Best Fitness Bands in India Review

8 Best Fitness Bands In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

Achieving all your fitness goals becomes easier when you keep on tracking your progress. One of the best devices using which you can monitor your fitness levels is a fitness band. Also known as the smart band, these bands are very much in vogue today.

Tie it on your wrist, and you can get accurate and critical progress of all your daily physical activities including the number of steps that you walk, the quantity of water you drink, oxygen levels, and any physical activity that you perform.

Some smart bands also help you check your heart rate, stress level, and the number of calories that you have burned throughout the day. Buying a fitness band can always help you for good. You only need to choose the best one.

Here are the best fitness bands that you can buy and use to track your daily physical activities and other stuff:

Top 8 Smart Bands for Regular Heath Track

Best Fitness Bands In India

1. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

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  • All-day activity tracking
  • 24×7 heart rate tracking
  • 10-day battery life

Fitbit is one of the most popular brands that manufacturers health and fitness trackers. This model is a brilliant creation that can help you track your fitness in several ways. You can enjoy the features such as heart rate monitoring, daily activity tracking, sleep tracking, automatic exercise detection, and sleep guidance using this device.

This fitness band comes with 10-day battery life. Thus, you don’t have to charge it, again and again, to use it to the optimum. You can even connect it with your smartphone apps and track everything on the go. The other sought-after features of this band include a backlit display, touchscreen, on-screen dashboard, etc.

This all-day activity tracker is a must-have in your arsenal to track your overall health and wellness.

  • A better measure of calorie burn
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not track the number of steps

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2. Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate

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  • 5-day battery life
  • 24×7 heart rate monitoring
  • Automatic sleep tracker

Another Fitbit device on the list is the Inspire HR health and fitness tracker. This band includes some brilliant features that make it a go-to product among all fitness enthusiasts. You can track your heart rate using this device. Just wear the device, and you can keep a check on your heart rate, calories, sleep stages, and other features.

This Fitbit band helps you build and maintain all your healthy habits as you keep a check on everything and strive towards a fit lifestyle. It promises a battery usage of up to 5 days without needing to charge it again. Not only this, but you can also enjoy calling, texting, calendar, smartphone app notifications, and other elements on this device.

You can connect this band to the GPS of your phone and see real-time pace and distance right on your wrist. This device is worth all the accolades.

  • All-day activity tracker
  • Sleep better with personal insights
  • Guided coaching for the perfect workout routine
  • The screen goes blank

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3. Mi Smart Band 5

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  • 1.1” full-touch AMOLED display
  • Personal activity intelligence
  • Tracking of 11 professional sports modes

Many users call it the best fitness band available in India. The brand itself has gathered rave reviews from all the users throughout the world. This health band has various sought-after features that will prompt you to buy it for long-term use. The screen features a full-touch AMOLED technology, better than the screens of other devices. Its strap is comfortable and doesn’t hurt your wrist. The battery is the best plus point of this device. In some cases, you may end up using it for 15+ days without charging the device.

This fitness band is water-resistant. Thus, you can use it to track everything, even when you are taking a shower or swimming. There are a plethora of extra features in this device. Some of them include a lift to wake, timer, vibration alarm, ideal sitting alert, music and volume change, find my phone, etc.

You can receive and dismiss notifications from your phones. You may as well carry out calling from this device. Apart from tracking your daily activities, it also features a shutter control to capture images from the phone.

  • Water-resistant
  • Stress monitoring
  • Smart features
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 and above
  • No scratch-resistant glass
  • No spo2 meter

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4. Mi Smart Band 4

71ZSpNjEl0L. SL250


  • All-day activity tracking
  • AMOLED display
  • 20-day battery life
  • Water-resistant

Just like the above-listed Mi model, this one, too, promises many top features, and you can buy this device to track your daily activities and fitness levels. This fitness band incorporates a 5ATM sturdy waterproof built; thus, a great buying option for all the swimmers. Not only this, it auto-detects your swimming style and captures 12 different data points for tracking.

This health band comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and you can use it with your smartphone. You can understand your sleep pattern and monitor it regularly. The display size of this device is apt, and it also ensures excellent connectivity with all Android and iOS devices. Another highlight of this Mi device is its battery life. You can use this band in one go for 20 days for an uninterrupted performance.

You can further use this band to receive calls, reject calls, receive texts, and get all your social media notifications.

  • A multitude of advanced features
  • Music controls
  • Superior to previous Mi models
  • Tempered glass top
  • Lesser charging time
  • Inaccurate step tracker

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5. OnePlus Smart Band



  • 13 exercises tracker
  • Removable main tracker design
  • On-demand daytime spot checks

OnePlus is one of the most reliable and sought-after brands associated with manufacturing smartphones and other gadgets. With the introduction of a fitness band, the brand has debuted in the fitness world as well. This band is one of the best options on this list and can help you track 13 exercise modes to manage your fitness levels and stay healthy.

