Best Handheld Sewing Machines in India

4 Best Handheld Sewing Machines in India – Buying Guide

It is vital to have a sewing machine at home to sew as per your need. But nowadays it isn’t easy to keep a big machine at home.

Clothes may need to be sewn all of a sudden. Therefore, we require a mini tech that we can carry everywhere with us.

So technology has given us handheld sewing machines. Easy to handle, easy to carry, low in cost compared to all other sewing machines. These will save you time, reduce your hard work and bring a little fashion to life.

How does the Hand Sewing Machine Work?

This hand stitching machine is a lot like a stapler. It has an on-off switch, which automatically sews with the front needle after switching on. It is not just straight stitching; it can be used for round and design sewing.

It has a plate in it, which can be lifted or lowered. After attaching the thread to the needle and placing the clothes under the plate, the clothes will be sewn automatically as soon as the machine is switched on.

You do not have to bother to use this machine. The best handheld sewing machines are easy to operate. But before buying this machine, you need to know how many types are available in the market and which machine would be best for you.

Top 4 Best Mini Hand Sewing Machines

Best Handheld Sewing Machines in India

1. Akiara Handheld Silai/Sewing machine

71Mh2ST2ejL. SL250

  • Run on either batteries or power adapters.
  • The machine has a power adapter installed in it.

This machine is applicable for many fabrics like denim, cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, and so many more fabrics. It’s the perfect companion for travel and small apartments.

Stitch pants, repair fabric or draperies, sew holes. Perfect for patchwork, or simple embroidery. It’s also very lightweight and a very stylish looking handheld sewing machine. This machine has a power adapter. The power adapter saves the cost of 4 batteries, though 4×4 AA batteries are supported.

  • DC 6v power adaptor included
  • Very low weight, 200g
  • Size, 10×5×5 cm
  • No warranty
  • This machine doesn’t work on the net and stretchable clothes

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2. HOOK I Electric Hand Sewing Machine


  • Very small and handy
  • Non-complicated using system

It’s also applicable for many kinds of fabric like silk, denim, hem pants, cotton, etc. All kinds of small sewing can be done with this. It’s white in color. But 3 layers of clothes can damage this handheld sewing machine.

This machine can be used to sew blouses, gowns, shirts. Perfect for sewing holes or repairs. Can be run with either a power adapter (DC 6v) or battery(4×4 AA).

  • Low in price.
  • The controlling method is more comfortable.
  • Small in size (8×4×4 cm )
  • Low in weight (200g)
  • No warranty
  • Neither batteries nor power adapters are provided.

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3. DS Mart Electric Craft Mini Sewing Machine

71Mh2ST2ejL. SL250

  • Extreme lightweight
  • No electricity or battery cost

This machine is a little bit bigger than others. It’s a stapler sewing machine that can be used for tailor works. It is not electronic; it can run without electricity. This can be sewn on many kinds of fabrics and thick fabrics. The price is meager. You need to learn about the controlling method before using this.

  • This Sewing machine can sew thick fabrics.
  • There will be no battery cost.
  • You don’t have to pay for the power adapter.
  • Very lightweight (120g)
  • No warranty
  • Big in size ( 20×14×6 cm)

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4. CRYO Handheld Sewing Machine

71Mh2ST2ejL. SL250

  • There are several types of stitching.
  • Perfect size

This machine is also for small and quick repairs. With this machine, it is possible to sew on many kinds of fabrics. Thick fabric sewing is not possible with this. Compared to the rest it’s a little heavier.

DIY Sewing: The crafting machine is easy to use and carry, beginner or master, can make some DIY handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery, or art crafts.

  • Small in size ( 10×5×5 cm)
  • Electronic handheld sewing Machine
  • Bulky (340g)
  • No warranty

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Types of Hand Sewing Machine

Electrical handheld sewing machine

These are the most famous in the market. The most advantageous in terms of use. No effort to use this mini handheld sewing machine. This Sewing machine does all the work itself.

These handheld stitching machines are battery-powered. There is a place to put the battery at the bottom of the machine. After installing the battery, when the machine’s power switch is turned on, the sewing starts. So you don’t have to put any pressure on sewing.

It has a thread holding nob, which helps you to adjust the needle and thread distance. It also has various points for holding the threads, So that the threads do not get entangled. All you have to do is hold the machine in your hand and place the cloth to sew. It also provides various kinds of stitching shapes to sew in your own style.

