Best Mattress in India

10 Best Mattress In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

A sound sleep is everything that you may want after a long and tiring day. A good-quality mattress has an essential role to play in offering sought-after sound sleep.

Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will not only hamper your sleep but may as well add up to many health conditions such as back pain, pain in the shoulders, spine, and other parts of the body.

The markets are full of the best mattress brands wherein you may look for the best mattress and bring it home to rest your body comfortably. These mattresses are available in various shapes, sizes, patterns, as well as types.

Listed below are some of the most leading mattress options you may want to buy to maintain a sound sleep routine.

Top 10 Best Mattresses for Home

Best Mattress in India

1. Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress

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  • GSM spun polyester fabric
  • Orthopedic memory foam technology
  • Availabe in wide range of sizes

The experts call it one of the most sought-after and stable mattresses available in the markets. This product is the best-suited option for all those people who prefer sleeping on softer mattresses over harder ones.

It is made using high-quality polyurethane foam. The mattress takes the shape of your body when you lie down, thereby offering all the comfort and consistent support to your body.

This mattress’s amazing memory foam technology distributes your weight evenly to make sure that you wake up more relaxed and refreshed. Even if you complain about sleeping posture, sleeping on this mattress may help you fix the same. The open coil structure of this mattress allows the free flow of air. This mattress is a combination of memory and high-resilience foam.

This Wakefit mattress fits all kinds of beds as the brands provide the product in various size option which you can choose on the sales page.

  • Easily portable
  • Washable cover
  • Medium-firm
  • Only one usable side

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Do you know? You can customise mattress size to fit your bed accurately. Many reputed brands like wakefit confirm the size before dispatching the order.

2. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

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  • Combination of soft and high resilience foam
  • Breathable fabric
  • Usable on both sides

Another good mattress by Wakefit is its dual-comfort 6-inch king-size mattress. This mattress intends to provide you extra comfort by offering different levels of firmness. Hence, it does not matter if you prefer a soft sleeping or firm sleeping surface; this mattress offers benefits of both.

It is a combination of two layers that guarantee a comfortable sleep on both sides. You will never experience back pain upon sleeping on this mattress, thanks to its reliable construction. It is a combination of soft foam and high resilience foam that comes in a breathable fabric so that you may sleep better and wake up fresh.

  • Standard dimensions to fit all king-sized beds
  • Washable and breathable
  • 7-year warranty
  • Slightly expensive

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3. Sleepyhead 3-Layered Mattress

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  • Three-layered mattress ideal for all body types
  • Washable exterior
  • Orthopedic memory foam

This memory foam mattress deserves to be on this list. Many features of this mattress make it a sought-after option among one and all. Different layers of memory foam are designed in such a way that they lie over each other. It ensures a proper flow of air.

This mattress includes a firm foam base with a soft and breathable layer on the top. The sandwiching of memory foam between these layers ensures a higher degree of comfort to all the users, heedless of their sleeping positions. The mattress is highly supportive of all body types.

This Sleepyhead mattress is touted as one of the softest available mattresses in the market today. The washable exterior cover can be washed because of which you can maintain its use for a long-term.

  • Strong and durable
  • The softness of the highest order
  • 10-year warranty
  • No waterproof covering

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4. Duroflex Black Magic Mattress

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  • Two coir layers for better reinforcement
  • 5-zones distribution for extreme comfort
  • High resilient foam

This mattress features a rigid core of high-density coir as well as re-bonded foam. Both these additions provide extreme comfort and relaxation to your tired muscles. This Duroflex mattress is an orthopedic creation that extends 5-zones orthopedic support to the body. You will never complain about back pain or other body aches after using this mattress.

The division of this mattress into five zones is its remarkable feature. Zone 1 extends its support to the head and neck, Zone 2 to the shoulder and upper back. Likewise, Zone 3 provides comfort and support to hips and lower back; and Zone 4 and 5 are concerned about treating your lower body discomfort.

Buy this extremely comfortable from any offline or online platform. We bet you will not regret the decision.

