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10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India – Buying Guide & Review

The kitchen is the birthplace of delicious food. However, the glossy and shiny kitchens that are advertised in Indian media are far from the reality. Oil staining the wall, grease accumulation on the kitchen counters, and then getting clogged up with dirt and dust is not something new to people who love cooking.

Moreover, Indian cuisine consists of an assortment of dishes that make the kitchen greasy, oily, hot, and very unpleasant. But technology has an answer to most of our problems, and they came up with one here as well. So, today we will look at the best kitchen chimneys in India that will help you get a clean, functioning kitchen with minimal labor.

How does chimney work?

So one might think what the use of chimneys in the kitchen might be. Exhaust fans or windows work as well. Therefore, why must one spend extra money on getting a kitchen chimney? Well, the answer is simple – because of efficiency.

Chimneys are an amazing invention that uses suction to draw up the air with oil droplets, heat, smoke, and fumes through the chimney filter. First, the oil is removed by the primary filter, and then the smoke and fumes are removed by the carbon filters.

Then the rest of the humid air is removed through the duct pipe outside. This process is a lot more efficient than exhaust fans or open windows as the air and oil are removed from a restricted space and cannot escape outside into the kitchen.

Chimneys help keep the kitchen clean and the air breathable, cool, and free of smoke and fumes. Besides, it also helps remove fumes by carbon filters, thereby reducing the number of domestic air pollutants released.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Even after looking through all these criteria, there are still many brands out there with different chimneys having good specs. All portray to be the best chimney for the kitchen. Thus selection becomes quite difficult.

Here is our curated list of chimneys from the best chimney brands in the market.


611y4MnWS5L. SL250


  • 90 cm wide chimney
  • 1500 m³/hr suction power
  • Auto-Clean chamber

It is a baffle filter chimney that gives good suction power, moderate noise levels, and has an auto-clean technology along with baffle filters which would require less cleaning, maybe once every 5 to 6 months.

It has advanced Heat Clean Chimney with oil collector & Gesture Control for hassle free cooking. 5 years warranty on motor is added advantage. The product comes with beautiful Black curved glass shape and touch control panel.

  • It has a touch control pad.
  • It also has a pre-installed LED 2 * 1.5 Watts.
  • The maximum noise level is 58 dB for this chimney.
  • The standard installation costs and the ducting kit costs are high.

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2. Elica auto clean chimney

51iPFViF6NL. SL250


  • 1425 m³/hr suction power
  • 90 cm wide
  • Touch + Motion Sensor

This is a motion-sensing chimney. You can wave your hand towards the right to start the chimney. Keep waving towards the right to increase the suction power of the chimney. Waving towards the left decreases the power of the chimney and ultimately turns it off. It also has a touch control pad along with a motion sensor.

It has a warranty for 1 year on the product and 5 years on the motor. It has a super black finish. It is wall mounted that adds an advantage to it. This chimney has a suction speed of 1425 m3/h. suitable for 200 sq. feet kitchen and heavy grilling and frying.

This is an innovative approach to chimneys by motion-sensing technology. The chimney itself is optimal for Indian cooking and kitchens and might be a good fit for you.

  • This has 2 LED lamps.
  • This has an oil collector.
  • This chimney functions by heat or thermal auto-clean technology.
  • Standard installation charge is high but free ducting installation.
  • It has a maximum noise level of 58 dB (a)

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3. Faber curved glass chimney

61RKjBPjs1L. SL250


  • 60 cm size
  • Filterless technology
  • 1200 m³/hr suction

This is a filterless chimney, and thus, there is no requirement for removal and cleaning of filters. Thus it is a great option to choose from if you’re looking for a chimney without the hassles of cleaning a filter. It has auto clean technology which will clean your chimney with just one touch of a button. It has thermal dry clean technology, which collects the oil in an easily accessible oil collector.

