Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners In India – Buying Guide & Reviews

Your car is your prized possession, and maintaining it is a must. You can get any minor or major wear-and-tear repaired by taking your car to the service station.

But when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the interiors of the car, you don’t have to necessarily visit a professional service. Simply bring the best car vacuum cleaner home and clean all the dirt from your vehicle.

The areas such as seats, floor, and even the dashboard are prone to dust, dirt, and other elements. Moreover, if you have a habit of eating inside the car, the interiors get dirtier.

It is, therefore, recommended to spend on a good quality car vacuum cleaner and keep your car neat, clean, and well-organized.

If you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean your car, here are the best products to watch out for.

Top 8 Car Vacuum Cleaners by Best Brands

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Three-stage filtration process
  • HEPA filter technology
  • Sleek finish

The Bergmann Car Vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice if you are looking for an affordable yet powerful device. The brand itself is famous, and all its products have earned good reviews from customers throughout the world.

The small design of this car vacuum makes it easy for you to pick up and reach all the unreachable areas. The copper motor of this device ensures durability. The powerful suction sucks the tiniest particles, and the HEPA filter adds a cherry on the cake. The sleek mirror finish of this car vacuum cleaner gives it a good look. You can buy this product from all the offline and online platforms.

  • Powerful cleaning and suction
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Complaints about suction power

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2. RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 150-watts high power motor
  • 5-meter-long wire
  • Wet/dry cleaning application

This car vacuum cleaner comes with a sturdy 150-watt motor that includes 100 percent copper winding. This arrangement promises you durability and long-term use. The 5-meter cable of this device makes it easy for you to reach all the areas without a hassle. This device includes a metal fan that generates high suction force.

Another remarkable feature of this car vacuum cleaner is its waterproof HEPA filter. Consequently, you end up deep cleaning your car and keeping the germs away. The Wet/dry cleaning function is another feature that makes this appliance a good buying option.

  • Best for soft dust, small stones, hairs
  • Lengthy cable targets unreachable areas
  • High-power motor
  • Extra accessories
  • Noisy device

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3. iGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner – BL1010-B

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  • 12V powerful mechanism
  • 4000PA powerful suction power
  • Stainless steel HEPA filter

You can use this vacuum cleaner for car to dust out your vehicle in a couple of minutes. Thanks to its 12V powerful system that ensures high suction power. The 4000PA powerful suction of this device is its biggest highlight making it sought-after throughout the market.

This car vacuum cleaner embraces a stainless-steel HEPA filter technology that treats all the harmful germs like the back of its hand. You can use this car filter to clear out all sorts of dust, particles, hair strands, food particles, and other unwanted elements from your car.

  • Quick and effective performance
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Unclear warranty period

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4. Eureka Forbes Motovac Car Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 0.5-liter dust holding capacity
  • 6-meter power cord
  • 18W suction capacity

One of the leading brands that produce excellent household appliances is Eureka Forbes. This vacuum cleaner manufactured by the brand promises the same quality and efficacy. This Motovac car vacuum cleaner is equipped with all the sought-after features. The 85W motor delivers over 18W suction capacity for a powerful performance.

The 6-meter cord of this car vacuum cleaner ensures accessibility so that you can perform an in-depth cleaning of your car. This product also comes with two additional accessories for cleaning all the hard-to-reach areas. The ergonomic design of this car vacuum cleaner and its commendable after-sales service are other reasons to buy the same.

  • Reliable brand name
  • Efficient performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Value for money
  • More suction power is expected

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5. Probus Handheld High Power Vacuum Cleaner For Car

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  • 120W motor power
  • Multi-functional auto vacuum
  • Three different nozzles for effective cleaning

You can use this vacuum cleaner to remove all the wet and dry particles, thereby ensuring an effective cleaning of your car. It is a powerful product that promises to clean the car with a single click. The speed is lightning which cuts down your time while using this product.

This handheld vacuum cleaner for cars includes three nozzles that you can use for different areas to ensure deep cleaning of your vehicle. The makers have added other accessories as well. The mighty suction power of 120W is worth the hype.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong suction
  • Only for car usage

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6. ResQTech Car Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 12volt, 100W powerful suction
  • Sleek Italian design
  • Multi-functional use (Wet and Dry cleaning)

The brand terms it the most premium and high-quality vacuum cleaner for cars. You can use it to clean sand, dirt, food crumbs, pet hair, dust, water, cigarette ash, etc. The versatile performance of this car vacuum cleaner is a solid reason to buy it. The powerful motor generating 12V DC is another one.