There are many staggering features of this band. The main tracker is removable and allows an effortless transition between its dynamic dual-color band straps. This band features an AMOLED touch display. The display size is decent to cater to your needs.

The biggest highlight of this device is that apart from tracking your fitness levels and exercises, you can also check your blood oxygen saturation level using this device. Checking your SpO2 has become the need of the hour in the current scenario, and this band makes sure you get the readings on time. This water-resistant band can perform for 14 days in one complete charging.

  • Checks blood oxygen saturation levels
  • Heart rate sensing
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Outstanding display
  • 5ATM IP68 certified
  • Amazing battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Poor performing app

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6. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker

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  • Distance, steps, and calorie counter
  • Camera control
  • Sedentary reminder and sleep tracker

Another superb option of a fitness band on the list is the Fastrack Reflex 2.0. This band can help you in many ways. You can track your daily activities and keep your health in check. This gadget can stalk your steps, distance, as well as calories. It also includes a sedentary reminder. Thus, if you are having a sedentary day, it will prompt you to buck up and perform physical activity.

The band tracks your sleep as well. Its display is decent, and the device has longer battery life. You can use it for ten days without charging. Once you connect this device with your smartphone, your WhatsApp and text messages display on the screen. You may as well get call notifications. Another highlight of this device is its camera control feature.

You can also find your phone with this device if you have misplaced it. The makers have extended a warranty to provide you optimum usage.

  • Longer battery life
  • Activity tracker
  • Keeps sedentary lifestyle in check
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not compatible with a few smartphones
  • Inaccurate steps count

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7. OPPO Smart Band with Extra Sport Strap

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  • Blood oxygen levels tracker
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • AMOLED screen

OPPO has also released its fitness band, which is creating a buzz all over the markets. Many sought-after features make this device a desirable pick for one and all. The AMOLED screen gives a good display as it features intense colors, high resolution, and large dimensions. The screen remains protected with scratch-resistant glass.

You can monitor your SPO2 levels and keep your overall health in check. It even tracks your SpO2 levels when you are sleeping. You can also check your sleep duration and sleep stage with this device and monitor your real-time heart rate. The 12-day battery life of this device is another highlight that will convince you to buy it.

This Oppo fitness band is water and dust-resistant. You can even wear this band in the shower or swimming pool. The brand has provided one extra strap-free. You can change the strap as per your mood or occasion and enjoy wearing this device.

  • Appealing looks
  • Different monitoring modes
  • Fat burn modes
  • Free strap
  • Not any

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8. Redmi Smart Band

71RrPTCdy L. SL250


  • Full touch color display
  • Long battery life
  • 24×7 heart rate monitoring

Redmi is one of the best brands, and its fitness bands promise the best features and long-term use. This Redmi Smart Band comes with a full-touch color display with some impressive display resolutions. The model is water-resistant and can be worn underwater as well. This fitness band by Redmi packs many advanced features in its arsenal.

With this fitness band on your wrist, you can track continuous heart rate anytime and anywhere you want. This fitness band includes five professional sports mode that helps you track all your daily activities on the go. You can connect it to your smartphone and receive notifications of all the apps. This one is a go-to device that tracks your fitness and wellness to the optimum.

All you need to do is to download the Mi Wear App and connect the band to your phone. Once done, you can manage all your fitness goals properly. Another plus point of this band is that it includes direct USB charging. You don’t have to carry a charger around to use the device.

  • Water-resistant
  • 5-sports activity tracker
  • 50+ watch faces
  • Sturdy band
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • The strap is difficult to wear

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Buying Guide – Best Fitness Bands

A fitness band is an easy-to-use device that lets you track your fitness on your wrist. As you can track your daily activities, it will help you make changes to stick to your fitness routine. The constant reminder of your activities such as step count, sleep tracking, and others help you maintain good health.

A fitness band also keeps you updated on your improvement in all your weight loss and weight gain activities. Different types of bands come with many features, and you can choose the best one according to your preference and requirements.

fitness band buying guide

To simplify your choice in finding the best fitness band available in India, we have curated a buying guide. These are the factors to keep in mind when you shop for the best smart band:

Know the Activity Tracker Functions

The sole purpose of buying a fitness band is that it helps you track all your daily activities such as steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, sleep taken, etc. Different kinds of trackers come with distinct activity tracking. Here’s everything that you can track using a fitness band:

Steps Tracking

A fitness tracker comes with a built-in accelerometer or pedometer that helps you track your steps. Most of the tracking results are accurate. The accuracy further depends upon the sensors used by the fitness band and the brand of the device.

Calorie Tracking

One of the best ways with which a fitness band can help you is by keeping your calories in check. The calculation of calories is essential if you are focusing on losing weight. A fitness band can count your calories so that you can manage your diet and make changes now and then. Not only this, but some trackers also analyze your current body weight and then fetch suggestions to improve your health.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking in your fitness band is done using a 3-axis accelerometer. You can monitor your sleep routine by wearing the band to sleep. Some fitness bands also tell you about the quality of sleep – whether you have had a deep sleep or light.