It has filterless technology, which makes maintenance costs extremely low with no hassles of cleaning the product. The suction power is 1200 m3/h and is good for heavy cooking for kitchen sizes ranging from 100 to 200 sq. feet.

This chimney also comes with gesture control and a touch control pad for a user-friendly experience.

  • Wall-mounted chimney
  • Curved glass design and a sleek black finish.
  • 2 LEDs of 1.5 watts each.
  • It is an electric chimney
  • The maximum noise level is 58 dB (a)
  • The filter surface area is 52 * 30 cm sq

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4. Elica Filterless Chimney


  • 60 cm wide
  • 1200 m³/hr suction capacity
  • Filterless technology

This is also a motion-sensing chimney. Wave your hand towards the right to start the chimney. Keep waving towards the right to increase the suction power of the chimney. Wave towards the left to decrease the power of the chimney and ultimately turn it off. It also has a touch control pad along with a motion sensor.

It works on a filterless technology which means less cleaning and low maintenance cost while getting an efficient output. It is a wall-mounted chimney made out of stainless steel, so no tension about rust.

  • This has 2 LED lamps.
  • This has an oil collector.
  • It is an electric chimney which has a voltage of 230 V.
  • Not good for oil heavy cooking
  • The maximum noise level for this chimney is 58 dB (a)

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5. Hindware Nadia chimney

61BSY8fwRZL. SL250


  • Touch control & motion sensor
  • Filterless chimney
  • 1200 m³/hr suction

This is a good chimney if you are going for a ductless option and want an extended motor warranty. So if you can splurge a little, this might be a good option for you. This is also a motion-sensing chimney. It also has a feather touch control pad along with motion-sensing technology. The suction power is 1200 m3/h and is good for oil-heavy cooking, and works in kitchen sizes ranging from 100 to 200 sq. feet.

The most amazing feature is, it has 10 years of motor warranty which gives you reliability. This has dry auto-clean technology using heat or thermal power.

  • This is a wall-mounted
  • Curved glass hood and a matte black finish.
  • Metallic oil collector.
  • It has 1 LED of 3 watts.
  • Ductless. Odors may persist.
  • Standard installation costs and ducting requires extra charges.

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6. Elica WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO

515%2BLS8pQGL. SL250


  • 1200 m³/hr max air flow
  • Heat auto clean 
  • Filterless technology

This chimney is a budget chimney that gives you a lot for a low price. Hence if you’re looking for optimal chimneys for a low cost, this one is perfect for you.

It works on a filterless technology which means less cleaning and low maintenance cost while efficiently removing smokes and fumes from the kitchen. This is a wall-mounted chimney with a curved glass design and a black finish. It is made of stainless steel. It also comes with motion-sensing technology with which you can start and stop the chimney with just a wave of the hand. It can also be used to increase or decrease the suction speed of the chimney.

  • Touch control pad which is user friendly.
  • 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • Standard installation costs and ducting requires extra money.
  • The maximum noise level is 58 dB (a).

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7. Eurodomo Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

71qmN9GokRL. SL250


  • SS Baffle filters
  • Heat auto clean
  • 1200 m³/hr suction

This is also a good option for a budget chimney. For easy and quick operation, the eurodomo kitchen chimney accompanies a touch control panel with a digital display. Inbuilt with 2 LED lights that aid in your cooking area to offer an easy cooking experience. The chimney has a power capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

Features high-quality stainless steel baffle filter which helps in dragging down all oil, smoke and residue particles. This classy HC TC 60 electric chimney from eurodomo is all that you have to modernize your kitchen. The beautiful chimney helps ensure smoke-free cooking.

  • Curved glass design.
  • Heat Auto-Clean function
  • Auto-clean technology.
  • For oil heavy Indian cooking.
  • Filters need to be cleaned every 6 months.
  • The filter surface area is 52 x 30 cm sq.

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8. Glen Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

61WztNGYZEL. SL250


  • 1000 m³/hr suction power
  • Push button control
  • Baffle filters

Another budget chimney with a lot of features. This one does not have motion technology but gives you the same features for a very nominal price.

