Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10000

7 Best Kitchen Chimneys Under 10000 in India

Over the years, kitchen chimneys are getting very popular and are gradually becoming an essential appliance for the kitchen. As we have several models and brands for kitchen chimneys, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best chimney for your kitchen.

These chimneys have replaced exhaust fans in the kitchen because of many advantages. Along with drawing the smoke out of the kitchen as exhaust fans do, chimneys absorb fumes and oils too.

It makes the kitchen stay neat & clean while preventing the collection of oil particles on the surfaces.

So, for someone who loves to keep their kitchen clean, it becomes essential to have a chimney. It is the right fit for your kitchen needs, and it also looks good while being in your kitchen. But the point is how to know which one is right for you.

You need not worry now, because we have got you covered with this buying guide to find the best chimneys under 10000. We have made a list of chimneys which may fit your requirements and needs. We have summarized the best of our information regarding the same to land you on the right chimney for your kitchen.

If you have a higher budget, you can also consider chimneys under 15k rupees, where you can expect a slightly better range of features.

Best Kitchen Chimney under Rs. 10000

Best Chimneys Under 10000

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

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  • Maximum suction Power
  • Striking Design
  • Oil Collecting technology

This chimney will enhance the overall look of your kitchen with the charming design it has. It will give you a hassle-free cooking experience. Being around smoke and spicy aroma while cooking in the kitchen may also affect your health. So, this chimney is a nice choice for you to have a nice cooking experience, that too, in the budget.

Filter-less technology ensures powerful suction capacity; it draws within the unhealthy smoke and oily fumes more efficiently and keeps your kitchen smoke-free.

It comes with motion-sensing technology that permits easy operation by a straightforward wave of your hand. Advanced with Heat Auto Clean Technology that solves the matter of cleaning your chimney with the push of a button. This household appliance also has 2 LED lamps that provide high efficiency. The LED lamps provide you enough light while cooking.

  • It will suit your kitchen perfectly
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Energy-efficient kitchen appliance
  • The installation charges are extra in many cases

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2. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

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  • Elegant Aesthetics
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • Touch Control Panel

This chimney has an advanced heat auto clean technology that comes with an oil collector to make the cooking completely hassle-free and convenient. This chimney comes with a baffle filter made of stainless steel. It ensures the durability of the product filters. There is also a touch control panel to add to the elegance and beauty of this chimney.

It has a steel baffle filter technology with great suction power. Be tension-free from oil and smoke in your kitchen. Heat Auto Clean Technology ensures to regulate the temperature automatically. It also has touchpads. This also has 2 LED lamps that provide high efficiency while cooking.

  • Powerful motor and thus, and excellent suction power.
  • LED lights for illumination
  • No manual intervention because of auto cleaning.
  • Noiseless functioning
  • Installation is a bit expensive rather than buying the chimney.

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3. Elica WAT HAC 60 NERO



  • Elegant design
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • Oil Collector

Elica chimneys are very popular in the market because of their fantastic features and functions. They have efficient baffle filters, urbane designs, and high suction power. In this chimney, its baffle filter has an amazing design and allows the residues like oil to get collected in its oil collector. It is perfect for mid-sized kitchens.

Made with an elegant design, it comes with Baffle filter technology. It has a touchpad control that permits easy operation with a single click of your finger. The oil collector technology makes your kitchen free from smoke, oil, and grease. The 2 LED lamps provide you enough light while cooking.

  • Easy to clean Baffle Filters
  • Energy-efficient and noiseless operating
  • Powerful Suction Capacity
  • Installation Charges are extra

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4. Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

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  • Push Button control
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps
  • Modest design

It is a beautiful and compact designer chimney that will look absolutely good with the interior of your kitchen. With 1100 m3/hr suction capacity, this chimney gives a futuristic approach while completing the look of your kitchen. It works silently and gives a pleasant cooking experience to you.