  • Double-sized mattress suiting all needs
  • The highest degree of comfort
  • Treats back pain and other body aches
  • Extremely pricey

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5. Duroflex Livein Anti-Microbial Fabric Mattress

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  • Triple Anti-microbial technology
  • Firm-medium mattress offering additional comfort
  • DIY box setup

The quick setup of this foam mattress is the first reason why you must buy it for your home. Other reasons, too, are convincing to buy this superior-quality mattress. This product features high resilience foam and memory foam to provide you the extra comfort. The contouring technology of this mattress fits all bodies and guarantees excellent relaxation for a good-night sleep.

One remarkable feature of this mattress that sets it apart from the others on the list is the anti-microbial fabric. This fabric keeps dust, fungi, mites, and other elements at bay. The top layer of this mattress gives you a cloud-like feeling while sleeping. This mattress is a must-buy.

  • Pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Extra back support
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Not any

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6. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

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  • Advanced Neem Fresche technology
  • Soft Quiltech foam
  • All-weather mattress

You may call it one of the lightest mattresses available in the market today. It is a perfect choice to cater to all kinds of requirements; and is one of the leading options on the list. Thus, whether you require a hard bed or a soft one, you can bring this dual comfort mattress home to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

The 45mm high resilience foam layer of this mattress provides the much-needed firmness, and the 60mm rebounded layer makes an ideal choice for those who look for flexibility. You may as well call it an all-weather mattress as it is a perfect choice for a comfy sleep during all weathers.

Use this mattress from both sides and make the most of its advanced features. This mattress is worth all the accolades.

  • Pre-assembled form
  • Reversible mattress
  • Easy on the pocket
  • No warranty

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Do you know? To elongate the life of a mattress it is advised to rotate it by 180º every six months. It prevents the permanent sagging of mattress as per industry experts.

7. Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

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  • Pocket springs for a bouncy feel
  • Three thickness options
  • 7-zones foam support

A lot many features of this mattress make it a sought-after bedding option among one and all. This high-density foam mattress offers a medium to firm level of support when you lie down on the same. This feature makes it a preferable choice for senior citizens. The four-layer structure of this mattress is another feature adding to its popularity.

This mattress is durable and sturdy. Both these features also make it a durable option on the list. The layers of this mattress a defended by a premium-class quilt to avoid all sorts of sagging. The fabric of this mattress is breathable and soft. You will never go wrong with this option.

  • Lightweight
  • No assembling required
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all
  • Too lightweight for some

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8. Comforto Siesta Dual Comfort Foam Mattress

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  • Orthopedic dual comfort
  • Ultra-premium cover with 3D air mesh fabric
  • 100-night trial offer

This mattress is an amalgamation of premium foams as well as breathable fabric. It is the best buying option if you are looking for a medium comfort mattress. This mattress conforms to all kinds of sleeping positions and enables good sleep after a tiring day at work. The makers have offered you the freedom to choose between the hard and soft sides of the mattress. Hence, you may pick the side according to your comfort.

This exceptional mattress provides lasting comfort as well as quality that you will never complain about. The top layers of fabric and 3D air mesh added on both sides make this bedding more breathable. This mattress is easy to install and super comfortable to sleep. The 100-night trial offer of this mattress is nothing less than a cherry on the cake.

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all needs
  • 10-year warranty
  • May cause back pain

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9. Amore International Bonnell Spring Mattress

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  • Extraordinary spinal support
  • Heavy gauged and high-tensile tempered steel
  • Soft and cozy feel

This spring mattress features medium-firm support, hence, preferable to a majority of individuals. It is loaded with quality and provides adequate support and comfort for all kinds of sleeping positions. The breathable quilted fabric added to this mattress helps it stay at the desired temperature.

The sturdy creation of this mattress also makes it a durable option on the list. This mattress embraces a Euro top design that provides it a cleaner look and extra back support. The superior HR foam and premium knitted fabric are the other impressive features of this bedding. Since the fabric used in the construction of this mattress is anti-bacterial, it keeps the surface free from dust, mites, fungi, bacteria, and other external elements.