This is a wall-mounted chimney with a curved glass design and a black finish. It has a stainless steel body. It has a suction capacity of 1000 m3/h and is suitable for kitchen sizes of 100 to 150 sq. feet and medium cooking. It has 3-speed settings.

  • This has a push-button control pad.
  • It is a baffle filter chimney.
  • It has 2 LEDs of 2 watts each.
  • Standard installation costs, ducting requires charge.

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9. KUTCHINA Curvy DLX Auto Clean chimney

51SfTM1ZH2L. SL250


  • Touch control pad
  • Equipped with oil collector
  • Intelligent auto clean

It is a great chimney that has a durable motor with the latest intelligent auto clean. This chimney comes with intelligent auto-clean technology. It has a high capacity motor which gives a suction power of 1200+50 m³/h representing the maximum airflow capacity.

It is a sleek chimney with a modern design of toughened glass. It comes with a Stainless Steel baffle filter, which is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. The 155w Powerful 100% copper winding motor with Thermal overload protector ensures that in case of overheating motor doesn’t burnout.

The installation kit includes the duct pipe. Extra charges are taken for installation. It has a 1-year warranty on the product but a lifetime warranty on the motor, so cheers!

  • Illumination is done by a LED Lamp.
  • copper winding motor.
  • It uses filter less technology.
  • Bit expensive

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10. BLOWHOT 60 cm Ariel Chimney

51p9gOVKFtL. SL250


  • Push controls
  • Baffle filter chimney
  • Suitable for small kitchen

This is an extremely low-cost chimney with minimal features. Perfect for people on a tight budget. It has a suction speed of 800 m3/h and is good for medium-type Indian cooking. For the proper lighting at your cooktop and pans, this chimney is installed with 2 LED Lamps. Easily control all the functions of this kitchen chimney with the help of the push control panel.

This modern Kitchen Chimney has a moderate suction capacity with an oil collector tray. It has an auto-clean feature that makes it easy for the consumer to operate. It has a plastic blower that you should handle carefully.

  • Blower type is plastic
  • Wall Mounted with black finish
  • Baffle Filter
  • Low suction capacity

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So we listed some of the best chimneys in India above. The list provides chimneys over a wide price range so that there is something for everybody.

Buying Guide – Criteria to Choose a Chimney

Type of Chimney Filters

Filters are the heart of the chimney as they filter the air consisting of oil droplets, smoke, fumes, and other materials.

There are 3 main types of filters used in chimneys. They are mesh filters, baffle filters, and charcoal filters. Broadly speaking, almost all chimneys are made of one of these three types of filters. Each one has its unique way of filtering.

Mesh/Cassette filter

It is a filter made of layers of aluminum meshes. These meshes catch tiny food particles and oil droplets. However, they are not very efficient in doing so. Furthermore, extensive use of mesh filters clogs them up and causes them to be less efficient. Clogged-up mesh filters also cause a lot of noise. However, they do function. These filters are also tough to replace and clean. They also have to be cleaned more frequently, maybe once every week. Hence generally, chimneys with mesh filters come at meager prices.

Mesh Filter

This filter type is not really suitable for Indian cooking as it tends to be heavy and uses a lot of oil-heavy recipes. So if you’re someone who does cooking that does not require much oil and is also on a tight budget, you can opt for t-chimney with this filter type.

Baffle filter

Baffle filters are probably the most suitable for Indian cooking and are the easiest to clean. They are made up of 2 layered panels, which form curves. These curves have gaps through which air passes through. The oil droplets that accumulate on the top panel drip down and are caught by the lower layer of the panel. This can be easily cleaned later on.

Baffle Filters

Furthermore, baffle filters are sturdy and durable as they are generally made of stainless steel. They also require less frequent and need to be cleaned once every 3 to 4 weeks. Baffle filters can be more expensive, but they more than enough makeup for the price by longevity and efficiency.