Stainless steel baffle Filter ensures a powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter. Suitable for Indian style cooking. Heavy oily cooking and grease are well handled by this chimney. It comes with a highly push button control. The LED lamps lit your kitchen while cooking.

  • Energy-efficient and noiseless
  • Easy to operate
  • Does not have auto cleaning technology
  • Applicable charges for installation

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5. Blowhot 60 cm 1200 m3/hr chimney with Push control, Baffle Filters

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  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient
  • Made in India

This chimney comes with efficient features having a powerful suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr. The features and advancement make the chimney a perfect fit for your kitchen. Getting these features at such an affordable price is rare.

Made with a strong Aluminum baffle filter technology. This household appliance also has 2 LED lamps that provide high efficiency. It has an extreme suction power of 1200 cubic meters. The brand takes its pride in calling its chimney a hundred percent made in India, from manufacturing, assembling to production.

  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime motor warranty, i.e., of 12 years.
  • Less noise
  • Installation charges are extra

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6. Kaff Flo BF 60cm Chimney

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  • Soft Push Button Control
  • Maximum Airflow

This chimney is very efficient in providing you a hassle-free cooking experience. It has a heavy-duty baffle filter with curved tempered glass.

Heavy-duty Baffle filter technology ensures maximum airflow and keeps your kitchen healthy and oil free. The LED lamps lit your kitchen. It is comparatively less noisy than other chimneys in the market. It is easy to use and cost effective.

The exciting thing about this is it has a matte finished anti-rust coating.

  • Not so noisy
  • Cost-efficient
  • Installation charges may apply

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7. Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Curved glass Chimney

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  • Attractive and modern design
  • Italian Motor having TOP (Thermal Overload Protector)
  • Discerning Safety

This chimney comes with a unique and sleek design providing a strength of toughened glass along with. The stainless steel baffle filter is effortless to clean and provides lifelong efficiency. Also, this chimney has a push-button control system to ensure easy operation.

Stainless steel Baffle filter technology ensures a dynamic airflow.  This household appliance draws all smoke, oil, grease and keeps your kitchen airy and healthy. It has TOP that gives you hassle-free cooking. The LED lamps provide you enough light while cooking.

It comes with a soft touchpad control that permits easy operation by a straightforward wave of your hand.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Thermal overload protector to prevent motor burnouts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • There are extra installation charges.

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Buying Guide for Kitchen Chimney (Under 10K)

A kitchen chimney is the best thing you can give to your home to save the home from dirt, fumes, and smoke. It prevents your home from getting oily surfaces and will keep everything clean.

As you are looking forward to buying a chimney for your kitchen, you will have to carefully read this buying guide section. It will make your mind clearer about what you need in your chimney. Understand and consider these factors to land on the right choice for the kitchen chimney. Don’t forget to check our overall pick of the best kitchen chimney in India without any price restrictions.

In this section of the article, you will get to the different features and functionalities of a kitchen chimney. So, let us start.

Types of Chimneys

There are various types of chimneys available in the market. These are:

Wall-mounted Chimney

This type of chimney is made to fit on the wall, just above your cooktop. It is located just adjacent to the wall. For small and medium-sized kitchen space, wall-mounted chimneys work well. Also, they are economical in price aspects as compared to other types of chimneys.

Island type Chimney

These are generally located in the central part of the kitchen. They are hanged down from the ceiling. As these chimneys are larger in size, they suit well for huge kitchen spaces particularly. This type of chimney is also suitable for kitchens which have attached dining area.

Go for Island chimneys only if you have a large kitchen. Also, these chimneys are quite expensive.

Built-in Chimneys

These types of chimneys are located against the kitchen wall. There is no visible outer part of the chimney because these are generally made to conceal behind a box or a cabinet. The price of this kind of chimney is high because you need a box too to hide it. You can see this kind of vents in modish apartments.

