again while using this steam iron.

The Wattage

The wattage system of the steam iron is responsible for attaining a high temperature of the device within a few seconds of turning its own. The higher the wattage, the faster the response of heat. The overall wattage of the device also affects the build-up and dispersion of the steam. Experts recommend buying a steam iron with a standard wattage of 1800 for efficient performance.

As the wattage range helps the iron to heat up fast, it makes the device more versatile. Eventually, you can adjust the temperature and iron varieties of fabrics in no time.

Temperature Control Feature – A Must-Have

One of the most common yet salient features that every steam iron box must include is a temperature control feature. We all know that not all fabrics are the same in terms of thickness. Some of them are thick, and others are very lightweight.

Temperature Control knob in Iron

The temperature control feature helps you to adjust the temperature of the iron according to the cloth. It enables a hassle-free ironing experience. Buy an iron with more “numbers of temperature control” to improve its performance and to iron diverse fabrics to perfection.

Number of Vents

Vents or holes constitute an important part of a steam iron. Vents let the steam out of the iron so that you could deal with the stubborn wrinkles on any kind of fabric and get rid of the same. The number of vents present in any steam iron depends upon the size of the iron.

We suggest you buy an iron that comes with more numbers of vents. Generally, the minimum number of vents in a steam iron is 14, and the maximum number may range up to 45. Along with that, the placement of the vents on the soleplate can’t be ignored.

Vertical Steaming Feature

All the advanced versions of a steam iron include a vertical steaming feature. This feature allows a vertical ironing session as the steam passes vertically on the fabric.

Using this feature, you can iron all your dresses and curtains with great ease, even when the clothes are hanging. Steam iron with vertical steaming may cost you a little more when compared to the others.

Anti-Calcium Feature

Over time, your steam iron may build up calcium. Too much calcium build-up might result in the production of hard water in the steam iron. The anti-calcium feature helps to break such accumulation of calcium and prevents it. Not all steam irons have an anti-calcium feature. Hence, we advise you to always check the product’s specifications thoroughly before buying them from any platform.

The Anti-calcium feature adds up to the durability of the steam iron. Another advantage of a steam iron with an anti-calcium feature is that you can even use hard water in the water tank of such iron.

Cord Length

The power cord length of the steam iron machine must be longer. You can check the size of the cord on the product specification of the iron box. A longer cord length of the device can help you iron your clothes with great ease and comfort.

Today, many steam irons comprise retractable cords. These cords feature a shock-proof body that helps to avoid accidents and other mishaps. Retractable cords are more flexible than others. Even when you twist these cords, they do not get damaged. Another type of cable present in a majority of a steam iron is a flexible swivel cord. They are lengthier than retractable cords and extend to a maximum length of 6 feet.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

One of the most sought-after features you must look for while buying a steam iron is the auto shut-off feature.

As the name suggests, this feature shuts off the iron automatically once it reaches the desired temperature. You can switch this feature and adjust the heating capacity of the appliance as per its temperature readings.

An auto shut-off feature is a safety feature, and you must not avoid checking it, especially if you have children at home.

Anti-Drip Design

As steam iron uses water to turn into steam, water droplets may drip off the device in some cases. This situation could be a little frustrating. But not all devices have this issue. The best steam iron in India comes with an anti-drip design to avoid the unwanted spilling of water.

This feature locks the water’s spilling or dripping from the vents, even when the water tank is full. Anti-drip design also avoids water leakage from any corner or part of the steam iron machine.

Make Way For The Steam Control Button

All the advanced models of a steam iron include the option of a Steam Control Button. This feature’s role is to help you control the flow of steam when you iron your fabrics.

Generally, the device comprises two steam control settings – high and low. All the irons with more numbers of vents include this feature. It also ensures that the distribution of the heat on the fabric is even. Consequently, you can de-wrinkle your clothes really quickly.

Examine The Water Tank Type

The water tank is a useful part of a steam iron. Not all water tanks in a steam iron are the same. Some of these tanks are removable, and others are not. Filling a non-removable water tank is a task. Moreover, it may result in an electric circuit; hence, causing severe damage because of such accidents.

Removable tanks could be removed easily from the iron, and you may fill the tank according to your requirement. It also wards off the water from entering the appliance, saving it from mishaps or malfunctioning. We suggest you choose the latter type of water tank for safe and effective utilization.

Spray Mist – Yes or No?

A spray mist is an exciting and useful feature present in all the advanced models of a steam iron box. This feature lets you spray water on the clothes that you are ironing. So, why is it a helpful feature?

Steam Iron Mist Spray

Experts suggest that using a spray mist feature while ironing helps to moisten the fabric. All kinds of thick fabrics become soft that grants ease in removing their stubborn creases and wrinkles. Buy a steam iron with this feature and utilize the appliance to its maximum efficacy.

Control Knobs For Easy Ironing Of Clothes

The steam iron temperature and steam control features must include control knobs for a comfortable operation and use of these features. Using the control knobs system, you can customize the iron’s temperature and steam settings like the back of your hand.

The control knobs feature’s presence makes it easier to use the iron under different temperature and steam control settings.

Steam Blast Feature – Highly Recommended

Now that you are buying a steam iron, make sure that it comes with a steam blast feature. Also known as a steam burst or steam jet, this feature can help you treat all the difficult creases formed on your costly fabric.

Steam Blast

All you are required to do is to press the button of this feature, and a blast of steam would be delivered. A steam blast feature helps you treat all kinds of wrinkles in all fabrics.