Heart Rate Monitoring

What’s better than buying a fitness tracker and then tracking your heart rate now and then. Good-quality fitness bands come with a heart-rate sensor that helps in monitoring your heart rate during activities such as walking, running, or working out.

Check the advanced features

Some of the best brands of fitness trackers have introduced advanced fitness tracking features. Being a fitness enthusiast, these features are a must-have in your band:

Built-in GPS

A built-in GPS in the device helps you track the distance and steps more accurately than a regular step tracking feature. You may as well be able to track your speed, the number of laps, as well as exact location using this feature. If you are a regular runner who runs outside, this feature is a must-have in your tracker.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Some fitness bands come with a blood pressure monitor that monitors your BP from time to time. Thus, if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure issues, you can buy this tracker and make the most of tracking the same.

Blood Oxygen Tracker

The current times are all about keeping your health in check by monitoring your SpO2 levels. Some fitness bands incorporate this feature. You can constantly monitor your blood oxygen levels and take the right step on time upon experiencing symptoms of Covid.

Check the Display Size

Buying the right display size of a fitness band will always help you track your activity level and everything else with ease. The advanced trackers come with an AMOLED display with a high color resolution to make the readings easier for one and all. An LED and backlit display add the cherry on the cake.

Apart from checking the display quality, you must also pay attention to what the display screen shows. Advanced bands display information using symbols, characters, as well as numbers. If you are not restrained by budget, you can buy a fitness band with a colorful display.

Battery Life is the Key

One of the essential aspects to consider while buying a fitness tracker is its battery life. Do not buy a gadget that doesn’t promise a long battery life. The battery life of a fitness band depends upon its number of features, brands, and others.

Some fitness bands can operate for days after one complete charging session, while others may demand frequent charging. Do not compromise on the battery life of the fitness band. Always check the battery life and spend your money on the best model.


The fitness band that you are buying must be compatible with the smartphone that you are using. It is one integral factor to consider while shopping for this product. Almost all the bands are compatible with a variety of smartphones and operating systems. Yet, we advise you to cross-check this factor to make the right choice.

Brand is Important

Just like the other gadgets, your fitness band, too, must belong to a reputed brand to ensure lasting use. The brand has a role to play when you shop for a fitness band. It is because a good brand promises you everything. From the best quality to numerous features, advanced features, sturdiness – you can enjoy everything when buying a product from a good brand.

Thus, make sure to always buy this device from a well-known brand. Another plus point of buying a branded fitness band – you can enjoy a warranty on the product.

Water-Resistant fitness band

Knowingly or unknowingly, you often expose your wrist to water. What if your fitness band is not water-resistant? It will damage you, and you will regret your decision of buying such a device. Thus, it is essential to ensure that it is water-resistant.

This factor is a must-consider if you are an athlete, especially, a swimmer. You can track your activity of swimming underwater effortlessly without worrying about damaging your band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fitness band to stay healthy?

A fitness band will help you track all your daily activities such as walking, running, jogging, exercise, heart rate, calorie intake, and everything. When you keep everything in check, you end up managing your health more carefully. Thus, using a fitness band can work in your favor and bring you a step closer to your fitness goals.

Which fitness band brand is the best in India?

Many brands and manufacturers have released some of the most excellent fitness bands that you can buy and use regularly. Some of the sought-after brands are Mi, OnePlus, Fitbit, etc. These brands ensure quality, advanced features, and long-term usage.

Are the readings obtained out of a fitness tracker accurate?

When you buy a band from a good brand, you can expect an accurate tracking of all your activities. Experts also suggest you spend your money on an advanced tracker that can monitor your heart rate using GPS and include features such as blood pressure, sleep, SpO2, etc.

How to check your statics or metrics using a fitness band?

You can sync the fitness band using your computer or smartphone and measure all your metrics on a single dashboard. It is a good idea to connect this device with a smartphone using a dedicated app and to track everything. You can connect your band wireless with the help of Bluetooth and keep an eye on your activity levels anytime you want.

How to sync a fitness tracker with a smartphone?

The drill is simple. Every brand comes with a dedicated fitness app for Android and iOS users. You can download the app and then turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The device will pair and connect with your phone. After this, all the data will be synced.

What is the cost of a fitness band in India?

Many factors decide the cost of a fitness band in India. The price of this band generally varies from brand to brand. Furthermore, the number of features and advanced features also have a role to play. In general, the price of a fitness band starts from Rs. 2,000-3,000.

Can I play music in my fitness band?

Some fitness bands let you enjoy music on them. You can control the smartphone’s music player from the wristband and make the most of this feature.

Bottom Line

Fitness bands are designed to fit various requirements. Being a fitness enthusiast, this device will help you track all your daily activities and keeping your overall health in check. A fitness band makes a good investment for your health, and we recommend you buying it to maintain your fitness in the long run. We hope our buying guide helps you make the best choice.

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