Angular Chimney

Unlike the traditional chimneys, the base of angular chimneys is slightly tilted to a certain angle. The power of these chimneys is considerable, and they can exhaust all the gas and dirt out of your kitchen. If you need a modern and luxurious kitchen, these chimneys are the ideal choice. But the price of this chimney is the highest of all the chimneys we have looked at above.

Types of Chimney Filters

Cassette or Mesh Filters

These are made with an aluminum mesh having small holes. This mesh catches the particles like oil when smoke gets passed through it. After this, the air which gets purified is released to the ambient.

This type of filter needs high maintenance; that is, you will need to clean the filter after every 15 to 20 days.

Due to maintenance issues, people generally do not prefer this type. There are many more options available too.

Baffle Filter

This type of filter has multiple curved panels. These panels allow the grease, oil, and polluted air to escape out from the kitchen. The material with which this filter is made is aluminum, but its maintenance is way easier than mesh filters. Cleaning should be done after every 3 to 4 months. These are the most efficient among all, and this is the reason they have high prices.

Carbon or Charcoal Filters

In the charcoal filter, charcoal granules eliminate the bad odor out from the smoke. This type of filter requires less maintenance, and you cannot wash them. Rather, these filters need to change after every 6 months.

Charcoal filters are somewhat expensive. So, you can choose any filter from baffle and charcoal filters because of their less maintenance.

We do not recommend mesh filters as these need a lot of maintenance efforts, every 15 to 20 days. Thus, mesh filters are not preferable for Indian Kitchens.

Auto-clean Chimneys

These are the most efficient and easy-to-use chimneys. The turbine blower in this kind of chimney forces the gas out to move towards the kitchen wall. The auto-clean technology of chimneys has a heating element that helps eliminate sticky substances like oil. This is the reason why the name of this technology is heat auto-clean technology.

During the process, eliminated oil gets trapped in a container and gets collected in a bowl. So, this bowl needs to be regularly changed once a month.

It makes maintenance easy as well as enhances the suction capacity of kitchen chimneys. Along with it, you will get excellent durability of the appliance. So, if you have a good budget for a chimney, you should go with the auto-clean type.

Size of the Chimney

It is an important aspect to consider while buying a chimney for your kitchen. Mainly, chimneys are available in two different sizes, which are:

  • 60 cm width
  • 90 cm width

Make sure that your chimney covers the cooking area of the kitchen. It means if you have a gas stove with 2 to 4 burners, then go with a chimney with 60 cm width. The chimney price with a 60 cm width is slightly lower than that of a 90 cm width.

If you have a stove with 3 to 5 burners, then go for a chimney having 90 cm width.

Ductless v/s Duct Chimneys

Chimney can have a duct, or it can be ductless too. The choice is yours. We will be explaining both types. So, read carefully to know which chimney will suit you.

Ducting Chimney

These chimneys have a function to purify the air; hence it works as an air purifying device. Chimney sucks smoke and air from the kitchen, and after that, the air gets passed through chimney filters. Here, the oil and greasy substances from the air get extracted. The ducting chimneys are significantly efficient and have amazing performance.

The qualities of ducting chimneys are:

  • These have high suction power.
  • These chimneys use mesh or baffle filters.
  • They are simple to manage and easy to use.
  • They are highly efficient.
  • They are more expensive as compared to ductless chimneys.

Ducted vs ductless kitchen chimeny

Ductless Chimneys

The system used in ductless chimneys is a fan blower system. In this type of chimney, the smoke gets completely absorbed and passed to the charcoal filter of the chimney to release the heat and odor from the kitchen.

Qualities of these chimneys are:

  • These kinds of chimneys use charcoal filters.
  • These are less efficient as compared to ducting chimneys.
  • The suction power is low.
  • These are a bit cheaper than ducting chimneys.
  • These chimneys require regular maintenance.

Suction Power

The capacity of a chimney is basically known as the suction power. Suction power can be indicated by cubic meters per hour.

It means the amount of air which a chimney can suck in one hour is suction power.

