Best Ironing Boards in India

10 Best Ironing Boards In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

Ironing your clothes on a soft surface like your bed is such a tidy task. You may not be able to iron your clothes so perfectly. It is when the need for an iron board is observed. An iron board is a one-stop solution for ironing all kinds of clothes and fabrics.

By using an iron board stand, you can reach all the clothes’ areas and target the stubborn creases and wrinkles with great ease, hence obtaining perfection.

An ironing board also makes it easy for you to stand and iron all your clothes. Besides this, you can always keep your laundry organized. The ironing board accessories always help you keep everything in place, hence arranging your laundry area properly.

Considering the many advantages of an ironing board, many brands have come up with their own products and released them on various offline and online platforms. As a result, you can explore the best ironing boards of various kinds and bring the best one home to enjoy a hassle-free ironing experience.

We have listed down some of the most sought-after ironing boards or press tables that may fulfill all your requirements. Don’t forget to check the best steam irons list to complement these premium iron boards.

Top 10 Best Iron Boards for Home Use

Best Ironing Boards in India

1. Bathla X-Press Ace

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  • Anti-skid shoes
  • Aluminized cloth cover
  • Innovative wire manager

This Bathla iron board is built using premium quality steel and includes some of the most innovative features you may find in an ironing board. The aluminized cloth surface absorbs the heat and reflects the same to save time while ironing your clothes. There is a height-adjustment feature to let you adjust its height accordingly and carry out a hassle-free ironing experience.

Many other features make it a go-to option among all, especially its multi-function tray and innovative wire manager.

  • Heat-resistant iron holder
  • Minimal design
  • Stepwise height adjustment
  • 2-year warranty
  • A little expensive but totally worth the money

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2. Keekos Ironing Board

514yK1ukLHL. SL250


  • Adjustable height
  • High-quality three-layer board
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes

This press table is made using high-quality steel that also makes it a durable option. It can be carried from one place to another, thanks to the lightweight of the product. The dimensions of this iron table are standard; you can press the clothes tirelessly while using this appliance.

The metal mesh surface of this iron board supports efficient ironing with a reduced time and reduced power consumption. You will not go wrong with buying this iron board.

  • Standard dimensions
  • Metal press holder with silicon bush
  • Metal mesh surface
  • Not any

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3. Benesta Classic T-Leg Wood Ironing Board

71zdkkKOwRL. SL250


  • Stable iron legs
  • Cotton cover with a thick padding
  • Adjustable height

Many features of this iron board make it stand out from all the other products on this list. The wooden iron board is perfect for an effortless ironing experience. The design, performance, as well as durability are the most sought-after features of this ironing board. It makes the best choice for all the slippery floors.

The wooden top of this ironing board includes a thick cotton cover with polyester padding. The firm surface so formed lets you iron all kinds of fabric. Buy this iron board from any online or offline platform at the best prices.

  • Safety lock feature
  • Foldable legs for an easy storage
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Absence of multi-functional tray

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4. Sasimo Ironing Board

514yK1ukLHL. SL250


  • Rubber caps to avoid shaking
  • Cotton cover with polyester padding
  • Foldable legs

This ironing board by Sasimo is all about enabling a comfortable ironing experience for you. The table is made of wood with strong and sturdy metal legs. The ironing board features a rubber feet cap that avoids shaking of the board even when you apply pressure on the clothes while ironing.

This iron board comes with an extra-wide design to let you iron all the large-sized fabric with great ease. You can adjust the height like the back of your hand. Buy this iron board at a very pocket-friendly price.

  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Includes an iron holder
  • Standard length and width
  • Multi-level height adjustment
  • 3-year warranty
  • Not any

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5. HNESS Ironing Board

51yDuao7rlL. SL250


  • Adjustable height
  • Rubber knee cap
  • Innovative wire manager.

Another one on the list of best ironing boards that you may want to bring home is the HNESS ironing board that promises international quality and comes with many sought-after features like a foldable body, press holder, adjustable height, etc. The three settings of adjustable height let you adjust the height as per your requirement.

The ergonomic design of this pressing table is another reason that adds up to its popularity. This product includes a cotton surface with thick polyester padding to withstand the hot temperature of the iron. The rubber feet cap keeps it stable while ironing different types of fabrics.

  • Press stand/press holder
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Firm ironing surface
  • Foldable body
  • May shake despite rubber cap

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6. Paffy Folding Ironing Board

61ldTUSdFvL. SL250


  • Aluminized cloth cover
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable for easy storage

The ironing board by Paffy can be folded when not in use. It embraces an attractive appearance and a lasting built along with a multi-function tray, wire manager, and aluminized ironing surface. The high-grade steel construction of this iron board makes it durable.

You can use the height adjustment feature to alter and adjust the height as per your height. Iron your clothes on this board for a crisp pressing session. You can buy this ironing board at a very reasonable price.