Charcoal/Carbon filters

Charcoal filters or carbon filters are also suitable for Indian cooking. They are secondary filters that are generally used along with baffle filters or cassette filters, and they are used to remove oil and other fumes. They increase the efficiency of the primary filters. However, these filters are not washable and thus need to be replaced. They are generally replaced once every 2 to 3 months based on usage.

carbon filter in chimney

They are expensive as well, however they are not mandatory to have. But they increase the efficiency of the chimney and are recommended.

Auto clean chimneys

These chimneys are self-cleaning are use internalized cleaning mechanisms to clean up the oil and grime that is sucked into the chimney. Basically, these chimneys use the exhaust blades’ centrifugal force to redirect the oil and grime to a non-stick surface. These surfaces collect the oil and grime and drip them into an oil collector, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

There are two types of auto clean technology currently available on the market. Dry clean auto clean technology and water-based auto clean. Dry auto clean removes oil by thermal method while water-based technology uses water as the name suggests.

Thus auto-clean kitchen hoods are a lot more efficient and cause almost no clogging due to their no-filter technology. They are easier to clean as you don’t have to remove the filter and clean it. Presently these filterless chimneys are a favorite on the market and are recommended by a lot of brands.

Size of Chimney

Any chimney you select must fit into your kitchen. Depending on whether you live in a small one-bedroom apartment or a huge suburban house, your kitchen would vary in size. Thus chimney size becomes a crucial factor to consider.

Now chimney styles are generally quite varying as they are customized to fit into various styles of kitchen. Thus you can get an aesthetic chimney for a small kitchen as easily as you can get the same for a large and spacious kitchen.

Chimney Size Guide

The standard chimney dimensions available in the market are:

  • 60 cm – this size is generally for small to medium kitchens. These can function for 2 to 4 stove burner sizes.
  • 90 cm – this size is suitable for 3 to 5 stove burners and, therefore, suitable for medium to large and spacious kitchens.

While choosing your chimney, make sure that the size of the chimney is either equal to the size of the stove burner or bigger than it. The chimney should not be smaller as the suction would not cover the entirety of the stove, and therefore, a portion of the humid grimy air will not be filtered. This would be less efficient.

So keep in mind the above points while purchasing a chimney.


While there are plenty of chimneys available in the market, they have quite a varying price range. Roughly speaking, kitchen chimneys in the Indian market are available from 8000 rupees to 50000 rupees. Therefore it is quite a task to browse through a bunch of chimney catalogs and settle for one at an optimal price for the best features.

There are some things you can keep in mind while selecting the best kitchen chimney at an optimal price:

  • The type of filter used in the chimney largely determines its price. Cassette filters are the cheapest, while baffle filters are more expensive. Suppose you choose to get the secondary charcoal filters it costs an additional amount. The more expensive yet user-friendly option is auto clean chimneys. These cost more but maybe cost-effective in the long run due to their low maintenance cost.
  • Size of the kitchen chimney is also a thing to consider. The larger 90 cm chimney costs more than the 60 cm one. Thus if you’re on a budget with a large kitchen getting a smaller chimney for 4 stove burners would be quite a save. Thus keep your size requirement in mind.
  • The aesthetic of the chimney must go along with your kitchen. Therefore the style of chimney used can be an important fact as well. So, try to go for an aesthetically pleasing look for your kitchen with the various types available on the market.
  • Additional features such as touch-pads, more than one suction speed, lamps for working in the dark, and stylized aesthetics also contribute to increasing the price just a tad bit more. So keep these in mind as well while making your purchase.

Kitchen Chimney Design Variants

There are various styles of kitchen chimney available in the market with versatile designs. The most prevalent kitchen chimney types are:

Island chimney – These are extremely sleek chimneys that are mounted in the center of the kitchen. Due to the nature of their installation position these chimneys are more commonly seen in modular kitchens which are spacious.

