Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 rupees

7 Best Kitchen Chimneys Under 15000 in India

If you plan to purchase the best chimney under 15000, you are at the perfect spot. The chimney is an essential kitchen appliance. Its importance and value in the kitchen cannot be neglected.

From all the reasons for India being popular, our hospitality and cuisine also top the list. We Indians consider guests as God and show hospitality accordingly. A well-equipped kitchen will help you do this as you will make your favorite dishes in the kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen should be convenient too. That’s the reason chimney usage pretty common in India nowadays.

Chimneys ensure the clean and fresh breathing of the person who is cooking in the kitchen.

Talking about the actuality, Indian cuisines are full of oily and spicy foods. This type of cooking makes the kitchen walls, tiles or cupboards look greasy and oily. You may also experience difficulty breathing while cooking because of the odor of spices emitted out during the process.

So, chimneys will save you from all these issues and will keep your kitchen hygienic and cleaner than ever.

Why have a chimney in your kitchen?

The chimney is a handy appliance for your kitchen and will surely give your a convenient cooking experience. The reasons why everybody should have a chimney in their kitchen are:

  • No irritating smell
  • No smoke in the kitchen and house
  • Enhances the interior of your kitchen
  • Keeps the kitchen cleaner
  • Reduces the pollution inside your home

In this article, we will be reviewing the best kitchen chimneys under Rs. 15000. We have picked these after studying their features and functionalities carefully.

Top 7 Chimneys Under 15k Rupees

Best Kitchen Chimneys under 15000 in India

In this section, we will be talking about the best chimneys under the range of 15000 rupees. We have chosen these from a long list of hundreds of chimneys available in the market. The basis of these reviews is the information we got to see online and the feedback and reviews of people for these chimneys.

We will discuss the chimneys, not in the list based on just one criterion; rather, we have listed them following all the considerable things before buying a chimney.

1. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology


  • Deep silence mechanism
  • Tornadic suction
  • EDS3 technology

This amazing chimney will enhance the overall look of your kitchen by just being in it. This chimney has deep silent technology and will give you a hassle-free and convenient cooking experience.

As we know, continued exposure to strong aromas and smoked while cooking may affect your health considerably. So, this chimney will definitely suit your requirements.

The Elica deep silent chimney offers a power-packed performance at such an affordable price. The chimney’s suction capacity is also efficient in providing a suitable environment for cooking with a maximum airflow of the motor.

  • Completely noiseless
  • Charming design
  • Powerful suction
  • The filter requires regular maintainance

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2. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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  • Gesture control
  • Filterless technology
  • Auto-cleaning system

This model has a heat auto cleaning technology with an oil collector. The metal blower as well as the powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr gives an efficient working. The chimney is easy to maintain and is also easy to use. Moreover, you can be rest assured from the factor of cleaning as you will not.

It has a unique feature of gesture control which means that you don’t even have to touch the control panel to operate the chimney. So, we can say that this chimney will be a perfect combination for your kitchen in terms of look, performance as well as technology.

  • The powerful suction capacity ensures efficiency
  • With  motion-sensing technology
  • The installation kit comes free of cost
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized kitchens

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3. Hindware Nevio 60 (Baffle Filter)

71rB9wO8eaL. SL250


  • Thermal Auto cleaning technology
  • Powerful metallic blower
  • Metal oil collector

This kitchen chimney is fully loaded with advanced features and power-packed performance. Its suction capacity is as powerful as 1200 m3/hr for ease of operation, it has a one-touch control.

The association of a powerful metal blower with such great suction capacity will give you a great performance and make your kitchen clean and smoke-free. Your cooking experience with this Hindware chimney will also be noiseless and will give your cooking a magical touch.

  • The one-touch control provides ease of operation
  • The metallic blower and great suction power increase the efficiency of this chimney
  • Applicable charges for the installation.

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4. Elica Filterless Chimney

61H6w6kvbvL. SL250


  • Catchy design
  • Great suction capacity
  • Soft touch control

The amazing design of this Elica chimney will make your kitchen look even more beautiful. The amazing features and advancements ensure a completely smoke free experience for you while cooking.

Its touch control gives an ease of operation and will make your work easier. You also get motion-sensing technology along with this chimney by which you can operate the chimney with just a wave of your hand.

Its chimney comes with filter-less technology, too, making sure that water vapors and oil deposits do not cause any alteration in the motor’s smooth functioning.

  • Maximum suction power
  • Motor sensing technology
  • Touch  control panel
  • Installation charges may apply

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5. Elica WD HAC TOUCH BF 60

51jIT1Dh14L. SL250


  • Elegant design
  • Maximum airflow
  • Heat auto clean technology

The chimney comes with an elegant design to suit your kitchen. It also has a touch control panel which makes it easy to operate as well as it will enhance the look of kitchen.