  • High resilient foam
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Not any

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10. Sleepwell Starlite Discover Firm Mattress

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  • Airmesh fabric for improved air circulation
  • Available in a pre-assembled state
  • Soft-PU foam quilting

This Sleepwell mattress is on the list of the best mattresses in India and for all the right reasons. Bid goodbye to your disturbed sleeping pattern after bringing this mattress home. It comes in a pre-assembled state. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the installation of this mattress in the first place.

It is made using a breathable fabric. This quality also makes it suitable to be used during all weathers. The soft PU foam quilting of this mattress extends extra comfort in all sleeping positions. The air-mesh fabric of this mattress further enables improved air circulation. Sleepwell has never disappointed its users in terms of its products, and this one, too, stands to the expectations.

  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Breathable fabric
  • Enhanced comfort
  • 1-year warranty
  • Extremely hard surface

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Buying Guide to find the Right Bed Mattress

While shopping for the best mattress in India, there are some significant factors that you need to consider. These factors help you learn about the different types of mattresses, their quality, their price, and everything else that you might want to know to entertain the best shopping experience.

Here is the buying guide to help you choose the best available product in the market.

Types of Mattresses

By now, you must be aware of the fact that mattresses are not restricted to a particular size or pattern. They are available in many types. These types have been classified considering the construction of the bedding, its material, its advantages for different body types, and many other factors.

There’s no best material to make a mattress, instead, the best mattress is the one that smartly uses the benefits of each material by using in right combination.

Here is an insight into different types of mattresses available in India.

Spring Mattress

It is the most common type of mattress used in a majority of Indian homes. Some people also consider it a traditional mattress. A spring mattress is the best-suited option for all the elderly or senior citizens who prefer sleeping on a surface that is neither too hard nor too soft.

Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress

This mattress is made using metal springs known as coils. The coils are wrapped inside a layered cushiony fabric to provide extra comfort to the user. Different kinds of spring mattresses are available on online and offline platforms – open coil mattresses and pocket spring mattresses.

The former type of spring mattresses includes interconnected coils in a metal mesh that is further spread uniformly all over the mattress. Pocket spring mattresses do not have interconnected metal springs. Experts always advise you to choose the latter as they provide extra comfort to the body.

Spring mattresses extend support, bounciness, as well as a medium level of durability. The good air circulation in these mattresses allows ventilation. All these factors make them a sought-after option among one and all.

Latex Mattress

The popularity of a latex mattress is increasing manifold. This mattress is made using latex – a white natural substance as well as other components. A latex mattress is an eco-friendly alternative to other options available in the market as it absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces greenhouse emissions. You may as well call it a better substitute for a coir mattress.

Many leading brands have started manufacturing this type of mattress. A latex mattress includes many qualities such as bounciness, elasticity, natural springiness, and many others. This mattress is highly comfortable and relaxing. It offers extra comfort and support to the spine and helps relieve the pain from the pressure points of the body.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress encourages a proper distribution of pressure which further improves blood circulation in the body. Thus, if you often suffer from back pain or other body aches, start sleeping on this mattress to observe a change. The instant buoyant support offered by this mattress is remarkable.

This mattress is one of the most durable choices of mattress that you may want to bring home. The average lifespan of a latex mattress is 25 years. It is an excellent alternative to many other types of mattresses offering pain relief. Some of these mattresses are also resistant to molds, allergens, and dust mites. It doesn’t matter if you need to spend a little extra on buying a latex mattress. It is worth every penny.

Foam Mattress

Another sought-after type of mattress that is popular in a majority of Indian households is a foam mattress.

A foam mattress is made using high-density polyurethane foam or PU foam. It is made synthetically but doesn’t compromise in terms of offering bounciness.

If you are a person who likes to sleep on a very soft surface, bring this mattress home.

A foam mattress provides medium durability and no motion transfer technology. This mattress is highly comfortable and adjusts to your body shape. Some brands have also released reversible foam mattresses having a comparatively hard surface on the other side. But there are a few drawbacks as well. A foam mattress may not provide extreme comfort to your shoulder and spine. Also, they fall on the pricier side.

Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is very similar to a foam mattress. The only difference between the two is the manufacturing process. These mattresses make use of some additional materials in their construction process. The extra softness factor of these mattresses makes them a go-to option for many.