Non-electric handheld sewing machine

These types of sewing machines are similarly available in the market. But it cost like an electric handheld sewing machine. It is also called a stapler sewing machine.

This is absolutely like a stapler. There is no place to put the battery in it. This machine runs without batteries. And the problem is that you have to give a lot of effort to sew. Because, when sewing, the front part of this machine has to move continuously like a stapler. So it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to use it.

But like the electronic handheld sewing machine, it is also small in size and travel-friendly. But on the other hand, there is no extra cost. You don’t have to buy batteries again and again to use these.

So, why waste money buying big sewing machines for the home, which also takes so much place where you can get a better one at a meager price. These are much cheaper than normal sewing machines.

Other Considerable Factors


In the beginning, first, decide your budget that will help you buy the correct one. Actually, a well-estimated budget can facilitate you to pick a suitable device in many ways.

Therefore, always attempt to estimate your budget first. Sometimes, price isn’t a key factor once you are seeking quality.

So, KEEP this in your MIND!


At present, we all know the worth of a well-famous brand. Actually, it’s the brand that we TRUST nowadays. We always recommend you to make up your mind when choosing a brand.

Sometimes, you’ll see that a selected hand textile machine from a reputed BRAND costs more. In such cases, don’t judge the worth only, do target the BRAND moreover.


While you’re making your decision to shop for a hand sewer, you should concentrate on the location of the bobbin.

In the earlier hand sewing devices, the bobbin was placed within the lower portion of the stitching machine. And this was really frustrating.

Now, some handheld sewing machines include a bobbin that’s completely hidden. This can be even more annoying as you won’t see when to load the bobbin.

The best position of the bobbin is on the highest side of the stitching machine. This may facilitate you to grasp the time to load the bobbin quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the buttons of shirts be sewn with this machine?

No, it is not possible to sew the buttons of shirts with this machine. This machine can only sew thin and flat clothes. Sewing hard and thick items are likely to damage the machine—the possibility of breaking the needle.

The electronic handheld stitching machine can be recharged?

No, the machine can’t be recharged. This will run with the power adapter that is in the machine. The power adapter can no longer be charged. There is no place to charge anywhere in the machine. It can be started only with the help of a battery or power adapter.

Can the thread be changed in the machine?

They have a thread holding nob, which helps keep the distance between the needle and the thread. And prevents the thread from getting entangled. The knob of the machine can be turned open and threaded as desired. After filling the thread reel, the knob should be fastened to it.

How much fabric can be sewn at once?

You will be able to sew continuously until the thread is finished. The machine’s structure is such that the thread will continue to come out of the thread reel as long as the sewing lasts. So you don’t have to stop in the middle of sewing. You can sew as long as you want and even as much as you want.

How much thick fabric can be sewn?

Fabrics thicker than 1.88 mm cannot be sewn. As mentioned earlier, the structure of the machine is very similar to that of a stapler. The plate at the bottom of the needle in the machine can be settled only if the cloth is given a limit. If the plate is not settled, it cannot be sewn, so thick cloth cannot be sewn.

How do I cut the thread when the sewing is over?

Always use scissors. Do not pull the thread after sewing. Do not try to tear the yarn after sewing. Doing all this can pull the knobs of the machine and move them out of place. So use scissors for that.

Will it get worse if it falls out of hand?

Nothing will happen if it falls out of hand in a non-electronic machine. It will be fine as long as no part of the machine is removed due to severe impact. But electronic handheld stitching machines are a matter of concern. If an electronic machine misses any part of it, the machine will have a problem. So you have to take care of it.

Will the machine go damaged soon because it is less expensive?

The good and bad of the machine depend on the use. If you don’t use the machine properly, sewing hard things outside the rules, or sewing without proper threading, the machine will quickly break down. Otherwise, the machine will work fine; it will not be damaged soon.


Handheld sewing machines are as easy to sew as they are to carry anywhere. It is crucial to do a job with less effort nowadays. Everyone wants to be self-dependent nowadays.

These machines are perfect for this modern time. When a thing is straightforward to use, but the price is low, that thing is the best, just like these handheld stitching machines. So, save your time and buy sewing machines quickly. Surely, you have no doubt about which machine to buy and why.

Hopefully, through the above discussion, you have gotten enough idea about the handheld stitching machine.

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