This Elica chimney comes with a heated auto clean technology, which means you will not have to put much effort into cleaning the chimney.

  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Baffle filter
  • High suction capacity
  • Installation charges will be extra

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6. V-Guard X10 60 cm (Intelligent Auto Clean)

51Smm9QNpRL. SL250


  • Intelligent auto cleaning
  • Motion sensor controls
  • Lasting elegance

This chimney specifically comes with a feature of 4-speed settings which is specially designed for Indians and Indian-style cooking. It will allow you to adjust the chimney power as per your convenience and preference. Also, this chimney has an advanced feature of motion sensor control for ensuring easy operation.

This chimney will set your kitchen apart from the traditional kitchens in the way it will look as well as in the performance and efficiency aspects too. The power packed performance will excellent looks and features will make this a good choice for your kitchen.

  • It has a detachable oil collector with an indicator
  • The chimney is of low maintenance
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Feather touch control
  • Comparitively new in market

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7. Seavy Zeroun Plus BK 60

61I4Bqe1ssL. SL250


  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Beautifully designed
  • Motor sensing technology

This powerful chimney will actually be a good choice for you to buy. Its efficiency and other features will make your expenditure worth it. The soft-touch control system will make operating this chimney easier for you.

You also get a feature to turn the chimney on or off by waving your hand in different directions. This is called motion sensing technology.

So, with this chimney, you get an elegant design enclosing a power-packed performance in it for your efficiency and convenience in cooking.

  • The chimney comes with a free installation kit.
  • The great suction power ensures the efficiency of the chimney
  • Installation charges may apply

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Best Chimney Brands in India

Now that you have seen a list of some best chimneys. It is time to know about the kitchen chimney brands, which are trustable and providing great services. These are:


Hardware is one of the best brands for kitchen chimneys in India. The name of Hindware is just because of its autonomous features. Most of the chimneys of this brand come with baffle filters. They have attractive LED lights, which makes the chimney look even more aesthetic. Also, the material of the chimney is totally rust-proof.


In the whole chimney industry around the globe, Faber has a significantly reputed name. These chimneys offer 3-way suction, which will ensure your kitchen to be free from fumes all the time. There are some models of Faber kitchen chimneys that have unique 3dy2s2 technology. So, overall the brand manufacture all the efficient chimney models.


There is indeed an enchanting sense of aesthetics in their chimney models and other appliances too. It is one of the most popular brands of chimneys in India. You will hardly get such superior quality of chimneys from any other brands.

Talking about these kitchen chimney brands, we cannot conclude that other brands are not acceptable in the market. Just make sure before buying any brand, you should get an adequate warranty along with.

What to consider while buying a Kitchen Chimney?

There are several brands available in the market for chimneys. But, you have to buy a single chimney. So, choosing from hundreds of models and various brands becomes a bit difficult for you. Here our role comes, we will help you define your preferences regarding chimneys, which you may use to land on a good chimney for you.

So, there are some aspects you should consider before buying a chimney. We have gathered information and made it available to you. These aspects are:

Size of your Kitchen

This is one of the most important factors you will have to consider to buy a chimney. The size of your kitchen will tell you which chimney will be better for you. Nobody would want to buy a chimney and then get frustrated at home because it could not fit in your kitchen.

So, from our recommendation, if you have a gas stove of 3 feet, you should also buy a chimney of 3 feet. Even the suction power of the chimney will depend on your kitchen size.

Type of Chimney

There are 3 different types of chimneys available in the market. These are- wall-mounted chimneys, built-in chimneys, and island chimneys. We have explained each type with a detailed analysis on our previous article best chimneys under 10000.

So, you can choose any chimney as per the size of your kitchen, your needs, and your budget.

Along with the type of chimney, you will also look at the different features your chimney should have. These features may include:

  • Indicator: This is just a warning signal which indicates whether your chimney’s filter needs replacement or cleaning.
  • Auto heat sensor: This feature of chimneys helps detect oil particles and heat, and it shuts down automatically.
  • Split Chimney: In this, the chimney’s motor is installed outside to reduce noise.
  • Convertible kits: Some models allow you to convert your chimney from ducted into ductless.
  • Soundproof Kit: It ensures that there is no sound coming out from the chimney.
  • Detachable oil collector: It makes the process of cleaning easier. Oil particles get collected in a vessel that you can detach and clean.
  • Auto-clean Chimneys: People prefer auto-clean chimneys as they give a hassle-free experience. Chimneys get cleaned automatically by liquifying oil contents and eliminate them out.