Warranty Is An Important Factor

While buying a steam iron, do not forget to check if it has been covered under warranty or not. The warranty constitutes an important consideration, especially if you invest your hard-earned money in an electrical appliance. You would find a minimum warranty of 1-2 years while buying the product from a leading brand.

Steam Iron Vs. Dry Iron – Which one To Buy?

A steam iron machine could be your need of the hour for many reasons. Here are the differences between the two and why you must pick the former over the latter for use.


The major difference between both these irons is that of a water tank. Dry iron doesn’t include a water tank, but steam iron does. A steam iron uses a water tank to generate steam, hence leading to efficient ironing when it comes to treating stubborn creases and wrinkles.


There is a difference between the soleplate of both these irons. Dry iron has a solid soleplate, and it doesn’t include a perforated design. However, a steam iron does. There are holes on the soleplate of this iron. These holes are the vents that let the steam pass. The advantage of using a perforated soleplate in a steam iron is that you don’t have to re-iron the clothes again and again. The release of the steam on the large areas would ensure that your clothes are pressed efficiently.

Spraying Mist

Apart from a perforated soleplate, a steam iron also includes a spraying mist. The role of spraying mist in this iron is to moisten and dampen the cloth to a small extent. Upon wetting of the cloth, it becomes easy to remove wrinkles. It may serve you a significant benefit if you are ironing a heavy fabric. On the other hand, dry iron doesn’t include any such feature.

Number of Features

When it comes to comparing both these irons’ features, a steam iron for home use falls ahead of the curve. Dry iron is an elementary version of iron, and it comes with limited features. But it is not the case with a steam iron.

It includes many features along with multiple setting options. Some steam irons also have advanced features to cut your time short while ironing the clothes and offer an effortless ironing experience.


The versatility of a steam iron over dry iron is another reason why you must pick the former. Steam iron is versatile in the sense that it could be used as a dry iron as well. Just ensure that you are not using the steam function available with the iron. You can keep the tank of this iron empty as long as you want to use it as a dry iron.

Keep An Eye on The Power Usage

All electrical appliances consume a certain amount of power when used frequently. A steam iron box is one of the most common household appliances used daily by you and your family members. Being a heating device might consume a higher amount of power than other electrical appliances. Hence, keeping an eye on the power consumption of the device is extremely important.

Thankfully, many leading brands have started manufacturing some of the most energy-efficient models of a steam iron. These irons come with a more efficient circuit, hence consuming lesser power and ensuring better performance. While checking the power usage of this appliance, you must check the device’s energy-efficiency rating: the higher the energy rating, the lesser the power consumption.

Also, we advise you to compare different models of a steam iron box before making a choice.

Don’t Ignore The Brand Name

The product’s brand name has a role to play, especially when buying an electrical appliance for long-term use. Always buy a steam iron from a reputed and reliable brand. A good brand makes sure to incorporate all the features in its models. Hence, you would not end up regretting this decision. A branded product also promises durability, ease of use, as well as an after-sales service.

You can buy the best steam iron in India from the leading brands under different price ranges without compromising your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can steam irons be used for dry ironing?

Yes, a steam iron can be used as a dry iron. Just switch to the no-steam mode feature on your steam iron, and you are good to go. Keep the water tank empty when you use this appliance for dry ironing.

How to utilize the vertical steam?

Before you start using the vertical steam feature of the iron, make sure that the temperature of the device is very high. Hang the clothes that you want to iron vertically using steam. Hold the iron in an upright position and glide it on the clothes. When the iron is set at a high temperature, it will soften the fabric, thereby keeping creases and wrinkles at bay.

How to avoid water leakage from the steam iron?

To avoid water leakage from the steam iron, you need to buy the appliance with an anti-drip feature in the first place. This feature helps to prevent all kinds of spilling and leakages from your iron. If you are using a conventional iron, ensure to be extra careful to avoid leakage.

What are some safety tips to follow when using a steam iron?

Do not plug the iron while filling the water tank as it may lead to short circuits and further accidents. Always place the iron in an upright position when not in use. Never make use of the steam mode in your iron without turning it to a high-temperature setting.

How to clean the water tank and steam vents of the iron?

To avoid manual cleaning of the water tank and steam vents, we suggest you buy an iron with an anti-calc and self-clean feature. You can now raise the temperature of the appliance to the maximum and switch to no steam. Once the heat is cut off, hold the iron over a sink such that the soleplate of the appliance faces down.

How frequently should the water tank and steam vents be cleaned?

The water tank and steam vents of a steam iron box must be cleaned at least once every two months. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the steam iron will extend its shelf life.

Which are the best brands that manufacture steam irons?

Some of the leading brands that manufacture the best steam irons are Phillips, Inalsa, Morphy Richards, Havells, Usha, etc.

Is buying a steam iron from an offline platform safe?

Yes. Many brands have debuted on the various e-commerce platforms from where you can buy the best iron for home use. Always check the reviews and ratings of a particular model before adding it to your cart.

What is the best temperature setting to use a steam iron?

There isn’t any best temperature setting to use a steam iron. The temperature setting and steam pressure setting depends upon the fabric that you want to iron. Always use a high-temperature setting on a thick fabric. The soft and light materials such as linen, chiffon, and georgette do not require high temperature or high steam setting.

Bottom Line

Steam iron is the need of the hour, especially if you have a habit of ironing your own clothes. This advanced type of iron lets you tame all kinds of wrinkles with great ease. Do not make a wrong choice while bringing the best appliance home. The above-listed buying guide will help you find the best steam iron for long-term use.

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