One of the greatest benefits of buying these mattresses is that they help to relieve sore pressure points of the body. You will never complain about an unsound sleep after sleeping on these mattresses. Many doctors recommend sleeping on this foam to relieve body pain.

Memory Foam

Another quality of this mattress is that it can trap heat easily. Thus, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep while sleeping on this mattress during the winter season. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use it during the summer season. Many contemporary versions of a memory foam mattress have added a cooling gel foam technology to the same.

A memory foam mattress is one of the most durable types of bedding options available throughout the market. The average lifespan of these mattresses is 15 years, and if you are buying them from a leading brand, they can even last up to 25 years.

Bonded Foam Mattress

This type of mattress is made by assembling scrap pieces of polyurethane foam and gluing them together. These scraps are combined using high pressure that eventually creates a hard surface. This hard surface is used as a base of the foam on which memory foam is topped to maintain the softness. One of the top qualities of this mattress is that it doesn’t sag.

Bonded Foam

You can use a bonded foam mattress for all your sleeping requirements on a hard or soft surface. Thanks to its reversible feature. A bonded foam mattress is a lightweight and breathable mattress. It is cheaper when compared to the other foam mattresses available in the market. The only drawback of this mattress is that it may not give enough support to the joints.

Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress has become one of the most popular types of mattresses at present. This mattress is ergonomically designed to aid the skeletal system and align the spinal column. Your doctor will suggest sleeping on an orthopedic mattress if you suffer from a chronic back problem or have a spinal injury. The orthopedic construction of this mattress reduces back pain. Additionally, it also helps you in attaining a good posture.

Ortho Mattress Spine Position

Another advantage of buying an orthopedic mattress is that it reduces stress or tension on the spinal column and aligns the same. You may as well feel better joint support and reduced joint pain after using this mattress regularly.

Just like the other mattresses, an orthopedic mattress adjusts itself according to your body shape and lets you sleep comfortably on its soft yet firm surface. Considering the benefits and popularity of an orthopedic mattress, latex and memory foam mattresses, too, have introduced their own version of an orthopedic mattress.

Rubberized Coir Mattress

This mattress is a combination of coconut fiber with a latex solution. However, the content of latex in the construction is comparatively low. The natural springiness of latex may make it bouncy and supportive, but the bounciness wears out after a while.

Coir Mattress

A rubberized coir mattress may be an eco-friendly option on the list. But when it comes to performance, it doesn’t stand out when compared to its competitors. They may get saggy after a point. In some cases, the sagginess starts appearing within one or two years of its use. Thus, if you want to spend your money on something more durable, do not buy this mattress.

Air Mattress

This type of mattress is made using rubber, vinyl, or plastic material. An air mattress includes various chambers that can be inflated with air. This feature of an air mattress lets you customize its firmness according to your requirement. Many doctors recommend using this mattress to all obese or bed-bound patients who have developed pressure sores in their bodies.

Air Mattresses

If you don’t want to use an air mattress, you can deflate it and store it anywhere in your home. This quality makes them a portable bedding option that can be carried on camps and trips. Air mattresses do not cost you a bomb. They are highly durable, strong, and sturdy. The rapid inflation feature of these mattresses doesn’t consume a lot of your time while installing them for use. The only limitation of these mattresses is that they are prone to puncture.

Waterbed Mattress

This type of mattress is made using vinyl and is further filled in water. You may not find these mattresses at homes as they are mostly used in hospitals and health centers for patients with a particular type of health condition. A waterbed mattress includes two types – soft side mattress and hard side mattress.

The former possesses a sturdy foam frame covered with fabric, and its top layer is highly padded. The latter type of waterbed mattress includes a hard and softwood frame. These mattresses make a preferred choice for all bed-bound people.

Check the Comfort Level

After selecting the best type of mattress, the next factor to observe is the comfort level it offers. Buying an uncomfortable mattress is a sheer waste of money. Always be careful about choosing the type of mattress. If you are buying a mattress from a physical store, make sure to test it and analyze its quality, comfort, construction, and other essential features.