This car vacuum cleaner doesn’t produce noise while operating. The stylish hook handle can give you a multi-angle cleaning in the different areas of your car. Overall, this product is a must-buy.

  • Good quality product
  • 2-year warranty
  • Awesome suction power
  • Not any

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7. Zofey Vacuum Cleaner For Car

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  • 0.5 liters dust capacity
  • 5-meter-long power cord
  • 1000 W, 220-240 V suction

This vacuum cleaner for a car has a powerful motor that delivers a 220-240 volts suction. Thus, you can imagine the efficacy with which it cleans the car interiors. The sleek design makes it portable and easy to reach all the difficult areas of the car for a perfect cleaner.

The makers have added a 5-meter-long cord to the product so that you can carry it anywhere in the car. There is also a handy shoulder strap to ease your car cleaning session. All these features make this product a strong contender on the list.

  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Additional accessories
  • 6-months warranty
  • No Wet/Dry cleaning

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8. BICHI Powerful Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car


  • 12V suction power
  • Wet and Dry cleaning
  • Multipurpose and highly efficient

This multipurpose vacuum cleaner can not only clean your car but your home as well. Thanks to its powerful 12V vacuum suction with a power consumption of 50W. This car cleaner is portable and functional. It can clean all sorts of dry and wet waste from the car and home.

You can use this vacuum cleaner to vacuum your devices such as computers and laptops as well. Just connect it to the USB port, and you can start cleaning it out. The makers have provided all the essential accessories to the device. This vacuum cleaner is a great value-for-money appliance.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Reaches all the compact areas
  • Long handle attachment
  • Not any

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Buying Guide – Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner is a must-have device if you use your car daily for traveling. A good-quality car vacuum cleaner cleans your car’s interiors effectively without needing to take it to a professional car cleaning service.

Here is a quick buying guide that helps you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your four-wheeler.

Types of Car Vacuum Cleaners

As you start exploring different kinds of vacuum cleaners for cars, you will notice that this device comes in different types. These types vary as per their shape, size, mechanism, and functions.

Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A dry vacuum cleaner is particularly used to clean out and vacuum all the dry particles from the interiors of your car.

The dry trash such as dust, sand, dirt, and hair strands are quickly sucked up by this vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its powerful suction mechanism. It is the most common type of car vacuum cleaner that you will come across in the market.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Who says that the dust and dirt in the car are limited to solid particles only? What about spilling food, oil, or any other liquid on your car seats? It is when you need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

This multi-functional vacuum cleaner not only clears out the dust from the debris but also handles liquids without any trouble. Buy this vacuum cleaner for the car if your kids are prone to eating and drinking inside your vehicle.

wet car vacuum

Shop Vacuum

Also known as a shop vac, this vacuum cleaner could be seen more at automotive shops and garages.

A shop vacuum entertains a particular style and features that set it apart from others. A shop vacuum includes a base. This base is relatively heavy and sits on the ground. Furthermore, there is a large basin that holds all the waste and debris during the vacuuming process.

A shop vacuum comes with an array of additional features such as wheels to ensure easy mobility, wet/dry capability, and additional accessories. As this vacuum cleaner is used more on a commercial level, it consumes more power and has a high suction rate.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

It is the most portable version of a vacuum cleaner that you will want to buy for your car.

A handheld vacuum cleaner looks like a dust-buster and comes with a wide range of features such as a cigarette lighter plug, hose attachment as well as wet/dry functioning. Some of the models of a handheld vacuum cleaner can be operated using a battery.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless car vacuum cleaner is the most advanced version you will find in the market. As the name implies, this vacuum cleaner for the car doesn’t include a cord. Thus, you don’t have to worry about connecting it to a charging port or a socket to function.

This vacuum cleaner operates using batteries. A cordless vacuum cleaner includes both wet/dry features. You can buy it from the leading online and offline platforms.