  • Strong and durable
  • Good in width
  • Multi-functional tray
  • Not any

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7. Orril Ironing Board With Wooden Top

71NU8pMKKNL. SL250


  • Standard dimensions for a smooth ironing experience
  • Adjustable height up to 80 cm
  • Durable steel frame

The aluminized cloth fabric on the top of this ironing board not only enables an efficient ironing experience but also saves the overconsumption of heat when you iron your clothes. The standard dimensions and height of this table are the other reasons to buy it.

The structure of this iron board is built using high-quality steel and wooden material. Just like the other ironing boards, the height of this product, too, can be adjusted to your requirement.

  • Iron stand to place the iron
  • Good-quality wooden board
  • Aluminized cover
  • Rubber studs
  • Absence of multipurpose shelf
  • No wire management cord

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8. TruGood Folding Ironing Board

71DvQKrlVDL. SL250


  • Locking mechanism
  • Shockproof wooden board
  • Adjustable height

One of the most popular iron boards that can be explored throughout the market is the TruGood Folding iron board. Many factors of this product make it superior to the others on the list. The contemporary design, the good-quality fabric upholstery, the height adjustment feature, and a locking mechanism are a few of them.

This iron board also includes a hot steam iron stand where you can place the iron while pressing the clothes. This shockproof wooden board is worth all the hype. Grab it at the best prices.

  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Hot steam iron stand
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Foldable structure
  • Not any

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9. Olrada Folding Ironing Table

61R5C9NgU4L. SL250


  • Can be folded and adjusted anywhere in the home
  • Cotton cover and foam padding
  • No-scuff leg caps

Olrada’s folding iron table could be the best space-saving solution to buy for your small home or apartment. The small size of this iron lets you place it on the bed and iron your clothes, in case if you are in no mood of standing and ironing them. The multipurpose frame of this ironing board makes it a suitable option to perform other functions as well.

You can use this ironing board as a table to perform sewing as well as other craft projects. You may as well use this as a laptop table. This iron board includes foam pads, thereby making it suitable for all kinds of irons.

  • Multipurpose ironing board
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Sturdy built
  • Too small-sized to iron large-sized clothes.

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10. Dolphy Bed Ironing Board

51A%2B7rJXM6L. SL250


  • Hanging hook feature
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Multipurpose product

Another bed ironing board that could be used for various other functions is the iron board by Dolphy. This foldable product includes a removable and washable cover and a thicket felt material padding to ensure a smooth ironing experience of all kinds of fabric.

Another feature that makes this iron board stand out if compared to others is the hanging hook that enables easy storage of all your clothes. The compact size of this iron board enables you to put it on the bed and then iron your clothes. You can use it as a laptop table as well.

  • Strong legs with rubber feet cap
  • Foldable structure
  • Multi-usages
  • Difficult to iron all kinds of clothes

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The above-listed iron boards make a smart addition to your home. You can install them in your laundry area and iron your clothes any time you want. Such stands do not consume a lot of space. Moreover, your ironing sessions become much more comfortable when you use these boards.

We have listed down some necessary factors that you can consider while shopping for an iron board stand. These factors will help you bring home the best product available in the market.

Types of Ironing Board

An ironing board is not restricted to a particular type, shape, or size. As you begin to explore the online and offline platforms, you may run into the following types of ironing boards:

Built-in ironing board

This type of ironing board is installed into the walls of the room. It doesn’t have legs. Such a board is an immovable structure mounted to the wall of your laundry room. Such appliances do not occupy a lot of space and are built ergonomically. You can think of buying such an ironing board if you are a permanent resident in the house and have an area dedicated to laundry, etc.

Buiilt in Ironing Board

A built-in ironing board is made in plywood. Sometimes, more durable and sturdy materials are also used in constructing these boards. You can buy them and install them on the wall for hassle-free use.

Portable Ironing Board

It is one of the most sought-after options that you may want to bring home. As the name suggests, a portable ironing board can be moved and shifted anywhere in your home. Some portable ironing boards could even be folded when not in use. Thus, if you have a small home or apartment, you may take out these iron boards for ironing your clothes. Afterward, you may fold them and store them anywhere you want.

Portable Iron Board

A portable ironing board can be adjusted according to the height of the user. They are made using strong and sturdy materials, thereby outlasting all the other types of iron boards. Some of the portable ironing boards come with a multitude of accessories as well.

Tabletop Ironing Board

Another sought-after option you may want to consider for your small living space is a tabletop ironing board. You can place this board on a table or benchtop and carry out your ironing sessions effortlessly. A tabletop board is small in size and has shorter legs.

Tabletop Ironing Board

Just like a portable ironing board, a tabletop ironing board, too, can be folded when not in use. It is the most suitable option that you would want to buy for a very confined space. You can also use this board on a hardwood floor to sit down and iron your clothes properly.