If you are buying a mattress from any online platform, make sure to buy a product that offers free trial nights. By ordering a free trial product, you may test it properly and then decide whether to keep it or return it to the company.

Additionally, we advise you to be wary about the firmness of the mattress. If you are suffering from any longing problem such as joint pain or chronic pain, consult your doctor to find the right kind of mattress to suit your needs. If you prefer sleeping on a hard surface, go for the options such as a spring mattress or a rubberized coir mattress. If you want to sleep on a softer surface, buy a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress.

Body Weight Matters

Your body weight has a role to play while shopping for the best mattress.

If a mattress doesn’t comfort your body weight enough, it may affect your sleep quality and optimum health. Thus, consider your body weight and then make the right choice. For example, if you are very heavy in weight, opt for a thick and firm mattress to distribute your weight evenly on the surface. For this purpose, always choose a mattress with a minimum thickness of 6 inches.

Lightweight people do not particularly need to follow any such consideration. Just buy bedding according to your comfort level, and you are good to go.

The Science of Sleeping Position

You may overlook this factor, but checking your sleeping position and buying a mattress accordingly will give you enhanced sleep. If you sleep on your sides or back, choose a soft mattress such as foam, memory foam, or latex mattress. A soft surface will provide your body with much-needed cushion along with relieving your pressure points.

Side sleepers needs memory foam mattresses to align their spine in a straight line.

If you sleep on your stomach, you have the freedom to opt for a slightly hard surface. A spring mattress makes the right choice for people who sleep on the stomach. Doctors usually suggest avoiding this sleeping position as it may take a toll on your overall health and may lead to body pain or postural deformities.

If you suffer from joint pain or back pain now and then, buy a premium quality ortho mattress and avoid your suffering.

Budget – A Key Aspect

Mattresses come in different shapes, sizes, types, brands, and budgets. It is advisable to plan your budget first and then decide on the right kind of bedding to bring home. The budget of the mattress may vary according to the shape, size, as well as brand of the product.

You can compare the prices of different kinds of mattresses online and then decide on the best one. However, do not compromise with the quality of the bedding and your comfort while buying an affordable product.

Don’t forget to Check your Bed Size

One of the silliest things to avoid while shopping for the best mattress is not buying according to the bed size. Always measure the dimensions of your bed and bring the best one home. All the manufacturers have made the task easier for you. The following are the standard sizes of the mattresses available in the country:

  • A single bed mattress is suitable for one person and is a perfect bedding option for your kid’s bedroom. You may even buy this mattress for your diwan.
  • A double or full mattress is exclusively meant for couples and is a perfect bedding option for a double bed.
  • A queen size mattress is a little smaller than a double bed. It can easily accommodate two adults of moderate body weight.
  • A king-size mattress is for a large bed that can accommodate a couple with one or two kids.
  • A cal king mattress has the same width as a king-size mattress. However, it comes in an increased length. Such a feature makes it a good option for taller people.

Mattress Size Chart India

You may as well get the size of your bed customized according to your requirements. Many manufacturers take orders regarding the size of their clients and then construct the bedding accordingly.

Mostly in Indian houses 72″ x  72″ is the standard size of the bed that are used, but you can’t take one mattress of this size if you have a storage bed with two or four openings.

Inspect the Firmness of the Mattress

One of the vital considerations to observe while hunting for the best mattress in India is the firmness level of the mattress. It is only after learning about the firmness you would be able to make the best choice. For this purpose, we suggest you research the impression load deflection or ILD of the mattress that you are likely to buy.

A lower ILD of the mattress suggests that it is a soft bedding option. If the ILD count of the mattress is higher, it means that it is hard. You can consult your doctor about the appropriate ILD count of the mattress for you instead of picking the product randomly.

Breathable Mattress

Breathability is an essential feature of any mattress. If your mattress is not breathable, it will absorb the heat from your body and trap it afterward. It may make you very uncomfortable upon sleeping on your mattress, especially if you are using it for a long time.

Breathable fabric

A breathable fabric promotes proper circulation of air throughout the structure of the mattress, thereby making you feel comfortable even under hot climatic conditions. Hybrid mattresses are made using a breathable fabric; hence buying them is highly recommended.