So, the size of the chimney for your kitchen will depend on the size of your kitchen. You can calculate the suction power as the following statement indicates:

Suction Power = (Volume of Kitchen) x 10

Here, the volume of the kitchen will be length × breadth × height.

So, you can now calculate the size of the chimney you need. This formula is just for an assumption. But you can go for a chimney will higher suction power. It may depend on your needs also.

Warranty and Support

Before buying a kitchen chimney, you should look at the warranty details too. Most of the chimneys provide one year warranty with a 5-year warranty for the chimney motor. So, ensure that you are getting at least one year warranty with any chimney you buy.

Also, ask about the after-purchasing support to make sure that you are covered.


Generally, the range of chimneys starts from 2500 INR. But we do not recommend you to buy these cheap chimneys. The reason for this is you will have to pay a much greater amount for maintenance. Chimneys are not bought every month; rather, you will spend on chimneys after at least 10 years of buying. So, make a smart choice in aspects of features as well as price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Out of the chimney and exhaust fan, which one is better for the kitchen?

Chimney is indeed better than exhaust fans because the chimney eliminates both oil and smoke out of the kitchen. It keeps the kitchen very clean. While in the case of exhaust fans, oil and dirt get layered on various surfaces. So, the chimney is better.

Can we install Chimney ourselves?

Actually, no. it is always better to get a chimney installed by an expert or professional representative by the manufacturer. Other than this option, you can also ask any electrician or some skilled service engineer to get it installed for you.

How can I clean the surface of my kitchen chimney?

You can clean stainless steel chimneys by using a regular cloth, warm water or you can also associate some dishes detergent or soap along with the clean cloth.

How likely should I change filters?

The mesh aluminum filters should be cleaned at least once every month. You can also clean more often if you have more kitchen use. You should replace non-duct carbon filters regularly. While the baffle filters do not need frequent replacement or cleaning as they are long-lasting. You can wash these after every 3 months.

How to clean the oil collector?

It is a removable part of a chimney. So, after removing it out of the chimney, you can wash it with regular dish soap or detergent.

At what height should we place the chimney from the gas cooktop?

You should adjust the chimney about 25 to 30 inches above the cooktop or kitchen platform. Make sure it is not so low that you bang your head onto it while cooking.

Out of ducted and ductless chimneys, which one is better?

Ducted chimneys are better than ductless chimneys. However, the price range of ducted chimneys is higher than that of ductless chimneys. So, if the ducted chimney is in your budget, you should definitely go for the ducted chimney.

Which brand is best for kitchen chimneys in India?

We have already mentioned the best chimneys of various brands. However, providing one name as the best brand is not possible because every brand has its specialties.
So, the best brands are- Elica, Eurodoma, Faber, Hindware, Glen, and Bosch. These are the best brands for chimneys, but it does not say that other brands are not good. You can also go with chimneys of other brands by checking their ratings and reviews before purchasing.

How can the noise of the chimney be reduced?

Chimneys with high suction capacity generally are a bit noisy. But for getting efficiency, you will have to buy a chimney with great suction power. Then what is the choice to have efficiency as well as noiseless experience? So, we will tell you this too.
Turn the chimney on five minutes before and after starting cooking. This will aid in the elimination of the smoke and dirt out of the kitchen. Thus, the air quality of the kitchen will increase. And, when you will start cooking, there will be a lesser load on the chimney. Hence, the noise will be much lesser.

Bottom Line

We have discussed some best kitchen chimneys under 10000 rupees and also the factors which you should keep in mind before buying a chimney for your kitchen. Hopefully, now you must have a clearer view of the chimney which you need for your kitchen.

If no, then reread this article and get clear with your requirements and preferences for kitchen chimneys. Analyze the brands and their prices. Compare the features of various brands or trust us and buy from our top recommendations. Just click on the kitchen chimney, which you find most appealing and fulfilling for your needs.

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