Wall-mounted chimney – This is the most common style of chimney. As the name suggests this type of chimney is mounted into the wall of the kitchen above the gas stove. These chimneys are versatile and are generally installed in small as well as large modular kitchens depending on customer choice.

Corner chimney – This type of chimney is extremely rare in India. This is mainly due to the fact that Indian kitchens don’t have inbuilt oven stoves in the corner. These chimneys work well with those types of corner construction which is extremely rare in India.

Island chimneys and corner chimneys are generally ductless chimneys. This type of chimney uses direct vents for the removal of air outside.

These types of chimneys are a very good fit for all kitchen types. Therefore you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Noise Level

Most chimneys come with different suction power levels. The higher you set the suction power the noisier the chimney becomes as air passes through at higher speeds through a closed confined space.

These sound ranges can go from 20 to 70 DB (A).

Furthermore, filters can cause severe noise issues if they are not properly cleaned. Therefore, it is important to either be very diligent with your filter cleaning or opt for a chimney with lower DB as it will have significantly less noise thereby reducing discomfort and providing much-needed silence for a session o peaceful cooking.

A low noise chimney will have a DB (A) of 20 to 50. Therefore always check the DB (A) of chimneys while purchasing them.

Suction Power

Now you must think about why there are different power levels for suction speed. This is due to a number of factors:

The suction speed needed varies greatly for different types of cooking. More oil intensive cooking such as frying, grilling and cooking meats and eggs or any umami-flavored food requires a lot more suction power than just, making soup or simple vegetable curry. This is because frying, grilling causes a large amount of oil to fume and cause oil stains on walls, whereas meat and protein-based food have a strong odor attached to them which is difficult to remove with low power suction.

Kitchen Chimney Suction Power

The size of the kitchen and the amount of food cooked is also another factor that influences suction speed. A large amount of food will create a greater amount of odor, oil, and fumes. Thus, in a large kitchen, it will spread faster if the suction force is not high.

The size of the duct and bends in the duct also influence suction speed. A longer duct with more bends will need significant power to push the air through a longer distance against gravity and also to pass through the bends in the duct. A short duct that goes straight up consumes less power.

So keep the suction speed in mind while purchasing a kitchen chimney. It ranges roughly from 40 m³/h to 1000 m³/h and more.

Cleaning a Chimney and its Maintenance

A kitchen chimney requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning to function properly. Depending on which type of filter is used in the chimney, the cleaning process varies. Here’s a guide on how to clean the kitchen chimneys.

Baffle filter – These filters are heavy and difficult to remove and require cleaning every 3 weeks or so. Since they are made of metal, dish soap works well in cleaning these filters. These filters have ridges, so using a cloth or brush to get into small and narrow crevices works better.

Once you remove the filter, make sure to clean the edges of the filter and the edges of the chimney where the filter attaches. Once properly cleaned, place the filter back in its place, and you are done.

Chimney Cleaning Baffle Filter

Mesh or Cassette filter – These filters require cleaning more frequently, maybe once a week or so, depending on cooking intensity. They are slightly more difficult to clean and can take up quite some time. You have to remove the filters and then separate the frame by removing the screws to access all the mesh layers.

Now take some dish soap and a tub of water and soak the filter in it until the grease has saponified and you can easily remove it. You can use a toothbrush or any other fine bristled brush to scrub away the now softened grime.

Once cleaned. Dry and screw it back and replace the now clean filter in the chimney. Also, don’t forget to clean the exposed chimney surface to remove any extra dirt and oil.

Charcoal filter – These are not washable. These filters last 3 to 4 months and need to be replaced by new ones once they are fully expended.

Auto-clean – These chimneys require very little to no cleaning. They are automatically cleaned by water method in case of water-based auto clean and by heat in dry auto-clean technology.

External cleaning – External cleaning of the kitchen hood can be done by taking a soapy sponge and scrubbing the entire exposed exterior. Then by using a sponge soaked with water remove the soap and use dry towels to remove the water and dry the surface.