Chimney Size

We recommend you consider the size of your stove for determining the size of the chimney. The chimney should be equal to or slightly larger than your stove but not too large. The standard size of chimneys available in the market is 60 cm and 90 cm.

Filter type

There are generally three types of the filter of chimneys. These are baffle filters, carbon filters, and cassette filters.

Cassette filters need cleaning after every week for better operation. Baffle filters work best with spicy food made in India. These filters need lesser maintenance and may work for years without replacement.

Carbon or charcoal filters are mainly used for eliminating the odor.

Chimney Maintenance

Cleaning the chimney can be a terrifying task. So, people prefer chimneys that need less maintenance. Cleaning mainly depends on the type of filter your chimney has. You can also go for auto-clean chimneys.

Warranty and After-Sale Services

One should definitely notice how much warranty you are getting with the chimney. Also, see whether the after-purchase services and maintenance services are good or not.

So, these were the points which you should ensure before buying a kitchen chimney. Hopefully, these will help you in landing on the best chimney for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a chimney work in an open kitchen?

A kitchen chimney is meant to be installed in a kitchen, which means in any kitchen type. So, to conclude, you can use a chimney in an open kitchen too.
If you have an open kitchen, you should go for a chimney model having a suction power more than or equal to 1200 m3/hr. In an open space, there will be more power needed to draw in the smoke and fumes. Also, it would be best if you preferred chimneys with hooded models. Flat chimneys are not preferable for open kitchens.

How to clean a kitchen chimney?

Cleaning a chimney can be a tedious task to do. Along with it, it requires a lot of time to clean it. But there are some ways by which you can clean your kitchen chimney.
For cleaning, you can opt for vinegar or a dishwashing liquid, or a paint thinner too. You can also go for baking soda or caustic soda in hot water. The process of cleaning with each one of these may have different steps. But the thing which is the same is that you will have to leave the substance undisturbed for a few hours on the chimney’s surface. You can refer to the video tutorials also to attempt cleaning of the chimney.

Out of ducting and non-ducting chimneys, which one is more preferable?

Kitchen chimneys come in two variants: a ducted chimney and the other is a non-ducted one. Out of these two, ducted chimneys are better. Ducted ones have some advantages over the non-ducted chimney.
The suction power of chimneys is way better than ductless chimneys. The smoke or impurities are drawn out from the kitchen pass through a specific route from the ducted chimneys. It maintains the good quality air inside the kitchen.
Along with it, ducted chimneys require lesser maintenance as compared to ductless chimneys. You will have to replace the duct in case there is a need to. However, a ducted chimney is a bit expensive than ductless chimneys. So, also consider your budget and compare different models before buying one.

Out of the exhaust fan and chimney, which one works better in a kitchen?

Chimney works well for a kitchen than an exhaust fan as it draws the smoke and the dirt and oil particles present in the kitchen air. It also keeps the kitchen clean, and the air inside the kitchen remains fresh always. While exhaust fans eliminate just the smoke from the kitchen and the left oil particles get settled on various kitchen surfaces, making it dirty and unhygienic.
So, chimneys are preferable out of these two options.

Out of auto clean chimneys and manual chimneys, which one is better?

Well, the chimneys with auto clean technology have a powerful suction capacity compared to manual ones. So, it is recommended to buy an auto-clean chimney.

How can you hide the pipe of the chimney in the kitchen?

To hide the pipe, you can paint the pipe in color applied on the kitchen walls. Other than this, you can also interior the kitchen or laminate over the pipe. Also, you can ask some interior designer or the chimney installation expert about this same.

Are Filter-less Chimneys suitable for Indian kitchens?

Of course, the filter-less chimney would work best for Indian kitchens as there will not be any need to clean the chimney manually. The chimney does its cleaning automatically.

Is Elica an Indian brand for chimneys?

No, Elica is a brand that came into existence in Italy. So, it is an Italian brand. This brand is serving its manufacturing in the whole world.

The Bottom Line

Today, chimneys in the kitchen are a crucial appliance. There are different models, brands, and types of chimneys available around us in the market. Every chimney has its specifications by which you can predict its suitability for different types of kitchens. Furthermore, you will also have to consider the ease of cleaning before buying a chimney.

You can make your kitchen look beautiful, along with keeping your kitchen free from steam, fumes, gas, spices, odor, grease, and so on. Purchasing a chimney for your kitchen will enhance your kitchen’s ambiance. But choosing one seems like a big task.

As we have discussed, the best kitchen chimneys under 15000 and the factors you need to consider before buying a chimney. Hopefully, you know now what your preferences are to buy a kitchen chimney. You can use these clues to determine which chimney will suit your needs. You can choose any one chimney from the list we have given above too.

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