Additional Features

Many features in a mattress work together to enhance your comfort and longevity of the bedding. Today, all the renowned mattress brands have added advanced features in their products to provide the best user-experience to one and all.

Listed below are some additional features to add extra comfort to your sleeping experience.

Reversible Mattress

A reversible mattress can be used in both ways. One side of this mattress is relatively harder than the other. This type of bedding serves you the best of both worlds. You can reverse and change it according to your requirements. Buy it to save yourself some money.

Reinforced Edges

Reinforced edges in a mattress mean double-stitched edges. This feature also includes extra padding added to the product that saves it from sagging. Reinforced edges increase the life of your mattress.

Pillow-Top Mattress

You don’t have to use extra pillows if your mattress comes with this feature. A pillow-top mattress includes an additional layer of cushioning on the top. Such cushioning offers you a pillow-like feeling. A pillow-top mattress is a standard mattress having additional cushioning.

Hypoallergenic Mattress

A regular mattress may accumulate dust, mites, and other external elements. If you are allergic to these elements, sleeping on this mattress may take a toll on your overall health. You can ward off the situation by buying a hypoallergenic mattress.

This feature does not allow the accumulation of dust and mites on the bedding. Thus, your mattress remains free from all kinds of external elements. Many types of mattresses have this feature to provide additional comfort to the users.

Buy a Mattress from a Reputed Brand

You can make the most of all the above-listed features if you buy your mattress from a reputed brand. The brand name is essential when it comes to shopping for a mattress. It is not every time that you hunt for the best mattress. Hence, if you are putting your hard-earned money to get sound sleep, don’t cut corners and buy the mattress from a leading brand.

A reputed brand ensures to add all the advanced features in the bedding. Such mattresses are sturdy, comfortable, as well as durable. All the renowned mattress brands offer a warranty on their products. Hence, you can get the product replaced with the new one on account of any defect or damage.

Some of the best mattress brands in India are SleepyCat, SleepyHead, Wakelift, Sleepwell, Kurl-On, etc. All the mattresses belonging to these brands come with certification ensuring quality, durability, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best type of mattress?

Out of all the mattresses, latex mattresses are garnering immense attention among one and all. As these mattresses do not include any chemical or bleach, they are safe to use. A latex mattress is an eco-friendly substitute for a synthetic mattress.

How to clean a mattress?

You can use a vacuum cleaner to wipe off dirt and mites from your mattress. You can also try a home remedy of spreading baking soda all over the mattress. Let it sit for a while, and vacuum it to remove dirt, dust, and other bacteria.

Why is it important to check the certification of a mattress?

Certification of the mattress ensures that it is not made with toxic chemicals or materials and is safe to use. Sleeping on a non-certified mattress may be injurious to your health.

Is buying a mattress online worth it?

Yes, you can buy mattresses online at the best prices. Many mattress companies have introduced all their models on online platforms. You can pick the best one after considering our buying guide. You can score your mattress at the best prices by buying online.

What kind of mattresses is the best for chronic back pain?

Medium-firm mattresses and orthopedic mattresses are considered the best option for chronic back pain. These mattresses let the backrest in a natural position. Thus, the bedding doesn’t feel too hard nor too soft and offers a comfortable sleeping experience.

How often should a mattress be changed?

A mattress should be changed after every 6-8 years under normal conditions. You may quickly replace it with a new one if it starts affecting your sleep quality.

How often should a mattress be cleaned?

We recommend you clean a mattress twice a year. We also recommend you rotate your mattress every three months.

What is the average cost of a mattress in India?

There is nothing like an average cost of a mattress in India as the price may vary in terms of the size of a mattress, its types, advanced features, brand name, etc. An advanced model from a leading brand would always be pricey when compared to any basic version of a mattress.

Bottom Line

Buying a comfortable mattress is the need of the hour, especially if you are struggling to get a sound sleep. Both the online and offline platforms are full of a plethora of options of mattresses varying in shapes, sizes, types, price, and other factors.

The above-listed buying guide can help you make the best choice of a mattress. If you are buying a bed from an online platform, read the customer reviews and then decide on the right one.

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