Look for the Key Features

While buying the best car vacuum cleaner, you must look for the necessary features. These features add up to the efficient performance of the device, thereby serving you the best use:

Utility Nozzles

A perfect vacuum cleaner for a car comes with utility nozzles. These nozzles or attachments help you clean the interiors more deeply and efficiently. The nozzles of the device can be interchanged as per your requirements. Look for the utility nozzles such as flexible hoses and nozzles in different shapes and sizes.

Utility Nozzle car vacuum

Apart from utility nozzles, you must also check for other accessories such as brushes, replaceable filters, pet hair removal, and crevice tools. Look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with a long and flexible hose, not less than 25 feet.

Storage Tank

What is the use of a vacuum cleaner for a car if it couldn’t retain the waste that it picks up? It is when you must observe the storage tank of the car vacuum cleaner as an important consideration of your buying guide. We advise you to buy a vacuum cleaner that comes in a medium-sized storage tank so that it becomes easy for you to carry it to places.

For light cleaning of your car, choose a vacuum with an overall capacity of 2-6 gallons. But if you are more driven towards a heavy-duty cleaning, opt for a model that has 8-14 gallons tank capacity.

Wall plug-in, Battery-powered, or Automotive powered – Which one to choose?

A vacuum cleaner for a car can either be plugged into the wall or battery-powered or automobile-powered.

If you want the suction motor of your car vacuum cleaner to be the most powerful, go for a wall plug-in vacuum cleaner. You can further use this vacuum cleaner to clean your home interiors as well. This type of vacuum cleaner leads to efficient car cleaning, thanks to its powerful suction. However, there is a drawback. You need a source of electricity every time you want to operate this car vacuum cleaner.

A battery-powered vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, doesn’t need electricity to function. This car vacuum cleaner is a portable option that can work without a power outlet. It makes use of the battery function. The suction power of such a device is good, but it may fade as the battery loses its power. You need to charge such it now and then.

The most portable vacuum cleaner for the car is the automobile-powered vacuum cleaner. This vacuum-cleaner could be plugged into the 12-volt outlet of your vehicle. Once you have plugged it in, it starts to work and creates suction. Thus, you can clean your car interiors comfortably. But this type of mechanism, too, has its cons. The suction power remains lesser than the other two options.

Check the power rating

The power-rating of the car vacuum cleaner depends upon the motor. If the motor of the device is powerful, it would deliver high performance and consume more power. Similarly, if the motor of a car vacuum is not too powerful, it might not create a powerful suction. The power rating of a car vacuum starts from 12V.

A vacuum cleaner with such a power rating may run from a fully charged battery for a maximum of 30 minutes. This time frame is enough to clean most of the areas of your car. Furthermore, we advise you to choose a device with a decent amperage to deliver the best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a car vacuum cleaner be emptied?

If you want to maintain your car vacuum cleaner in the long run, clean and empty it after every use.

Can a car vacuum pick animal fur?

Yes, a car vacuum cleaner can work efficiently to clean up pet fur and dander. Car vacuum cleaners come with high suction power to clean such particles and elements. Moreover, some attachments make it easier for you to target your specific cleaning requirements.

Can a car vacuum cleaner be used inside the home?

Most of the car vacuum cleaners could be used inside your home. Some models come with particular car-cleaning arrangements dedicated to cleaning car mats and upholstery. You can use these specifically-designed car cleaners to clean the upholstery of your home.

What are the leading brands of a car vacuum cleaner?

Some of the leading manufacturers that produce the best-quality car vacuum cleaners are Stanley, Dewalt, Eureka Forbes, Hotor, Bergmann, Bichi, etc.

Can I buy a car vacuum cleaner online?

Yes, you can buy a car vacuum cleaner online. Shop from the reputed and reliable platforms to buy authentic products. Check the details of the sellers and read the product description thoroughly. Lastly, go through the reviews section and read the feedback given by the previous customers to make the best choice.

Bottom Line

You spend your hard-earned money buying a car; so, why not spend a reasonable amount buying a vacuum cleaner for the car? A vacuum cleaner keeps your car up-to-date and helps you maintain its interiors in the long-run. It is a must-have device.

Sometimes, a car vacuum can even help you clean other stuff as well. Explore the best offline and online platforms and make a wise choice.

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