Role of Oil collectors

These are long tube-like attachments where the oil drips down and gets collected. They are very easily removed and washed normally with dish soap. If washed frequently they are easy to clean. However, if they are cleaned occasionally it is best to soak them in soap water to easily remove the oil.

Chimney Servicing

The best chimney brands offer routine servicing for a particular price. These people take care of the chimney’s internal heath and cleanliness and make sure that it is functioning properly. They also clean the chimney during their servicing.

Kitchen chimney installation, duct installation, and other work are also done by the servicing people after the purchase of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is m3/h or cfm and dB(a) or sonnes?

The terms m3/h stands for meter cube per hour and cfm stands for cubic feet per second. Both of these terms are used to measure the rate of flow of air in the chimney and give valuable information about the suction power and airflow through the chimney.
The terms dB (a) and sonnes measure the noise emitted by the chimney. The lower the dB (a), the less noise the chimney makes. This is useful as if you know the actual sound level your chimney performs at you can easily tell if the noise levels have increased due to clogging or any other problems. This makes maintenance easier. Most chimneys have these two factors mentioned in their product description and are essential in figuring out the power and noise of the chimney you are buying.

Is ducting compulsory?

Ducting helps the air sucked by the chimney to be removed from the kitchen. The ducts restrict the odorous air and prevent it from spreading into the kitchen. These ducts also increase suction efficiency. Although ducting is not compulsory and you can always go for ductless options, ducting is strongly recommended to increase the efficiency of the chimney.
Ductless chimneys generally keep recirculating the air in the kitchen and therefore do not remove the cooking smell. Hence, it is always preferable to do ducting.

What to do if my chimney is making more noise than normal?

If your chimney is making more noise than usual that means that either there is the most frequent and simple problem of filter clogging. In that case, it is important to clean your filter or in severe cases call for servicing. Other cases include motor problems and other major complications. These can only be investigated by professional personnel. Thus it is advised to get servicing as soon as you can.

How much electricity is consumed by my chimney?

Electricity is consumed by the chimney based on the model of your chimney, the suction power of your chimney, and other factors. Most electric chimney for kitchen will mention the standard amount of electricity consumed in the product details. This makes it easier to keep track of usage and electricity bills.

What size ducting should be used?

The standard duct size you are provided with is 6 feet. It is recommended to have 6 to 10 feet of ducting to have efficient suction flow. The duct must be large to ensure that the suction power is between 400 to 1000 m3/h as per chimney size and features. The ducting should always be at a higher height than the chimney as it is more efficient and keeps oil sedimentation in the duct to a minimum.

At what height should the chimney be?

Kitchen chimneys should be above the stove burners. They should be at a height of 26 to 30 inches from the kitchen stovetops. If the chimney is below this height suction efficiency gets reduced and a lot of oil and grime settles on the surface of the chimney facing the stove thereby causing a messy situation. Hence always make sure your chimney is installed at the proper height.

Do chimneys work in an open kitchen?

Yes, chimneys do work in open kitchens. Chimneys are built above the stove burner to efficiently suction the air from the cooking and then remove the oil and fumes from it along with the odor. Now, due to this placement of chimneys, they fundamentally try to prevent the air from spreading into the kitchen. This feature enables them to work even in open kitchens.

At what height should the ducting be?

The chimney duct should be at a height of 6 to 10 feet as mentioned. Another point to keep in mind is that the chimney duct should have as little bending as possible. Bends cause lesser efficiency of suction power and also increases the noise levels due to obstruction to the airflow. So keep these two points in mind while choosing an area for ducting.

Bottom Line

Kitchen chimneys are an amazing technology that has revolutionized cooking. It helps you keep your kitchen clean and odorless.

There are many types of chimneys available for various different price ranges. These price ranges vary due to different cleaning technology and filter technology. The type of chimney and size are also important facts to consider while buying a kitchen chimney.

We hope that this guide helps you to find your ideal chimney and choose from some of the best kitchen chimney in India.

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