Size of the Press Table

The size of the iron board is one of the foremost conditions that you must observe while buying it for your home. Always choose the right size of the product so that you can utilize it to the optimum. The size of the iron board depends upon how frequently you are going to use the board to iron your clothes.

Ironing Board Size Guide

As you start exploring the market, you will come across that an iron board comes in varied sizes. The size of the board also depends upon the space available in your home to store the product. For example, if you are running short of space, you can buy a small-sized tabletop iron board over the others. You may as well consider buying an in-built iron board to mount it on the wall.

If you don’t have space issues, buy a large-sized iron board so that you could use it freely to press a variety of clothes. Ensure that the board is wide so that you don’t face discomfort while ironing the clothes.

What is a Folding Iron Board?

You can never go wrong with buying a folding iron table. The foldable property of this board makes it easy to carry it from one place to another. You can store your iron board when not in use. This factor also helps to create space in your home. Hence, as long as you are okay with buying a folding iron board, you don’t have to worry about its size.

Adjustable Height Option – A Big Yes

One of the most crucial features not to miss while buying an iron board is the adjustable height option. Today, many brands and manufacturers have included this option to enable users to iron their clothes by adjusting this product to different heights. The most standard adjustable height options range from 28 inches to 36 inches. Some of these boards are adjustable to the extent that they can be used in a sitting position.

Buy an iron board that comes with at least three adjustable heights to offer a convenient ironing session.

Choose the right top-cover

The top cover of the ironing board also has a role to play while buying an ironing stand. The top cover of this appliance is where you place your clothes and iron them. Always buy a top cover that comes with thicker padding so that it could withstand the high temperature of the iron.

Many manufacturers have started adding a heatproof cover on their iron boards, and buying them makes the best choice. Other considerations to observe while choosing the right kind of top-cover for your iron board include removable and washable cover, non-staining cover, as well as a smooth cover.

Iron Board Accessories – A Cherry on the Cake

Iron board accessories always make it easier for you to iron your clothes more perfectly. Many manufacturers have added some modern features and special accessories to the appliance to enable a perfect ironing experience. Thus, if you are on a hunt to find that perfect ironing board for long-term use, don’t forget to check the following accessories:


Ironing board with wheels makes it very easy for you to move it in any place. You don’t have to lift this product and carry it from one place to another. Slide it on the floor and shift it anywhere you want.

Hanging Rack

A hanging rack rests at the end of the board. It helps you to hand your clothes properly once they are ironed well. Thus, you can keep all your clothes wrinkle-free until you hang them properly in your wardrobe.

Sleeve Board

A sleeve board is one unique accessory introduced to an iron board that may help you iron the sleeves of your clothes effortlessly. All you are required to do is to attach this accessory to the primary board. After this, you can place the sleeves and other small areas of your cloth on this board and iron them properly.

Retractable Shoulder Wing

Just like the sleeve board, a retractable shoulder wing helps you to iron the shoulder area of your clothes. Attach this wing to the primary board, and you are good to go. You will find both these features in the high-end models of an iron board.

Storage hook

Some iron board models provide a storage hook with the kit. This hook is like an anchor that lets you hand your iron board properly after use. Thus, you can create more space on the floor by hanging the board with the storage hook. This accessory can be utilized only when you have a foldable iron board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an ironing board cover?

A good ironing board cover protects the ironing board from external elements such as dust. You may also use an ironing board cover to provide extra padding to the board while ironing your clothes.

What is the ideal height of an ironing board?

There is nothing like an ideal height of an ironing board. If you are spending your money on an adjustable press table, you can adjust it to any height and use it as per your comfort. Some boards can even be adjusted to the lowest height so that you can sit down and use them.

How to install an ironing board?

You don’t have to install an ironing board if you are using a portable one. A portable board can be carried from one place to another without needing to install the same. A built-in ironing board can be installed anywhere as per your convenience and the space available in your home.

 Can you name some good brands of an ironing board?

Bathla has been in manufacturing quality ironing boards for years, and all its models stand out in terms of performance. Apart from this, many other brands have debuted in the market, and they are becoming popular each day. Read the Amazon reviews and feedback to learn about the best brands in the business.

Is it safe to buy iron boards from online platforms?

Yes, many brands have released their models on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, where you can buy the best quality ironing board. You may as well score the best deals and discounts while purchasing this product online.

Bottom Line

Buying an ironing board comes with many advantages. You save yourself from hurting your back and body while ironing your clothes on the bed or sofa. An ironing board also leads to quick ironing of the clothes.

This appliance is a must-buy to fulfill all your ironing requirements at home. Take the help of the above-listed buying guide to find the best appliance in the market. Score the best ironing board for home at the most competitive prices. Hurry up!

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